Chapter 330: The Perverse Genius with 25 Straight Victories (Teaser)

Chapter 330: The Perverse Genius with 25 Straight Victories

According to the rules, someone undertaking a challenge would not be selected by other challengers.

Therefore, it was unrealistic to hope that he would be selected by others and leave the stage.

“Does this fellow know some kind of strange magic? I don’t believe that a mere ‘Obscure Seal’ could be so strong that no one can withstand it!”

“I too have my suspicions, but so what if it is? In the ring, the victor is king. If you’re that good, how about you go up!”

One had to say that the world of martial dao was indeed this wondrous. Jiang Chen had been subjected to almost unanimous eye rolls, disdain, and contempt ever since he appeared in the mystic quadrant as a secular disciple.

However, following the appearance of his resplendent win rate of twenty straight victories, many sect disciples unwittingly became his supporters.

The strong are the noble. In the world of martial dao, strength was what won respect in the end.

The Flowing Wind Sect disciple that had been Jiang Chen’s third opponent earlier chuckled, “It looks like after all these matches, I seem to have given the best showing after all. At least I could retreat intact after...

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