Chapter 46: Werewolves’ First Appearance

Chapter 46: Werewolves’ First Appearance [Volume 2 – Bloom of the Other Shore Flower]    

At this moment, Qianye was hiding behind an abandoned airship. Only half of the main cabin remained and the perimeter of the tear had incomparably sharp, metal edges. All different kinds of trash were hung upon the edges, flowing with the wind like fluttering banners. They blocked the line of sight.

At this moment, Qianye was looking through a hole that had once been a window. He had very carefully hidden his entire body behind the metal wall. Even his eyes couldn’t be seen directly. From outside of the hole, only the black lenses of binoculars could be seen.

Within his field of view, Wilde’s body emitted a dark red, but the color was faint, suggesting that the amount of dark origin power that was leaking was actually very little. This was a sign of a true high-ranking vampire. Vampires who were true experts were able to withdraw their bloody aura and origin power. They could never be accurately analyzed by a mere Tactical Scope.

It seemed like this was the titled vampire Nighteye was talking about. Qianye closely observed Wilde’s movements, not missing even the smallest of details.

According to Qianye’s experience, high ranking vampires and vampire soldiers were two different organisms. Any titled vampire, even the lowest ranking calvary, will be at least rank seven and was definitely not someone Qianye was able to contend with. Even though the enemy had been lured into the garbage dump because he underestimated him, Qianye knew that he only had one chance.

He had to kill him in one strike!

Qianye only had a chance because the enemy would never think that a rank two human would have strong killing weapons such as the Scorpion Needle and the Mithril Bullet of Exorcism.

Qianye saw Wilde blindly searching and even turning his back facing him multiple times, but he still never fired. High-ranking vampires all had extremely fast reaction time, and Wilde had just entered the garbage dump, so he was still on high alert. It was not the best time to strike yet.

Back in the Yellow Springs Training Camp, Qianye had already learned of patience and for someone with no future like him, killing the high-ranking vampire who was in front of him at that moment was the most meaningful thing in his life.

Inside the garbage dump, Wilde already considered his augmented sense of smell a burden. Tracks had been cut off there, so he could only rely on his attraction to blood and life force, his experience, and his eyes to search for his opponent.

However, within such an enormous garbage dump, there was all kinds of junk lying around everywhere he looked. How could it be easy to find someone hiding intentionally using such a primitive method?

While Wilde was wandering around, he suddenly stopped and looked toward the top of a broken warship. On the tilted gangway raised high in the air appeared a slim figure.

“Nighteye? You would actually also come in a place like this!” Wilde seemed very surprised.

He knew that Nighteye’s identity was special. Someone like her would definitely not enter such a filthy place. He never would have thought that not only did she enter, she even had the intention to fight him here.

“Why can’t I come?” Nighteye coldly said.

Wilde suddenly took off his well-ironed uniform, and dropped it on the ground. He then smiled and said, “Since even you are not disgusted by this dump, there’s no reason for me to be either! However, is this little insect of a human that important to you?”

After he finished speaking, Wilde pulled out a flexible sword that vibrated as it straightened. His entire person then rose into the air and charged toward Nighteye.

Nighteye pulled out her dagger and dropped down ten meters, but in the middle of the air, she suddenly changed direction by kicking the airship and charged in Wilde’s direction!

The two people turned into shadows and fought with movements as fast as lightning. Every single second, each person struck out numerous times, but barely a sound of weapons clashing rang out.

Qianye observed the battle of these two and looked at Nighteye with his binoculars.

Within the vampire scanner, Nighteye virtually did not have any red light about her and barely looked any different from how she did normally. Qianye wrinkled his brows. Usually, this would have confirmed her identity as a human, but he still had an inexplicable feeling that something was off.

Qianye had fought against vampires in dozens of battles and knew their combat styles by heart. Vampires fought by utilizing their power, speed, and battle techniques. Their inhuman speed and power that didn’t seem to belong to their body type were the essential differences between their and humans’ combat styles. Based solely on the scene of battle, it seemed to be clear that two high-ranking vampires were fighting, but Nighteye’s body emitted no signs of dark origin power.

After identifying Nighteye as a human, yet seeing her vampire-like combat style, Qianye had a weird feeling that he couldn’t explain.

Qianye quietly retreated into the airship’s engine room. The room was mostly intact, so hopefully, some of its shielding capabilities remained. He took out his Scorpion Needle and used his crystal cartridge box to fill the magazine. He put a single Mithril Bullet of Exorcism inside the gun chamber.

He waited a few seconds, but everything was normal. The Mithril Bullet of Exorcism did not fluctuate due to the effects of his blood of darkness. The Scorpion Needle’s production was of the highest quality. It was entirely airtight, and free of any leakage.

Qianye had an imperceptible smile on his face. He could still use exorcism weapons without any problems. That really was good news. Then he clutched the grip of the gun and slowly infused it with his origin power.

The gun’s body lit up with a myriad of dark red lines where origin power passed through as Qianye’s consciousness followed along. At this moment, his origin power stimulated each component of the origin array as it followed the path inside the Scorpion Needle. It created a film of special energy that wrapped around the Mithril Bullet of Exorcism.

This was an ability Qianye acquired when he became a rank two Fighter: Heavy Caliber.

