Chapter 330: The Perverse Genius with 25 Straight Victories

Chapter 330: The Perverse Genius with 25 Straight Victories

According to the rules, someone undertaking a challenge would not be selected by other challengers.

Therefore, it was unrealistic to hope that he would be selected by others and leave the stage.

“Does this fellow know some kind of strange magic? I don’t believe that a mere ‘Obscure Seal’ could be so strong that no one can withstand it!”

“I too have my suspicions, but so what if it is? In the ring, the victor is king. If you’re that good, how about you go up!”

One had to say that the world of martial dao was indeed this wondrous. Jiang Chen had been subjected to almost unanimous eye rolls, disdain, and contempt ever since he appeared in the mystic quadrant as a secular disciple.

However, following the appearance of his resplendent win rate of twenty straight victories, many sect disciples unwittingly became his supporters.

The strong are the noble. In the world of martial dao, strength was what won respect in the end.

The Flowing Wind Sect disciple that had been Jiang Chen’s third opponent earlier chuckled, “It looks like after all these matches, I seem to have given the best showing after all. At least I could retreat intact after meeting him in battle.”

This fellow had no sense of shame at all in blowing his own horn. Everyone around him wanted to throw up.

Who doesn’t know that you were just lucky? He didn’t hit you with any strength at all! Your so-called retreating intact was successful just because you put on the best act of being useless, and that’s why he didn’t muster his strength behind his blow.

However, everyone could only think these thoughts and couldn’t actually voice them.

All the practitioners were on tenterhooks as they tried to guess how many more victories this perverse genius was going to rack up. Jiang Chen however, stopped of his own accord after 25 straight victories.

It wasn’t that his energy was flagging or that he was running out of steam, but that he felt that life would be too boring afterwards if he did everything that was meant to be done over three months in a single day.

Thus, it was best to stop while he was ahead, and so he stopped when he’d achieved 25 victories.

Everyone sighed a breath of relief when he stopped. At least today’s torment was over and done with.

According to the rules, he wouldn’t have any more chances to issue challenges today as soon as he stopped.

He could only wait to be challenged.

When Dan Fei saw Jiang Chen walk down from the elevated ring, what was a genius? Here was a true genius!

Compared to Jiang Chen, all those so-called sect geniuses were just ferocious in appearance but feeble in essence.

Before Jiang Chen had demonstrated his power, all of them had been overweeningly arrogant and felt that secular disciples were nothing more than ants.

Yet, once Jiang Chen had showed off his strength, all of these so-called geniuses became dejected and beaten, deathly afraid that they would be chosen next.

The contrast in these two attitudes made Dan Fei’s impression of these so-called geniuses sink even more.

Jiang Chen on the other hand, was quite calm. This was all that these disciples amounted to since they’d been sent to the mystic quadrant. They were only of a third-rate existence in their sects as well.

Jiang Chen hadn’t set his sights on these practitioners from the very beginning. However, such were the rules and it wasn’t possible for him to soar to the sky quadrant from secular beginnings.

The mystic quadrant was just a stepping stone in his rise. Jiang Chen hadn’t exerted himself at all.

“Nicely done brother Boulder!” Dan Fei stuck out a hand and slapped Jiang Chen’s in celebration.

Jiang Chen chuckled. “And how did you do?”

Dan Fei chuckled. “I won three and lost one, my results far less impressive compared to yours. Brother Boulder, you truly gained face for us ordinary practitioners this time. Our lives will likely be better after today, and they won’t dare to look down on us.”

Jiang Chen didn’t care if anyone looked down on him. He wasn't here to pay attention to other people’s opinions.

The other secular practitioners all walked up to congratulate Jiang Chen at this moment as well, obviously wanting to take shelter in his shade.

Jiang Chen never did have much interest in forming cliques, and apart from Xiao Fei, he truly didn’t care for any of these guys.

Therefore, he didn’t reject their voluntary expression of interest, but neither did he respond enthusiastically. He only responded perfunctorily and sat down cross legged, focusing his attentions inwards.

He was selected once again in the afternoon, and won cleanly.

Jiang Chen wasn’t selected again for the remainder of the day.

The day was concluded with Master Fang’s announcement, and the first day of matches was over.

The fights were bustling this first day, and the hundred rings had hosted five thousand matches. This meant that each ring had hosted fifty matches or so on average.

“Brother, I’m Liu Wencai of the Myriad Spirit Sect. I’m hosting a party tonight, would you like to come and have a drink? It will be held at residence number seven of the first level.”

A Myriad Spirit Sect disciple with strange shapes tattooed on his face walked up to Jiang Chen with several others in tow, calling out heartily to him.

Dan Fei smiled faintly upon seeing this scene. She knew that because of his astonishing performance, people were beginning to cozy up to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had always been the sort to return kindness tenfold.

Since Liu Wencai was quite polite, Jiang Chen wouldn’t face the other with a remote expression. He only smiled faintly, “Brother Liu, the mission for the hundred challenges trial weighs down heavily, and I dare not hold things up because of drinking. If we are lucky enough to meet again when we leave the legacy territory, I will certainly take the initiative to be host and drink with brother Liu.”

Although these were just pleasantries, Jiang Chen had delivered them so gracefully that no one’s face was lost.

