Chapter 48: Primo

Chapter 48: Primo [Volume 2 - Bloom of the Other Shore Flower]  

Seeing this strange scene, all of the werewolves went on full alert and watched the surroundings. The fur of all the ones who stayed in wolf-form under this tremendously alarming feeling rose!

At this moment, the wind suddenly was no more. The night also seemed to be especially quiet, and the darkness seemed to have weight, fiercely pressing down on the werewolves.

Right when it seemed that the whole world went silent, the sound of footsteps broke out. Every step seemed to crush the hearts and souls of all life.

Two people walked out from the cover of the dark night.

One was a tall and thin old man. He had a head full of snow white hair, his face was especially square and long, and the corners of his eyes drooped down. It was a face that strongly resembled that of the Apennine Colossus, capable of impressioning others with a single glance. None of his white hairs were stained, and the end of the locks on both sides of his cheeks curled into luxurious rolls.

At the same time, the other one was a petite young lady. She had an exceptionally pleasant, small face. Beside her pale white skin, her blood-red lips were particularly dazzling. The young lady had her hair tied up into a long ponytail, and the collar of her black cloak stood straight up, revealing a blood-red pattern along the edge, tender and beautiful, but also strange.

The white-haired old man softly said, “I really didn’t expect that so many of these wild dogs would gather in this kind of small place, no wonder we could smell the stench from so far away.”

“Moreover, some extremely interesting things are happening here, it seems that we have some primitive clan’s internal conflict?” the young lady said.

The white-haired old man raised his head, took a deep breath, and said, “Oh, guess what I scented? It’s the smell of the highest quality of mithril. It’s dangerous, but ah, it brings the beauty of death. Not only that, but the one who refined seems to actually be a real opponent deserving of respect. Haha, there is actually so much going on in a small place like this, it’s so unexpected! Could it be that this is the call of fate?”

The young lady’s eyes swept over the werewolves while she wore a face full of disgust and said, “If it weren’t for the smell on these wild dogs being too strong, I would also be able to smell the scent of mithril.”

Hearing the young lady’s ruthless insult, the werewolves let out an angry growl one after another, but an imminent feeling of danger stopped them from advancing.

The old werewolf man’ gripped a wooden staff, stepped forward two steps, and shouted in a low voice, “Where are you from? This is the territory of the Dark Nightmare Tribe!”

The white-haired old man said with a smile, “Dark Nightmare, what is that? As for where we came from, this is not something you need to know. For an old wolf that is about to die, you shouldn’t have such strong curiosity. Curiosity, that’s something that should only belong to the young and the upper races.”

The young lady’s gaze fell upon Nighteye’s body, and she exclaimed in surprise, “What is that? What beautiful blood!”

The white-haired old man stared blankly, and slowly walked toward Nighteye. With every step forward, the werewolves would whimper and retreat back a few steps. The fear induced by the great difference in rank caused them to have no intention of resisting.

The white-haired old man arrived at Nighteye’s side, reached his hand out, dipped it into her blood, and put it into his mouth to taste it. His facial expression began to fluctuate uncontrollably.

He suddenly backed up a few steps, and an exaggerated smile lit up his face as he forcefully waved his hands to express his joy. “Th-this is the taste of the progenitor’s blood! She has actually awakened the progenitor bloodline, she… she is a primo!

“The duke will be interested in her,” the young lady said.

The white-haired old man pondered deeply, “That’s right! However, the scent of her blood is somewhat familiar. Let me think, whose territory is close to here… being too old really is no good, always forgetting things… Ah! I just recalled, the closest to here is Count Klaus. This little girl’s blood has Klaus’ scent, she probably is his pure blood descendant!”

“Klaus?” The young lady’s eyes held doubt.

The white-haired old man spread his arms open. “An old fellow, said to have an ancient heritage. However, he was obsessed with searching for the secret to the Black Monarch’s treasure, and he can’t even control that small piece of territory he has. I’ve heard that the a few of his subordinate viscounts are seeking to overthrow him. It seems this was the reason for the internal conflict.”

“Sounds like he’s a useless bastard. I have no interest in Klaus, but the smell of these wild dogs is about to kill me.”

“Then clean it up, you should be the one to do it,” said the old man with a smile.

“Why is it always me!”

The young lady complained, but did not refuse. Her pupils suddenly turned an extreme red, like two shining rubies. Her lips opened and closed non-stop as if she were chanting something, but no sound came out.

What she emitted was high frequency sounds that the human ear could not hear. She was just singing a tune, but in the ears of the werewolves, it was no different from the summons of a death god!

All the werewolves promptly piteously cried out in pain, and one after another fell to the ground, rolling around as if their lives depended on it!

The werewolves with relatively low strength did not even last more than ten seconds before their heads burst. Soon after, the heads of the higher-ranking werewolves also started exploding, one by one. It was extremely bizarre and scary!

Looking at this bloody scene, the young lady still continued to sing as an apparently excited yet cruel smile appeared on her doll-like face. At this moment, she was like the messenger of death, and all who heard her voice were fated to be condemned to the country of eternal silence!

