Chinese Baidu Tieba ‘Reviews’ of Wuxiaworld!

So the past few days I’ve been seeing a LOT more hits from China compared to the past, which interested me.  I did a quick search for Wuxiaworld on Baidu Tieba, essentially one of the largest Chinese forums, and lo and behold, I found quite a few threads, all made in the past few days.  I thought I’d translate a small portion of the comments for your amusement and reading pleasure!

First of all, let me explain something; in China, many of these webnovels and webnovel sites like Qidian, while massively popular, are also stories which people ‘love to hate’, especially online.  The reason for this is their relatively poor/repetitive writing, sometimes thin plot, and indeed, many of the things you guys will occasionally criticize; glossing over side characters, endless power creep, etc.  You can think about how ‘serious’ fantasy readers treat ‘Twilight’, and from there, you’ll get a sense of how often there is criticism (and arguments) on Chinese online forums regarding the merits (or lack thereof) of these novels.  On one thread discussing Wuxiaworld, there were EIGHT HUNDRED comments!

For the record – I found these comments to be hysterically funny (even more so in Chinese), which is why I am sharing them!

Thread Title: Let’s see if you guys will dare mock Qidian novels after this!

Initial post: Pay attention to the reviews the foreigners are giving. Every single chapter has over a hundred reviews! […] Coiling Dragon, which has over three million Chinese characters, is already 70% done. The treatment it is getting is comparable to [A Song of] Ice and Fire!

This is just like how light novels are translated into Chinese, right?

1) Is the translator British, or some Chinese guy whose balls hurt [has nothing better to do].
2) [responding to above] From the strange grammar, I can hypothesize that it’s a Chinese person doing translation.
3) [responding to above] Um, the grammar’s perfect.

After Coiling Dragon has been translated to English, I feel as though even the quality of the writing has been forcibly uplifted.

What are they going to do about the endless numbers IEatTomatoes pulls out?

1) Why did they pick these ones? There are way too many Chinese webnovels of higher quality.
2) [responding to above] This website seems to focus exclusively on Chinese novels, and is a gathering of Wuxia novels?
3) [responding to above] I looked at all the Xianxia-type novels, but I feel as though most of them are second rate or third rate novels…and most of them aren’t even ‘standard’ Xianxia novels.
4) [responding to above] It’s probably because foreigners have no experience. They treat grass as though it were treasure.

Kids read light novels, adults read Qidian. Damn NEETS, no girlfriends.


Americans have Hollywood, but China has Qidian!

How can you translate this?  Millions of Chinese characters will result in ten(s) of millions of US words, right?

The reason they translate these novels is because they aren’t capable of translating Jinyong novels, right?

So I’ve been reading classical literature all along!

Do their balls hurt?

Actually, the ability of the people of the world to appreciate things is about the same…don’t even talk about those Imperialist American pot-smoking high schoolers. Can you really expect them to read proper books to the point of being so excited that they shed tears?  (TN – ‘Imperialist American’ is a common, joking way to refer to the US)

[Vomit emoticon] People are actually translating this stuff?

Third Brother is victorious! [referring to Tang Jia San Shao]

For our Qidian novels to be able to survive in China’s vile environment means that they definitely have their strong points.

[Vomit emoticon] No way, Qidian has English versions now!!!!!!

1) Holy f*ck, I saw the second link, they actually translated 斗气 as battle qi [vomit emoticon)
2) [responding to above] Actually, translating 气 as ‘qi’ is extremely accurate, because this character has been recorded down long ago.
3) [original poster replied with an embarassed/crying emoticon]

Foreigners have been polluting us with their crap for long enough, it’s our turn to pollute the foreigners [laughing emoticon]

I’m actually more curious, are these novels actually suited to the taste of these foreign devils [joking term]?

Fighting Radishes Great Masturbation [this is a pun; in Chinese, those characters sounds the same as Douluo Dalu]

Isn’t this normal? Some of the better Japanese light novels are being translated [to Chinese] as well. Culture will grow as it is being exchanged.

People think Tang Jia San Shao’s stuff is readable?

1) Laughing as I watch you guys put on airs.  The point of reading novels is for enjoyment.  If you care so much about the quality of the prose, then go buy a linguistics textbook, the prose in it will be great for sure!
2) [responding to above] Yeah, if you really want to read literary masterpieces, then go read them.  I don’t get why these people obsess over Qidian novels.

Why isn’t anyone translating [XXXX]. [Note – variations on this were by far the most common comments, with ‘XXXX’ being a different novel title each time.)