Liu Wencai laughed heartily and clapped his hands together. “Brother speaks the truth. Drinking would indeed hold things up, this is my oversight. Brother’s exuberant display of glory today truly gives rise to admiration from the depths of my heart. To be honest, I’d always thought that I could make it into the earth spirit quadrant, but after seeing your perverse performance today, I’m now a little uncertain!”

Liu Wencai’s residence was number seven within the spirit quadrant, this meant that he was the seventh seed in this quadrant.

His words were half humble and half fawning up to Jiang Chen.

“That brother Liu is so full of humility that this means you are no ordinary disciple. There is surely great hope for brother Liu in making it to the earth quadrant.”

Liu Wencai had won three matches today, which was not a bad showing. However, who would dare to boast about their scores in front of a perverse genius who had won 25 in a row?

When he saw Jiang Chen thus, Liu Wencai knew that it would likely be difficult to invite this secular genius to join him tonight.

He smiled dashingly, “In that case, I will not disturb you brother. I just hope that we can be friends when we leave the mystic quadrant. To be honest, there aren’t that many who I truly admire in this quadrant. You are definitely the first. Based on your beating of Cheng Zhen alone, I feel that you are a true man who clearly defines his grudges and boons. Frank and forthright, that suits my style alright! Hahaha.”

Although Liu Wencai was just a candidate in the mystic quadrant, his demeanor was quite grand and magnificent, giving one an inexplicable feeling of goodwill.

Even though Jiang Chen hadn’t agreed to his invitation, he had a rather good impression of this Liu Wencai.

Another group drew near as they were speaking. Judging from their dress, they were Purple Sun Sect disciples.

The leader had a red dot in his forehead like an eye. His long hair was thrown over his shoulders with quite a wild air to him.

His nose bridge was high and firm, eye sockets slightly sunken, giving his features a slightly different feeling from ordinary folk.

Liu Wencai’s expression grew a bit unnatural when he saw this person. It was apparent that even the seventh seed Liu Wencai felt greatly wary with this person’s arrival.

Jiang Chen wasn’t that predisposed towards the Purple Sun Sect disciples and turned to leave.

“Hold.” The loose haired man said faintly.

Jiang Chen’s footsteps paused, but he didn’t turn back. Dan Fei’s eyes flitted over the newcomers, wanting to discern their intentions.

“You don’t need to posture such. Since you’ve participated in the selection, at the heart of it all, you want to join a sect and pursue the boundless martial dao.”

The person’s voice sounded out smoothly and penetrated quite strongly.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Guo Ren, Purple Sun Sect disciple, living in first residence of this quadrant. Are you interested in coming to a gathering at my residence?”

This Guo Ren was obviously much more shrewd and possessed a better demeanor than Liu Wencai. At least, no traces of emotion could be gleaned from his tone.

Jiang Chen didn’t turn back and said faintly, “Not interested.”

Guo Ren chuckled. “Purposefully moving by yourself, a lone wolf. If I guess correctly, you must be a wandering practitioner in the ordinary world? Since you are participating in the selection, that means you are interested in the sects. It’s not that I boast, but if you seek to pursue martial dao, then my Purple Sun Sect is the lord of this realm amongst the four sects.”

Guo Ren was full of confidence after delivering these words. He was completely matter-of-fact and paid no attention to Liu Wencai who stood on the side.

Liu Wencai felt a bit awkward and could only shake his head and smile ruefully.

Guo Ren rolled his eyes, “Liu Wencai, what are you smiling about? Do you have any objections to my words?”

Guo Ren was the first seed of this quadrant and his cultivation level was even higher than Liu Wencai’s. His very words were quite domineering when he opened his mouth.

Liu Wencai wasn’t the sort to compromise out of consideration for the general interest as he smiled slightly, “You speak your bit and I smile when I want to. Aren’t you trying to control too much?”

Guo Ren said proudly, “This truth won’t change no matter how much you disapprove. In the path of martial dao and the sixteen kingdom alliance, it will always be the Purple Sun Sect at the peak. Your Myriad Spirit Sect can’t change this, and neither can the Precious Tree Sect or Flowing Wind Sect!”

He lifted his chin slightly after speaking and said to Jiang Chen, “Brother, it’s exceedingly rare for a secular disciple to have potential such as yours. I now represent the Purple Sun Sect in recruiting you. The grudges between you and the Cheng brothers were a result of them being blind and bearing inferior skills. If you nod your head and join my sect, then these small frictions can all be forgotten.”

Guo Ren was quite eloquent as he marketed the Purple Sun Sect. His words and their connotations were filled with a strong sense of authority.

However, he didn’t know that of the four sects, the one Jiang Chen hated the most and was least likely to join was the Purple Sun Sect.

Jiang Chen lifted his chin and laughed softly, “In the arena, the victor is king. I don’t know what friction and grudges are there? Are you recruiting me on behalf of the Purple Sun Sect, or representing it in threatening me?”

Guo Ren probably hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would respond thus and blinked, finally laughing.

“Whether it’s threatening or recruiting, I would be reaching the same goal by different means. As long as your goals lie with martial dao, the Purple Sun Sect will always be your ideal choice.” Guo Ren brimmed with confidence.

He felt that he’d been polite enough already in speaking so much. He had been quite courteous and considerate. If this fellow still didn’t know how to play the game, then he really didn’t know how to appreciate favors.

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