SOTR short story competition to celebrate 200 chapters!

Chapter 200 (and its associated mass release!) is quickly approaching! I’ve been wracking my brains for what to do for it, since I wanted to do something that interacts with you guys a lil more than just mass releasing. Thanks to reader Elegie‘s suggestion, I’d like to announce a short story competition to commemorate this happy occasion!

Short story competition topic: Anything related to how the first Jiang Chen died (detailed in chapter one)

– Length: 500 words – 1,500 words (essentially minimum around one page to maximum three pages)
– Anything to do with this defining event, ie. motivation for putting the Three Laugh Powder into first Jiang Chen’s food (remember connection with Long family), actual circumstances of slipping it in, that precise moment when Jiang Chen let ’em rip, internal thoughts of any of the characters involved (first Jiang Chen was a useless fop), or anything remotely related that you can think of
– Entries to be judged on: 1) innovation of writing in terms of presentation of chosen topic and 2) quality of writing in terms of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Bonus points for flowery language. 😀
– Contest to run from today, July 21 to end of day July 31st (GMT +8 timezone)


Moving on to prizes!

Winners to be judged by me with input from any of my editors who also read SOTR. Winning submissions will be posted publicly (unless writer really doesn’t want to).

For first place: A double release everyday until we reach the end of a particular arc. Winner gets to cash in their prize when they see an arc they want to know the result of sooner.

For second place: A triple release on a day of your choosing. Please give me 24 hours preparation time. 😀

For third place: A sponsored release attributed to you and mad <3.

The above three winners: A tiny surprise in the mail from etvo (thus, your address will be solicited if you win). 🙂


Please send all submissions to volaretranslations @ gmail, and put “SOTR short story competition” in the subject line! I will confirm receipt with a personal response, so please let me know if you don’t receive a response from me!

Alrighty? How does this all sound? Please let me know in the comments!

<3 etvo

38 thoughts on “SOTR short story competition to celebrate 200 chapters!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. anyone who gets first place make sure you use your prize right at the start of an arc, if you use it in the middle or near the end of an arc currently being translated you lose out big time! and we lose out too lol

    1. Got beat to death by the kings guards for farting during a prayer to their GOD to cure the kings daughter. He was slipped medicine that made him fart before the ceremony at a bar he went to with his 3 best friends, but someone else from the long family slipped it into his food i believe.

        1. Though I really hope to read that story, kind like the MC crossed the line a little but then both party satisfied and happy but someone got really grumpy(jealous obviously) and put the powder in his meal… Or something like that, I mean I don’t even like rape plot.

  2. I, your grandfather shall accept this challenge. This Emperor has gotten a bit rusty but you should not even think about leaving here alive today.. oh wait, thats not the mission.

    Anyway, If this emperor doesnt win this lowly contest than may the heavens strike me down.

    1. Something tells me YunChe should have been struck down for way more reasons than having lost a writing challenge. ^_^

      This lowly kitsune will await your entry~

    2. Sure to do that? Because I remember that one of the popular lesson from xianxia world is “There are no medicine for regret…” Then may you win this contest. I wish the will be a little NSFW in yours…

  3. I got one question… are you gonna be having these short story entries rated? As in giving a review or # out of 10 for each? Would be nice actually to be able to read each entry others did after the contest ends and see how they compare with our own entry. ^_^

    1. Natsu, likely not because for those rated high, there will also be those rated low. I have everyone’s real names because people sent in submissions with their personal emails and I’d rather not engage in public humiliation like that. 😀

      1. Fair enough~

        ; o ;

        Would still be nice to be able to read all the entries (anonymously) and have a good laugh. Frankly, SOTR has the funniest reason for a MC dying in any wuxia i have read. XD

  4. sounds interresting, to bad I suck at writing… and drawing… and pretty much everything you need imagination for o.O
    Anyway, I give my thanks to the people who are participating, and thus letting us read chapters in faster succession (and naturally also to etvo and the editors) 😛

  5. I never read the prizes because I never have the intention of joining in on these contests… but I just saw this

    “A double release everyday until we reach the end of a particular arc. Winner gets to cash in their prize when they see an arc they want to know the result of sooner”

    You’re asking for a painful burnout.

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