SOTR Chapter 200 short story contest deadline ending soon!

I've gone through all the submissions whilst the team was dealing with the madness that was chapter 200, and everyone who sent in a submission should've received confirmation from me that I got it! Please resend to me if I didn't respond to you.

Details of the competition are here!

It's not too late to submit a short story if you haven't done so! Deadline closes in seven hours, and with more than 20 submissions right now, you'd have quite a good shot at ranking in the top three. :D

Andddddd. If you are one of these patrons, I do not have your address! I make a trip to the post office this week so if I still don't have your address then, you'll miss out! ><

HC @ aol RS @ gmail JW @ yahoo P @ gmail DL @ gmail CF @ gmail CH @ hotmail