[vomit emoticon] Holy f*ck, I can practice English now. [sly look emoticon]

These are excellent stories.  Why is it that I feel as though some people are just full of ill-will?

Someone needs to go and translate this stuff over for them.  Let’s see how the foreigners will react when they discover that they are being considered ‘white skinned pigs’ [note – this doesn’t mean they are calling us pigs or white, it means ‘idiots’.].  [smirking emoticon].

Foreigners: “Don’t Chinese people feel that their balls hurt when they read Twilight?”  [vomit emoticon]

Don’t underestimate Qidian!  At least those ‘Gods’ of Qidian have high income. [smirking emoticon]  No matter how foolish their writing might be, they really do have lots of readers!


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  1. OMG! this is really good for laugh hahahahahahhahah!!!

    anyway i’m from Indonesia and for their reference i have indeed read classics of wuxia although jin yong’s works is not to my taste, prefer’s Kho Ping Hoo’s works myself.

    Anyway just gonna have a laugh again reading this then enjoy the awesome Coiling Dragon translation that made me fall in love with the genre. 😀

    1. Kho Ping Ho is your local wuxia, some even use the settings in his own country . Haven’t found any Chinese translation of his works so far, but then I haven’t trawled that deep.

      Kho Ping Hoo or Asmaraman Sukowati Kho Ping Hoo (born in Sragen, 17 August 1926 – died in Solo, 22 July 1994, Chinese: 許平和; pinyin: Xǔ Pínghé) is an Indonesian author of Chinese ethnicity. He is well known in Indonesia for his martial art fiction set in the background of China or Java. During his 30 years career, at least 120 stories has been published (according to Leo Suryadinata).[citation needed] However, Forum magazine claimed at least Kho Ping Hoo had 400 stories with the background of China and 50 stories with the background of Java.[citation needed]

      wong indo lo cak… 😀

    1. According to the professionals, the massive majority of people who say the league community is toxic are actually toxic themselves.

      Actually really toxic people are rather few. Perception bias just kicks in and makes you remember the toxic occurrences better, and completely forget the massive majority of normal occurrences.

  2. Lol those comments remember me a bit of what rpgcodex would say about controversial rpgs 😛

    but i wonder do they really think only people from the us read your translation.
    like some other poster said most people only speak between 2-4(yes i am extending this) languages and Chinese is in most cases not one of them. (well technically this is discusable since Chinese make a ~quarter of the world population but still)

    also i see nothing wrong with the quality of the writing, so i wonder why they think this is badly written? (but maybe you ren just automatically improve it?)

    1. nah they’re being overly harsh and judgemental but a few of the novels are questionably written in terms of the very things mentioned at the beginning of this post.

      I think its more they don’t like that the ‘casual’ fantasy stuff is being translated first. TLDR most of the salty people there are being the repetitive young masters from the very novels they are bashing.

  3. `-` Well aren’t they rude.Just checked that thread and all they do is spam that spit emoticon,so annyoing.
    Also they say “They treat grass as though it were treasure.”Well why don’t you come and translate something for us?
    Also 99% of them have anime related avatars/signatures, damn weeaboos,talk about knowing quality.

    1. Your average all bark no bite~ Well i guess ren grabbed the stupid\funny comments, while neglecting the more open minded comments. Anyway those haters seem quite narrow minded. Ofc some texts are better then others, BUT there is something which is called preference out there.

      Well people are allowed to voice their opinion, but be a bit more discreet~

    1. IET Potato sanshao their novels we usually called 2st rate, all their novels are the same story,just change the roles’ name. You will love them at the first reading, and boring them at the second reading. However, most Chinese love webnovel because of these novels. at last don’t care about my terrible English

      1. Right! And like people in some countries else, when something become too popular part of the initial lover will abandon it. Like Tyler Swift when she became a superstar, lots of country music audience abandon her. For these people, they just like minorities and hate their habits become majority, them thought their habits show their characters and they want to be unique. Ieattomato and shansao’s novel is also as copy-cat as their previous too.

  4. Well first of all, thank you for your amazing job translating all those novels and sharing them with us.

    Secondly thank you for translating those posts. It’s really hilarious and the comments here on wuxiaworld just made my day.

    I live in Germany and it was actually one of mine Chinese friends who recommended wuxiaworld to me. I’m just starting to learn Mandarin, that’s why I can’t comment on the original work, since I still don’t have the ability to read it, but I like the translations here.

