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Got a little sidetracked today because volaretranslations officially turns one year old today!! Whoozah! Whoddathunk that a poor, overworked finance associate would be here a year later? :D Thank you all for reading, your support, and your interactions. This community is great and I hope it stays this way!

In the meantime, I will try my best to release extra chapters for SOTR in celebration of the anniversary, but I'll definitely have some extras for Great Demon King! Lately though, a novel that's really been on my mind is some lighthearted, comedic romance over at Hidden Marriage. Or, if your tastes swing the other way and you want some lighthearted, sometimes naughty bits, go for My Wife is a Beautiful CEO!

Alrighty, plug's over, time to sleep and get to chapters tomorrow!

<3 etvo