Chapter 329: A Mad String of Victories

Chapter 329: A Mad String of Victories

“And what are you laughing at?” Cheng Zhen was enraged by Jiang Chen’s smile. That a secular disciple would dare to display such a bizarre smile in front of him was the height of provocation and disdain.

“Karma. This indeed is karma. The cosmos always have some marvelous arrangements. Cheng Zhen is it? If I recall correctly, you wanted to teach me how to be a person just now? You crowed that I better not pick you, or you’ll beat me so hard that I wouldn’t even have the energy to leave the ring?”

Cheng Zhen’s face was stony, “What are you strutting on about? Do you really think that there are no opponents left in the mystic quadrant just because you’ve beaten a few minor characters?”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “You’re right, I’m quite proud. However, not because of my string of victories, but because I’ve finally found a right and proper excuse to beat you up.”

“Presumptuous!” Cheng Zhen flew into a rage and jeered. “From beginning to end, all you know is that one move. You may not think it’s embarrassing, but as an onlooker, even I feel that you’re embarrassing. Switch to another move if you have what it takes!”

“You’re not worthy.” Jiang Chen shook his head faintly.

Cheng Zhen wasn’t someone lacking in subtlety, but Jiang Chen’s arrogant attitude still sent his blood pressure soaring. He roared out angrily and infused his fists with boundless power, screaming raspily while leaping into the sky.

He yelled, “Die, you cocky kid!”

Cheng Zhen had actually struck out first! A sect disciple, a first level candidate in the mystic quadrant, had struck out first in an ambush!

Those watching the match, particularly the Purple Sun Sect disciples, all felt their faces burn hotly and had quite a guilty conscience. Sect disciples valued their face above all.

However, Cheng Zhen’s actions were setting aside his face for the purpose of winning. It’d be alright if he won, but if he didn’t, then he’d have to hide his face behind a mask when he went out in public in the future.

Cheng Zhen’s fists punched out continuously as streaks of boxing aura formed strong air currents and danced through the air. The air was filled with the shadows of these fierce punches.

“This… this is the Divine Corona Fist!”

“Tsk tsk, he is of the Purple Sun Sect alright. Their martial heritage is truly superb. The moves of the Divine Corona Fist are as if the corona of a sun itself has cast a divine glow through the air, devouring all, destroying all!”

Cheng Zhen grimaced savagely as his boxing aura erupted. Thousands of shadow punches congealed into an aura that held the intention to destroy all and twisted itself forward, hurtling towards Jiang Chen’s ribs.

A divine corona, a punch that destroyed all paths before it.

Cheng Zhen had spent ten years submerged in and contemplating this method. He’d long since trained it to almost the perfection realm. Now as he deployed it to the limits of his abilities, the power that he’d dredged up was even a bit stronger than his usual condition.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He had to say that Cheng Zhen’s ambush slightly surprised him.

However, there was only surprise.

Under normal circumstances, Jiang Chen may have moved to the side and evaded the blow, before turning around to attack Cheng Zhen’s weak point.

However, he’d been so arrogant before and had provoked him, stepped on him. Jiang Chen wasn’t the sort to seek revenge for the slightest grievance, but he would also not allow this person to prance around in front of him like this.

Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t even look as he brought all the spirit energy in his body to bear, activating his shield and meeting that boxing aura head on.

Cheng Zhen held the initiative. Jiang Chen would find it impossible to win with a single move if he evaded the blow or tried to negate some of the boxing aura.

He was aiming for victory with one move.

Perhaps he could give up on this principle for others, but when faced with Cheng Zhen, defeating him with one move was both the best comeback and the greatest humiliation.

Therefore, he decided that he would throw Cheng Zhen out of the ring even with taking this blow  to the face.

The boxing aura hurtled down like a raging storm, making all those around question if they were seeing things. Jiang Chen’s body was akin to a butterfly flitting through flowers, moving against the current of the boxing aura.

Bam, bam, bam!

As countless strands of aura smashed into Jiang Chen, he raised his hand and flung over a hand seal that he’d been nurturing for quite some time.

When Cheng Zhen saw that Jiang Chen was actually rising to meet his boxing aura, he was privately delighted that the kid wasn’t evading his blow. ‘He’s going to die!’

Therefore, Cheng Zhen gloated and prepared to admire the view of Jiang Chen’s broken bones, shattered organs, and a ghastly death after spewing out blood.

However, this hotly anticipated scene didn’t take place.

A shadow flashed in front of his eyes as Jiang Chen’s large hand seal made its way to his chest.

“How is this possible!?” A despairing thought raced through Cheng Zhen’s mind as a crisp breaking sound sounded from the middle of his chest in the next second.

The bones in his body seemed to break one after another as he fell off the ring in a dire fashion, fresh blood spewing wildly from his body.

The clear breaking sounds made all the candidates’ teeth ache in sympathy. Although they weren’t the ones injured, they all knew that these breaking sounds likely meant that Cheng Zhen had been completely crippled.


Cheng Zhen fell down helter-skelter, dust flying in all directions.

“Brother!” His younger cousin Cheng Lan ran over in great fright. Cheng Zhen was dead to the world, his body limp and barely breathing, unable to dredge up even the strength to reply.