    I’m starting to ask myself if those [vomit emoticon]s are a fad or if one has to worry about this poor people who seem to suffer from food poisoning or gastroenteritis. It seems to spread on their board.

    Regarding the “white skinned pigs” … don’t insult pigs by comparing them with humans, they are actually quite smart, have an average body fat percentage of 15% and they take care of their skin with mud baths … can’t say that for most human beings…

    Otherwise… I still like the translations and stories here, so I don’t really care about their badmouthing, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    The only thing I feel pitiful about is their use of language, my parents taught me that you don’t just disgrace yourself when you are foul-mouthed, but also your family since it shows that you haven’t been brought up well. And anonymity on the Internet is not an excuse.

  5. “4) [responding to above] It’s probably because foreigners have no experience. They treat grass as though it were treasure.”

    — This comment. So, which ones are the best or should I say cream of the crop light novel’s supposed to be? And it can’t be helped, its not like there are other chinese light novels translated. What are these ‘Qidian’ webnovels that are supposed to be hailed as priceless treasures? lol

    For the record, I’d like to thank the translators and everyone contributing for the translations as well. Coiling Dragon, Zhan Long, Stellar Transformations, Desolate Era, Terror Infinity and last but certainly not the least, Martial God Asura are among my fav. books to read. Please keep up the good work and thanks, once again for providing us with these works!

    For the benefit of the other readers, here is a nice link I found here in Wuxia itself, has plenty of the works listed and their links.

    has the pdf versions of some of the works. If anyone else has more links for other lightnovels that are interesting or as good (martial arts or even action, Terror Infinity, like), please feel free to share!

  6. I feel sorry for people who think like that personally, because they cannot understand what is actually happening in this world. They do not realize that the world is now interconnected, and it still baffles me that people can think that way after all this technological progress we’ve made.

    I personally think that people, like translators of wuxia, manga, and the other genres, have lead the way to bridging a lot of different ethnic groups together. I personally applaud these people because they are doing a great service unbeknownst to us and themselves.

  7. haha this is just hilarious. i always love seeing how other cultures react to the west. just like reading the comments on Japanese commercials videos XD i have read some of the comments and one of them wondered how ren is translating the skill names… got me wondering 😀

    1. LOL, so much true hath been spoken…

      Wow, typing this just made me realise ‘hath’ isn’t considered part of the English (UK) dictionary.

  8. “They treat grass as though it were treasure.”

    “I feel as though even the quality of the writing has been forcibly uplifted.”

    rekt lol.

    btw thank you for the translations!
    The speed and attention of detail is what brought me here & I will definitely donate.

      1. 我觉的很有趣,我以为没人会有毅力翻译这种大部头的小说,虽然比起《从零开始》那些书还不算太长,没超过千万字,但是一般人翻译的看到这么多字数估计直接头疼了。

        1. 恩,网站之所以叫‘武侠世界’是因为我们这群人很多原先来至于spcnet.tv论坛,而在那里我们是翻译金庸和古龙武侠小说的!通过接近十年的时间,金庸先生写的我们差不多都翻译完了,所以最近转向网络小说了!

          1. 哈哈哈,我看有翻译《诛仙》是基于越南翻译的,不过十年时间真够久的,网络小说中最近最出名的武侠应该是《死人经》。

          2. 说实话,正宗武侠小说反而没那么吃香,因为他包含了太多难理解的概念和文化了。正因为(相对来说)这些网络奇幻玄幻小说没什么文化而注重剧情,所以最近比较受欢迎!

          3. 网文其实也有西方奇幻这个分类,我不知道别人看上去会有何感想,类似《巫师世界》和《琥珀之剑》这种,算得上西方奇幻里写的不错的

  9. hey everyone,i am chinese.
    i just log in hoping to explain sth, the author of this post is really accurate and i can tell he has tried to translate word by word.personally, i really appreciate his amazing work.
    about this vomiting emotion that is widly used in our tieba,it is just some kind of joke,we used it when we feel surprised,angry,admired,etc.
    and we always ridicule each other in tieba,it feels like a and b are otakus and they play jokes on each other by saying “you cannot find a girlfriend”.the same joke can be used on themselves,for example,some of us sometimes call china Celestial Empire,it do not necessarily mean we think our country is 1st in the world,we are just self-mockery.”us has hollywood and we have qidian” is the same,it means us has hollywood but china has nothing,just some poor novel website
    and the novel of qidian,it is not so accepted by main culture,the readers usually are students from primary to high school. you can treat them like japanese light novels.

