The sages said, read ISSTH Book 1, Chapter 56!

What will happen: A) Meng Hao will get 500 Spirit Stones for the spear, and become a laughing stock in the State of Zhao B) Meng Hao will rip off Qiu Shuihen and Lu song, and they will become the laughing stock of the State of Zhao C) Meng Hao will admit the spear is fake, everyone will go home happy D) Qiu Shuihen and Lu Song will figure out the spear is fake and a fight will break out E) Meng Hao will create a distraction and flee with the 500 Spirit Stones F) Other: __________________

Chapter 56: Elder Brother Meng, Whether or not You Want to Trade, You Will! Translated by Deathblade Contributing Editor: Madam Deathblade Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo Sponsors: Tjandra Johannes, Deep Bhattacharya, Ngan Nguyen

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