Chapter 54: Unique Throwing Dagger Skills

Chapter 54: Unique Throwing Dagger Skills

Just as was previously mentioned, a fatty has a fatty’s intelligence.

He had purposefully created that hubbub previously, but had shown weakness to his enemy to allow his opponent to think he was five meridians true qi.

As the boxing aura neared Xuan Yuan, fatty abruptly displayed his hidden ace.

This punch concentrated the essence of fatty Xuan’s six meridians true qi, concentrated his recent boundless wrath, and concentrated the ambition of a grudge-holding fatty who wanted to make the ultimate comeback!

Xuan Yuan almost had no time to react before he hastily thrust out his palm to meet the incoming attack.

The moment that Xuan Yuan’s palm met fatty’s fist, Xuan Yuan experienced what was called a disparity!

The boxing aura that encompassed six levels of spiraling power was like a drill, instantly churning his entire arm into broken scraps of chopped meat.

The boxing aura wasn’t decreased a single bit, and the punch landed on his chest!

Ah pfff!

A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out like an arrow.

Xuan Yuan’s entire body was like a kite that had lost its string as he was driven off the stage, thrown backwards more than ten meters as he crashed into a large pillar.

When people looked at him again, blood was streaming from the seven orifices of his head, and a large hole had been opened in his chest. His head was lolling on his shoulder and it was apparent that he was more than dead!


“This… six layers of boxing aura? Xuan Xuan has broken through?”

Even the duke of Jinshan hadn’t imagined this scene in his wildest dreams, not to mention Xuan Yuan’s supporters. His son had won, and won so easily!

Fatty Xuan stood on the demonstration stage, the fat on his body vibrating from his trembling.

“My Jin family can descend in the world, but absolutely cannot have traitors! Those who betray the family, die!” It was the first time that fatty Xuan had given off the feeling of killing intent.

What happened next was a bit more bloody. As the duke of a territory, the duke of Jinshan’s methods were completely displayed. After fatty Xuan won on the demonstration stage, the duke of Jinshan also revealed the extraordinary parts about him.

He ordered several elders to be fully controlled and displayed the evidence of them flocking to the duke of Soaring Dragon’s banner and betraying the family.

Beheaded, house raided!

The inner turmoil within the Jinshan household was quickly handled in a clean and efficient method. This even elicited admiration from Jiang Chen. This duke of Jinshan, whether in terms of ferocity or cruelty, was much stronger than the likes of his old man Jiang Feng’s.

Of course, it was understandable why ferocious and cruel ways were employed to settle internal turmoil. With regards to traitors, no family had ever been irresolute when firmness was needed.

The anticipated reversal caused no particular ripples in Jiang Chen’s heart. Fatty Xuan profusely expressed a thousand thanks and ten thousand gratitudes, and wanted Jiang Chen to stay as a guest.

However, seeing that so many heads had rolled due to the Jinshan household settling its inner conflict, it was obviously an inappropriate timing to stay as a guest. Jiang Chen left thereafter.

Back at this manor, he received an astounding piece of news -- his father Jiang Feng had emerged from training!

Except, the only ones who knew this secret were temporarily Jiang Ying and Jiang Fu.

Jiang Feng had indeed emerged from training and had successfully broken through, smoothly entering ten meridians true qi, joining the ranks of the true qi masters. The true meaning of this was that he had entered the ranks of the strength of the premier dukes.

“Congratulations Father.” Jiang Chen was still very happy for his father.

“Haha Chen’er, why be so polite between father and son? Not to mention, if it wasn’t for you, your father would likely have reached my limit at nine meridians true qi.”

Jiang Feng had always been quite easygoing in front of his son.

Jiang Chen detailed the happenings of the Jinshan household and also conveniently went over some particulars of the current situation.

Jiang Feng nodded, “It’s best that the duke of Jinshan could handle his matters this way. According to your words, the duke of Soaring Dragon is likely to rebel within the next half year?”

“Based on my speculations, with his level of patience, it will most likely occur within this half year.”

“Chen’er, on which side would you say our Jiang family should take our place?” Jiang Feng actually asked Jiang Chen.

