SOTR celebrates being on WW! (Chapters 53 & 54)

A huge hello from the Sovereign of the Three Realms team! We're very excited to be here and still pinching ourselves in disbelief a bit. In one corner we've got etvolare, translator wannabe-extraordinaire from Taiwan who enjoys exercising her verbose vocabulary and also translates PC games. In the other corner we've got Kidyeon, super editor/webmaster who routinely shakes his head at how bad etvo is at maintaining volareTL and evilly enjoys wrecking etvo's romantic choice of words. And now... dingdingding fight! We often have live editing sessions in which Kidyeon almost literally breathes down my neck to get me to go faster. :D

But in all seriousness, we're very happy to share the awesomeness that is SOTR to the greater audience at WW. When I read the first chapter and saw that the MC dies from well, letting out a fart, I knew that this was a winner and I had to translate it. The author, Plow Days (犁天), has created a hilariously engrossing work that I hope everyone loves as much as we do.

In celebration of being on WW, we are releasing double sponsored chapters! For those traveling to WW from volareTL, yes, this was the double release that we've been mentioning for all of today. This clears the amazingly generous donation from anonymous of TX, USA and is the first chapter from another generous donation from Joseph G of serving his country, US

Please find chapter 53 and chapter 54 here. Future update posts won't have nearly as many words.

Please feel free to head over to volareTL for some of our other works! STR will be published 3x a week with sponsored chapters on weekends, given that etvolare has a full time job and Kidyeon is on the other side of the world from her.