Wuxiaworld Welcomes Terror Infinity!

Before I say anything else, please join me in warmly welcoming new translator A0132 and his project, Terror Infinity (无限恐怖)!  This is definitely a read you won't want to miss; I can honestly tell you that when I started reading it, I didn't stop for three days, until I finished all ~350 translated chapters of this project, which A0132 has been working on like clockwork since Feb 2015.

I'll let A0132 introduce himself and the novel, but in short, although the name sounds like a 'horror' novel, it's not (or at least, not just).  It's a novel where characters from real life are thrown into horror/action movies like [The Grudge], [The Mummy], [Resident Evil], [Starship Troopers], etc., which they have to survive through their wits, knowledge of the plot, and...everything from Xianxia cultivation techniques to vampire bloodlines to spells to...gauss rifles?!  Team battles, character development, using kungfu on dinosaurs from Jurassic Park...trust me, this is awesome, WICKED fun!  The MC starts off as a bit of a 'righteous Japanese MC', but quickly and actually grows up!

We actually have out friendly neighborhood Technomancer, Yn5an3, to thank for this new project.  A while back, on one of my off days, I was chatting with him on Skype and asked him what he was reading these days.  He said, 'Aside from Wuxiaworld stuff, not much.  Oh, 'Terror Infinity', that's it.'  This was very interesting to me, because Terror Infinity was highly recommended by quite a few Chinese in some comments, back when they were surprised that we were reading Chinese webnovels at all.  Since it was my off day, I decided to give it a try...and I didn't stop until three days later, when I finished the last of the translated chapters.  It's been a looong time since I've binged like this before.  WORTH IT!  GO READ!  AND WELCOME, A0132!