Cold gripped the hearts of all the candidates standing beneath the ring as sweat poured from their backs. They looked at Jiang Chen standing in the ring with fear in their eyes.

This secular disciple wasn’t one to let grudges sit overnight alright.

Cheng Zhen had said earlier that he would beat up this candidate so badly that the latter wouldn’t be able to make it off the stage. Looking at this, hadn’t Cheng Zhen’s words come true on him?

However, even though those assembled were afraid, they also lacked sympathy. The disciples of the Purple Sun Sect didn’t have good relations with others in the first place.

In addition, Cheng Zhen was a strong rival in this quadrant. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that he’d been sorely injured. There were even some who felt that it’d be best if Cheng Zhen died just like this. There would be one less competitor in the picture and the Purple Sun Sect disciples would hate this secular disciple. The two have them would sorely injure each other in their struggles.

Dan Fei clenched her fist lightly and cheered inwardly. She had reined herself in this time. After all, this person had been beaten to the point where blood was flooding out of him. It’d be a bit jarring if she were to applaud and cheer.

One move again!

The candidates in the arena, including even the first level candidates, all had to seriously consider Jiang Chen at this moment. They started contemplating this matter repeatedly in their minds.

Was this move truly infallible?

The most frightening thing was, the aura from Cheng Zhen’s attack had already reached Jiang Chen. How could he have remained unharmed and counterattacked with that lethal blow?

All sorts of hard to resolve riddles made the candidates beneath the rings feel as if a large stone was resting on their hearts. It was uncommonly heavy.

Even the premier first level candidates couldn’t help but list Jiang Chen as a strong competitor.

He’d won six matches in a row with one move. “Perverse genius” was insufficient to describe this type of momentum and method!

No matter how they simulated the match in their minds, they realized that this ordinary move of the “Obscure Seal of Life and Death” was an unresolvable dilemma for them.

“Continue your challenge?”

“Continue.” Jiang Chen had fought six matches in a row but wasn’t in the least bit tired. He’d won all of them quite easily and had barely expended any of his resources.

Cheng Zhen’s boxing aura had been quite strong, but the blow from a mere fourth level spirit realm could offer no harm whatsoever in the face of the scales of the Firelizard’s scales. It’d only made his breathing hitch for a slight moment.

However, Jiang Chen knew that it’d been because of the Firelizard’s scales protecting him. Otherwise, it would’ve been very difficult for him to truly slap out that seal.

Jiang Chen once again threw his opponent out of the ring in his seventh challenge.

The same thing happened in the eighth challenge. There were no ripples whatsoever.

A strange phenomena had developed in the mystic quadrant. No one was paying attention to the matches in the other 99 rings.

Almost all eyes were focused on Jiang Chen. Everyone’s attention was directed here.

Everyone was curious to know when this fellow would finally stop his challenges. Was there anyone who could stop him in the mystic quadrant?

The stampede continued in the ninth challenge, the tenth challenge.

Two hours had passed as Jiang Chen racked up an astonishing ten straight victories, and he was still continuing his matches.

Even the keeper Master Fang was shocked by now.

It wasn’t unusual to see ten straight victories, but these had come about through using the same move. This was a development that one couldn’t help but pay attention to.

They were all curious — did this young person know any other techniques? Or did he really know only one technique and was using it to dominate all?

Or was it that he had other techniques, but no one here thus far had been worthy enough for him to use the others?

Dan Fei was also selected as time passed on, and so began her matches.

However, she wasn’t as patently perverse as Jiang Chen. She began to feel the limits of her energy after three victories. Dan Fei managed to hold on until the end when she faced off against a first level candidate, but was ultimately deemed the loser. After this, her score was three wins and one loss.

Jiang Chen’s domination was still continuing at this time, and he’d already reached an incredible 18 wins.

Judging from his posture, he had no intentions of stopping.

Master Fang was also privately shocked. “To think that this secular champion has such martial dao potential? It’s a pity that he is showing his light too much and doesn’t know the importance of reining himself in. However, his appearance may not be a bad thing. These sect disciples have started to exude too heavy an aura of arrogance. It’s a good thing that someone can temper them. These sect disciples can taste an inkling of what it means to know that there is always someone stronger than you, despite how strong you may be. “

Master Fang actually had an enormous distaste for the arrogance that sect disciples comported themselves with.

Therefore, he was quite admiring of Jiang Chen’s dominance, and in fact was rather supportive of it.

Except, out of a mindset of treasuring talent, he felt that it wasn’t necessarily a good thing for a young man to show off his edge so much.

However, he didn’t understand Jiang Chen. The fact that he was doing so was because he had the ability to do so.

The 19th win, as well as the 20th win were also equally easy.

The candidates beneath the stage were even more subdued now. They could observe almost no flaws in Jiang Chen.

Was there any doubt as to the results of the challenges in the mystic quadrant if things continued like this? First place was absolutely earmarked by this secular champion!

If there were many amongst the sect disciples who was unwilling to accept this result, then all that was left in their hearts now was a prayer. A prayer that this fellow wouldn’t select them next!

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