Heavy Caliber was the most common ability used by snipers, but it was still highly useful. The film’s energy would increase the damage of the bullet when it was fired and burst open. When combined with the Mithril Bullet of Exorcism, he was definitely able to heavily injure any vampire below the rank of Viscount. It was an instant kill if it hit a vital point!

This was the present Qianye had prepared for Wilde!

Qianye carefully inspected his entire body to confirm that there was nothing that could hinder him before quietly moving through the airship to leave through the other exit. He immediately removed a layer of garbage and slowly peeked his head over.

In front of him, Wilde and Nighteye were fighting to the death.

This was a very suitable spot. The moment Qianye entered the garbage dump, he had noticed its advantageous position. The most important benefit was the thick layer of rotting organic material which was basically a natural barrier against vampires. Even a Count would never be able to detect his presence within the garbage mound.

As for the stench and filth, Qianye did not care at all. Since the beginning of his memories, he had been inside a garbage dump. If it weren’t for such a huge garbage dump and the upper continents regularly dumping their garbage, he would have never found enough food to survive.

Within the protection of the garbage, the barrel of his Scorpion Needle slightly peered out. Right when the very tip was exposed, it stopped moving and froze. It then slowly pointed downward, toward an empty field, after which Qianye began patiently waiting.

Wilde and Nighteye suddenly separated, each staring at the other. The two were injured at the same time. Wilde was injured on his thigh, with a spike bayonet embedded far enough into the flesh that it reached the bone. Nighteye also received an injury on her left shoulder. There was a large wound, deep enough to reveal her bones.

Wilde suddenly laughed, his expression very exaggerated. “You can’t escape now! With the scent of your blood on you, you will be captured by soldiers of the Dark Nightmare Tribe no matter where you run to!”

Nighteye coldly said, “You actually colluded with those disgusting dogs! You have thrown away the glory of our race!”

“What do you know? Once I pull your father out of his position, I’ll see how long you’ll be able to keep everyone beneath you!”

Nighteye wanted to say something, but then her expression drastically changed. Bursts of howling rang out from outside the garbage dump, and then a few black werewolf fighters appeared on top of an abandoned airship.

Qianye was one hundred meters away and couldn’t hear what Nighteye and Wilde were talking about. However, once he saw the high ranking vampire give what seemed like instructions to the black werewolves, his face couldn’t help but change!


This was another main race within the dark races. Their strength was barely weaker than that of vampires. However, the two races had been enemies for numerous generations throughout history. Sometimes their hatred for each other was even stronger than their hatred of humans. Thus, seeing a vampire and a group of werewolves virtually cooperating with each other made for a very abnormal scene.

This further confirmed that Nighteye’s identity wasn’t simple. It was important enough that werewolves and vampires would cooperate to take her down.

A few black werewolves with giant bodies appeared. They were all official fighters recognized within their race, and were also rank two Fighters. One of the werewolves was larger than the others. The distance between his head and tail was four meters, he was almost two meters tall, and he didn’t look much different from a lion. This was an elite soldier within the werewolf race that approximately had the strength of a rank five human Fighter.

At this time, more than ten vampire soldiers finally appeared from outside the garbage dump and reached them. Even though these soldiers were only rank two, victory belonged to the side with the numerical advantage. They had filled in all the empty areas that the werewolves could not cover, completely sealing off any route of escape for Nighteye.

The situation instantly became incomparably dangerous. In the face of this kind of strength, the only prospect was death. No matter how fast Nighteye was, it would still be very difficult for her to escape this encirclement. Aside from that, she was injured. Dripping blood served as tracks for werewolves. In the wilderness, werewolves were the best hunters, even tougher than vampires.

Qianye had never expected this to happen. From the way it seemed, all of the nearby high-ranking dark races had appeared. It was important to note that this place was still within the imperial expeditionary army’s control! When so many high-ranking dark race warriors appeared, the imperial expeditionary army would definitely react fiercely. It was likely that the army would completely cleanse the area.

Wherever the expeditionary army had passed through, the area could be described, without exaggeration, as completely devoid of life. This was true even for humans.

Within cities where dark races had appeared, the expeditionary army would always begin a large-scale search for blood thralls. Amongst the captured blood thralls, true ones who were truly infected sometimes did not even amount to half. The rest were people that had a possibility of being infected or people that had hidden blood thralls away. Some people were even captured under the name of a blood thrall solely because an officer of the expeditionary army didn’t like them.

Once the main force of the expeditionary army was mobilized, half of Lighthouse Town would definitely be destroyed.

However, Lighthouse Town’s future was not something Qianye could care about. With his blood of darkness erupting ever more frequently, controlling it became more and more difficult. Qianye had already made preparations. The moment he could no longer resist his bloodthirst and was on the verge of beginning indiscriminate killing to drink blood, that would be the last moment of his life.

This was another reason for why Qianye wanted to come with Nighteye when he heard there would be a high-ranking vampire. In his eyes, there could be nothing of more worth than him trading his life, which could already end at any moment, to kill a high-ranking vampire.

Sacrificing a rank two Fighter to kill a high-ranking vampire of at least seven was something any commander would do without hesitation.

Qianye lightly moved his gun barrel, and patiently locked his eyes down onto Wilde.

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