“We don’t need to take a side. Whether it’s the royal family or the duke of Soaring Dragon, they have all already assigned us to the side of the royal family.” Jiang Chen had a shadow of a smile. “Except, what need does our Jiang family have to need to take a side?”

Jiang Chen didn’t think that the royal family had the qualification to merit an attachment from him, Jiang Chen. He had chosen an opposite side from the duke of Soaring Dragon purely due to the circumstances of the greater picture, and not because that he had chosen the royal family.

He was one of a kind, and wasn’t someone that any power could drive.

The Soaring Dragon manor.

The events that had happened at the Jinshan manor quickly made their way into Long Zhaofeng’s ears.

“Worthless, indeed a useless bunch!” Long Zhaofeng had heard that after failing to seize power in a coup, those elders in the Jinshan family had all been beheaded by the duke of Jinshan.

And the Xuan Yuan that they had painstakingly cultivated had been instantly killed with one move from the son of the duke of Jinshan.

“This isn’t right. The son of the duke of Jinshan is a character as dumb as a pig. As inferior as that Xuan Yuan is, he shouldn’t have lost to someone like that.” The duke of Yanmen, Yan Jiuzhuang, was the first to feel that something was amiss.

“Bizarre. These matters in the capital have become more and more bizarre.” Another duke shook his head. “Haven’t you all discovered that the duke of Jiang Han and the duke of Jinshan all seem to excel at being a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The last time, it was Jiang Chen, and this time it was the son of the duke of Jinshan. Wouldn’t you say that these people are purposely showing weakness to an enemy?”

Long Zhaofeng’s face darkened. “According to my intelligence, this is impossible! The son of the duke of Jinshan has always been hopelessly stupid and a good for nothing. There can be no error or doubt about that. The same goes for that Jiang Chen!”

“Duke Long, I’ve been thinking that the situation in the capital has been quite subtly odd ever since the Rites of Heavenly Worship. Many things that don’t conform to common sense have happened, and it seems that Jiang Chen’s shadow can be found in every matter. I feel that this brat is the source of all misfortune. It’s said that the brat Jiang Chen was also present for the matters in the Jinshan household today.”

Courtmaster Wang from the Pill King Garden became dispirited whenever he spoke of this matter. “Right, I feel that something is greatly amiss with the brat Jiang Chen. He was also present when we put on the pill exhibition last time. After all the events that occurred were put together and pondered over, I feel that he had long since conspired with the Hall of Healing, and that they were waiting to stomp on my Pill King Garden!”

“Also, the royal family actually sent quite a few strong practitioners in the advanced realm of true qi to protect him. When did this brat become so intimate with the royal family?”

All sorts odd matter having to do with Jiang Chen were all neatly organized. All sorts of questionable points all seemed to revolve around Jiang Chen.

Long Zhaofeng was also quite surprised. “Can it be that we’ve underestimated Jiang Chen?”

“Duke Long, this Jiang Chen must be killed! There’s no news of the duke of Jiang Han right now, I estimate that it’s more than likely he’s dead. If Jiang Chen is gotten rid of, then the Jiang Han dukedom would be thoroughly handed over.”

“Mm, Jiang Chen must die!” Long Zhaofeng nodded.

“Noble father, Xue’er will handle this Jiang Chen.” Long Juxue, standing beside Long Zhaofeng, revealed a cold smile. “I once said in the Hall of Healing that he shouldn’t even think of successfully passing the Hidden Dragon Trials. This time, let your daughter spill blood on the floor, and kill another group of people before entering the sect as a warning to others!”

“Mm, if he is able to enter the final stage of martial demonstration, then Xue’er, kill him. It will be as easy as stepping on an ant.”

The duke of Soaring Dragon was still quite confident in his daughter’s potential and talents. However, his words took another turn. “In consideration of a long night being fraught with dreams and that undue delay may bring trouble, we must make additional preparations. As long as there is an opportunity before the Hidden Dragon Trials progresses to the final stage of martial demonstration, we will not let it go!”