The Shadow Wolf persisted for thirty seconds and then finally fell as well. He held his head in his hands and rolled around. It hurt so much that he actually wanted to smash his head into the bulkhead of an airship. Deep, sunken pits were indented into the bulkheads welded by steel, yet his head was actually fine.

However, the young lady suddenly raised her pitch, and the Shadow Wolf finally let out a long, pitiful howl. With a bang, his head exploded into a haze of blood.

Only the werewolf elder continued to persist. He completely relied on his cane to support his body, and pointed to the young lady in horror and grief. “You...You are Nana…”

“Bingo!” The young lady showed a sweet smile, reached out, and snapped her finger. The werewolf elder’s head exploded in response.

The white-haired old man took out a snow-white handkerchief, covered his nose, and said, “Don’t you feel that this will only make the scent of those wild dogs increase and spread through air?”

“Doing this will make you move faster.” The young lady lifted her delicate, small hands and also covered her nose.

The white-haired old man inspected Nighteye’s injuries, frowned, and said, “She is badly hurt, I need some fresh blood to ease her condition, this way we can promptly rush back.”

“The nearest place seems to be a human village, but it’s still quite some distance away.”

“No, there’s not enough time. Fortunately, there is a person right here, I already noticed his scent.” Saying that, the white-haired old man stood up, and only took two steps before disappearing in the depths of the garbage dump. The next moment, he once again stepped out of the darkness, carrying Qianye in his hand.

“This is really a valiant and cunning human. He actually hasn’t died yet. Otherwise, the blood would not be fresh,” the white-haired old man said while smiling.

He pulled a heavy metal plate out from Qianye’s chest. The metal plate was already completely warped, and on it were multiple deep claw marks, shallowly passing through to the other side.

Before Qianye faced the werewolf leader , he had padded his clothes with this three centimeter thick origin alloy plate. Otherwise, he would have been cut open long ago. However, the impact of the werewolf leader’s attack still broke all of the ribs in Qianye’s chest, so he would die not long after.

The old man threw Qianye next to Nighteye, tore open his upper garments, and then reached his hand out and pierced Qianye’s neck. Fresh blood immediately rushed out.

Nighteye suddenly had a reaction, as all vampires have an instinctive reaction toward fresh blood. She turned and stood up, and her eyes finally opened, but her pupils were vacant of the color of blood. Two vampire fangs gradually stretched out of her mouth.

She instantly pounced to Qianye’s side, using her fangs to bite his neck while sucking his blood in with big gulps. Not only did the hot blood quench her hunger and thirst, it even rapidly alleviated the pain in her entire body.

Seeing Nighteye’s perfect posture while drinking blood, the white-haired old man couldn’t help but praise, “As expected of the primo who awakened the progenitor bloodline! Aside from her pupils having enhanced abilities, she can even perfectly mask her vampiric characteristics. This ability can only be possessed by descendants from the thirteen ancestral clans of that year. Exactly which ancestor could she have inherited it from? I have to carefully think about this…”

Nana watched from the side, her chest constantly moving up and down and her breathing becoming more and more rapid. She didn’t even hear what the old man said.

She suddenly grabbed Qianye’s right hand, and bit the artery of his wrist!

The praise and sighs from the white-haired old man abruptly stopped, and he looked at Nana, stunned.

Nana fiercely sucked a couple big gulps of blood before suddenly screeching. She forcefully threw down Qianye’s hand, backed up a couple steps, and looked at Qianye with a complicated expression.

“What’s wrong?” the old man asked gravely. He rarely saw Nana act like this.

Nana looked a little at a loss and said, “His blood is sweet, but that is about it. I don’t know why, but the instant I smelled the scent of his blood, I became unable to suppress my urges. I want… to give him the Embrace!”

“What?” The white-haired old man was genuinely shocked this time. After he confirmed that Nana was serious, he sighed and shook his head. “It’s already too late. His blood has already been consecrated by this child. She is a primo, and although her rank is really low at this moment, whether it be you or me, we will be unable to suppress her blood energy. Other than her, nobody can turn this human into a vampire again. However, although she can wake up right now, she won’t be able to complete the Embrace in her condition right now.”

Nana still looked somewhat at a loss, continuing to lick the remaining blood off her lips.

The white-haired old man picked Nighteye up and said, “It’s time to go. Any further delay and it will be too late for her to soak in the blood pool.”

Nana left with the old man, occasionally looking back and taking a glimpse of the completely unmoving Qianye. Although she wasn’t willing, she still departed in the end.

Becoming a blood thrall was a road with no return. Humans were helpless in the face of this crisis, and vampires similarly were not able to do anything about it.

The night finally quieted, as if nothing had ever happened. However, if an insider were to have seen the white-haired old man and the young girl appear, it would definitely cause an enormous commotion.

With the strength of Marquis Julio and Nana, even compared to the upper continent’s vampires, they could be said to be slaughter gods.

After an unknown period of time had passed, Qianye felt within a haze that someone was dragging him away, and he could vaguely hear voices.

“This guy’s finally dead.”

“Yes, hurry and throw it into the Blazing Canyon. I for one do not wish to stay there longer than needed.”

“Me neither.”

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