  10. err…so they hate us that much huh? but it looks they are pretty angry at US. well they have been quite rude? nevertheless, what picked my attention is that-
    if this is a 2nd rate LN, then i wanna read the 1st rate please. anyone knows what they might be referring to? i wanna read the superior stories.
    and also the comments came to be informative as i wanna know some stuff-
    Jinyong, xianxia, qidian, wuxia- are they like publishing companies maybe? or genre? or what? someone please explain
    and thanks RWX and all translators till date. cuz we readers are a hungry bunch and what is wrong in cross-culture? all we want is to read nice stories that makes our day. and we have been doing this since ages now- be it manhuas, webcomic or whatever. they should rather support such spread of culture. in this context we should be like pirtebay- i mean they are extreme but it is like they shows middle finger in broad daylight to any pain in the ass like the ones in the translated comments
    oh well…

    1. Well to be fair US is pretty mean to Asians too. If u look at all the memes on the Internet. But I guess this is their internet culture as it is quite the similar story on other forums. So to them it might seem normal but to you, you would feel insulted.

      Wuxia and xianxia are like genre of books. Xianxia is more towards fantasy like Harry Potter I would say. Wuxia is more like battle qi in a sense, usually revolve around Taoism.

      Qinyong is an extremely famous wuxia writer and probably one of the first.

      First rated novels are probably those akin to literature books, where people actually study them. I’m not too sure about first rated novel as I’m not a China’s Chinese but my guess should be books like “journey to the west”, “water margin”, “dream of red chamber” and most of jinyong books. Which include “the smiling proud wanderer” which the villain is ren wo xin. Or where ren get his inspired name from.

  11. Many of you are asking: what do Chinese think are the first rated webnovels? Maybe I can answer the question.

    Douluo Dalu, Coiling Dragons, Battle through the heavens are top 3 most popular webnovels among Chinese students. On the contrary, many Chinese people say that they are just second rated. Yes, it is true. However, before telling you the reasons, let me introduce some novels that are both of high quality and popular.

  12. Many of you are asking: what do Chinese think are the first rated webnovels? Maybe I can answer the question.

    Douluo Dalu, Coiling Dragons, Battle through the heavens are top 3 most popular webnovels among Chinese students. On the contrary, many Chinese people say that they are just second rated. Yes, it is true. However, before telling you the reasons, let me introduce some novels that are both of high quality and popular. In fact, these novels are not technically webnovels.

    The Three Body Problems by Liu Cixin, ( 《三体》 by 刘慈欣) is the most popular science fiction in China. When it comes to Chinese science fiction, many people only think of TTBP. The first book of the trilogy have been translated into English in 2014 and published in USA. It was nominated for the 2014 Nebula Award for Best Novel and 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel. However, the first book is only an introduction to the story in the second book. I am pretty sure that the second book will win one of the above prize.

    Zhuxian by Xiao Ding (《诛仙》by 萧鼎) is also considered first rated and they have been translated into English by some of the websites.

    Grave Robbing Notes by Nan Pai San Shu(《盗墓笔记》by 南派三叔) is one of the most popular adventure novels in China. It is widely accepted by the young people.

    Last but not least, let me introduce a writer, Jiangnan 江南. His books, Nine States series 《九州》系列 and There They Were 《此间的少年》are considered first rated by people who like to read webnovels, but they are not enough popular compared to the books mentioned above. Another book, The Dragons series《龙族》, is one of the most popular fantasy novels among high school students. The Dragons are considered second rated, just like Douluo Dalu, but this series make Jiangnan the richest writer in China in 2013, even richer than Mo Yan 莫言, who won Nobel Prize in 2012 and Tang Jia San Shao 唐家三少。

    Now we come to the reasons. It is very hard for a book to be of high quality and popular. In Chinese science fiction, there is only one book, The Three Body Problems. In Chinese adventure novels, it is Grave Robbing Notes. In fact, most popular novels are not of high quality. This is because, in China, high school students are the main purchasing power for magazines and novels. Primary school students do not have enough pocket money to buy books. College students and adults are not willing to buy books. They download them online for free. High school students are not allowed to play computers, and they have needs for entertainment. Writers like Jiangnan and Tang Jia San Shao learn from this. Instead of writing books that are of higher quality, they choose to write books that most high school students like to read. Students growing up, their tastes grow. So some college students and adults accuse them of not writing books with higher quality, but they are ignored because they are not the target customers any more.

