Chapter 119: Earning Money

Chapter 119: Earning Money

With regards to earning money, Lin Dong did not have much business acumen like Xuan Su. However, he did not plan on constructing a business empire. All that he wanted, was enough elixirs to aid his cultivation.

After he thought about it, he realized that he only had two means to earn money. One was to refine Yang Yuan Stones using the refining power of the Stone Talisman. Since he could basically refine one Yang Yuan pill from three Yang Yuan Stones, this was triple the efficiency of an ordinary practitioner. However, he did not have enough Yang Yuan Stones at hand and most factions with considerable power, would not so easily sell such an item. As for collecting them, it would be way too troublesome.

Thus Lin Dong could only turn to the other simpler method. That was to directly sell the elixir pills he refined with the Stone Talisman.

Lin Dong was able to refine five elixir pills from one grade five elixir. Moreover, not only were the elixir pills that were obtained after this kind of refining mild and extremely easy to absorb, it was also several times more effective than...

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