WDQK Chapter 117, 118 & 119

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Here's 3 chapters to try to get accustomed to WW minimum triple release rate and also a compensation to our readers who had to endure a chapter-less Monday to Saturday >.<





Also, we've made a couple of  minor changes to some parts of our story, after some recommendations, which we hope will improve everyone's reading experience :D


Here's a summary of what has changed:-

小元丹境 – Small Yuan Dan Stage —> Initial Yuan Dan Stage > Initial 元丹小圆满 – Yuan Dan Small Full Circle —> Yuan Dan Initial Mastery > Advanced 大圆满 – Big Full Circle —> Complete Mastery > Perfect

Hence forth, they shall be known as Initial Yuan Dan Stage, Advanced Yuan Dan Stage and Perfect Yuan Dan Stage~

sable > marten (means the same thing except sable can be a color too) this will confuse readers less ^.^

and other less minor stuff (mostly capitalizations and joining pinyin together)


Last but not least,

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