    Let us analyze The Dragons. In this series you can see characteristics of Japanese anime and Harry Potter, which are proven popular among high school students in Japan and Europe. There three heroes in the series. Lu Minfei, a soft-hearted, lazy and ‘normal’ student that seems to be a common Japanese anime hero, who can sacrifice his life to save his beloved girl. Chu Zihang, a cool, handsome and powerful hero and Caesar, a rich, handsome italian hero are characters that can attract female students. Besides, there are a lot of beauties in the novel and they come from China, Japan, Italy, Russia and so on. I like this book when I studied in high school. The writer seems to mix the concept of Dragons from different myths. It tells a story how half-dragons fight against the dragons. After dragons use their magic power to transform to human and fxxk human females, half-dragons are born. They are basically human being with dragon bloodlines and part of the dragon power. After several centuries, half-dragons in fact govern the world, but they are afraid of the dragons and try to kill them. In the book you can see how the heroes kill dragons from China, Japan, Europe etc. See? A story that many high school students like.

    People in Baidu Tieba that says these webnovels are grass or trash may get addicted to these novels when they are in high school. They grow up and feel shamed of themselves. That is one of the reasons why these comments are negative.

      1. Wow that was some analysis there. Reading overall is for pleasure. As long as one enjoy what they are reading, it really dosent matter if the novel is second rate or not. Furthermore it is very hard to translate some Chinese phase to English, I thought it was a fantastic job from the translators as I have read both English and Chinese version of a few xianxia here.

        Hmm may I ask if jinyong books are consider wuxia or xianxia? So books like jinyong books are consider first class while the others are second class is it?

          1. Hey RWX. As what lambo said, panlong is not a first rated web novel, why panlong instead of others? Is it the spur of the moment?

            Btw I still think dfbb should be a she-man in the 2013 series. They should follow the book instead of changing it in the tv series what do you think haha

          2. Depends on how you ‘rate’ something. Panlong is extremely popular and made IET a millionaire. It’s also a really fun read. Is it fine literature? Nah, and it’s not supposed to be, right?

  13. when i was reading the commentss…..I felt like Aliens are talking about humans…..
    It felt quite bad…..but i know they ware just joking ( i hope they ware)

    1. I’m not from China but I seen a few forums in Chinese. Ppl there who comment are usually kids to teenager and their slang is very much insulting as they tend to use words like “your sister” and stuff like that. It’s abit like their internet culture so don’t take it to heart too much. I guess it’s like normal to them but others who first see this might get insulted. So in a way they are joking yea?

  14. i am from United Arab Emirates and i like to read novels from internet. Specially ones that got genre as:
    3-harem (one male –> many girls)
    4-no seinen stuff (betrayal, rape, angst, tragedy)
    5-no gender bender stuff

    i am hard to please, but strangely enough. i found what i like to read in Chinese and Japanese webnovels!!

    Not Arabic but actually from other countries!

    My mind is made up. i will read only and only Chinese and Japanese webnovels. ^_^

  15. “They treat grass as though it were treasure.” Omg. That’s the hardest I laughed all week. I found this to be just as amusing as reading Hasbro gummy bear reviews. Thanks for translating the comments. x)

  16. “1) Why did they pick these ones? There are way too many Chinese webnovels of higher quality.”

    This one is actually true. But I think I know the reason for it.

    The average reader can’t commit to reading dozens of novels a year, especially ones that are long. They can’t know when a writer will drop his work out. So if they start to read a new novel by a new writer, that writer may stop writing after 200 chapters, or they may have put a lot of effort into the beginning but it turns into something average soon after.

    So the average reader will commit to “safe, known authors” like IET, TJSS, Er Gen, etc. just because they know the name, not because they’re the best novels. Thus, their books are all over the top lists of all sites. Which in turn, gets MORE people to read their books more. It’s the same concept as the rich get richer.

    But they’re most definitely not the best chinese web novels! In fact, after I started reading chinese webnovels myself, I thought that the novels on wuxiaworld were bad to mediocre. I guess they’re picked by what’s easiest to translate or what the translator wants, not what’s an amazing book. Which is fine, or the translator wouldn’t have a good time.

  17. It’s funny how people read those comments and are quick to judge the whole of China. “Chinese are some really racists idiots” says one comment.

    I guess we can judge all of the western world from reddit pages or twitter then?

    It’s even funnier when americans talk about other countries being racist, when Trump is running for president. rofl.

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