Chapter 329: A Mad String of Victories (Teaser)

Chapter 329: A Mad String of Victories

“And what are you laughing at?” Cheng Zhen was enraged by Jiang Chen’s smile. That a secular disciple would dare to display such a bizarre smile in front of him was the height of provocation and disdain.

“Karma. This indeed is karma. The cosmos always have some marvelous arrangements. Cheng Zhen is it? If I recall correctly, you wanted to teach me how to be a person just now? You crowed that I better not pick you, or you’ll beat me so hard that I wouldn’t even have the energy to leave the ring?”

Cheng Zhen’s face was stony, “What are you strutting on about? Do you really think that there are no opponents left in the mystic quadrant just because you’ve beaten a few minor characters?”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “You’re right, I’m quite proud. However, not because of my string of victories, but because I’ve finally found a right and proper excuse to beat you up.”

“Presumptuous!” Cheng Zhen flew into a rage and jeered. “From beginning to end, all you know is that one move. You may not think it’s embarrassing, but as an onlooker, even I feel that you’re embarrassing. Switch to another move if you have what it takes!”

“You’re not worthy.”...

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