“Long San, I am giving this matter over to your care. You must bring back to me that Jiang Chen’s head!” Jiang Chen had ruined the duke of Soaring Dragon’s carefully laid plans quite a few times, making the duke of Soaring Dragon brim with killing intent.

“Yes.” A cold and sinister underling standing next to Long Zhaofeng responded. Killing intent wreathed his body, he was a practitioner of ten meridians true qi!

Within the Jiang Han manor, Jiang Chen was making his final preparations for the Hidden Dragon Trials.

At this moment, his level of seven meridians true qi was very stabilized. He had also successfully located the eighth acupoint.

The two martial arts techniques “Vast Ocean Current Splitter” and “Divine Aeons Fist” also improved with each passing day. Each day brought substantial improvement.

But Jiang Chen was actually preparing another set of techniques these days. The items he was playing with were the set of nine throwing daggers created by the Layered-Feather Golden Crystal.

“The unique skills of throwing daggers are comparable to the bow and arrow, but are easier to manipulate than bow and arrow and with even higher elusiveness.”

Compared to the bow and arrow, an attack from throwing daggers was absolutely even more secretive. It was also easier to manipulate. After all, in order to manipulate a bow and arrow, one had to first notch the arrow onto the bow.

This process was where the maneuverability of a bow and arrow lost out to that of throwing daggers’.

Throwing daggers -- you knew not whence they came from nor when they would be employed. A dagger in hand would have unerring accuracy. They were like an immortal from the heavens -- you knew not whence they came from and where they would go.

The advantages of a throwing dagger lay in nimble manipulation - in concealed attacks snuffing out breath with one cold blooded stroke!

“These nine throwing daggers were forged from Layered-Feather Golden Crystal. This Crystal is almost translucent. Aided with some skills when employing them, the daggers will almost melt away into nothingness, thoroughly becoming one with the vacant void.”

One had to say, these throwing daggers forged out of Layered-Feather Golden Crystal encompassed an exceeding degree of covertness and duplicity.

If deployed in sudden attack, the perception of ordinary practitioners might not even be enough to see the true form of the throwing daggers.

Jiang Chen planned to employ these Layered-Feather Throwing Daggers often, and found a unique throwing dagger skill, “Moonshatter Flying Daggers”, after much exhaustive thought.

As its name indicated and implied, Moonshatter Flying Daggers was a powerful force that could pierce the sun and moon and destroy the stars.

Of course, with Jiang Chen’s current methods, it would be quite a hyperbole to think of piercing the sun and moon. But the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers” skill could benefit him like adding wings to a tiger.

“Practicing this ‘Moonshatter Flying Daggers’ will not be the work of a day and night. The remarkable ability of the ‘Moonshatter Flying Daggers’ is many times more brilliant that the ‘Secret of the Nine Laughing Oceans’. It’s a method that nears the level of those at a heavenly level. However, the initial portion of the ‘Moonshatter Flying Daggers’ is not that difficult or awkward.”

Four accompanying abilities had to be practiced in the course of practicing ‘Moonshatter Flying Daggers’: “God’s Eye”, “Ear of the Zephyr”, “Boulder’s Heart”, “Psychic’s Head”.

Vision needed to be practiced first before practicing throwing daggers! Hearing, mental ability, and the perception of the seven apertures of the human head all needed to be practiced first!

When vision had been trained to an extreme, a pair of eyes could be used to observe all the planes beneath the heavens. One throwing dagger could cause the enemy to have no avenue for escape whether in the heavens or underground!

When hearing had been trained to an extreme, the ears could discern direction from the wind. Even if you attacked from all directions, all would be beheaded wherever the throwing daggers landed!

When mental ability had been trained to an extreme, the heart would be as firm as a rock. Even if there were a thousand, or tens of thousands of illusions, one would not be entranced by them. One flying dagger would point straight towards the actual body and behead the enemy!

And when the perception of the seven apertures of the human head were trained to an extreme, the seven apertures would be opened and the entire world would be in your perception. There would be no secrets, no door to heaven, nor crack to the underground, that an enemy could take refuge in!

Of course, who knew how many years it would take to practice the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers” to an extreme level, and how many years it would take to reach an extreme level in the four accompanying abilities.

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