Chapter 56: Elder Brother Meng, Whether or not You Want to Trade, You Will! (Teaser)

Chapter 56: Elder Brother Meng, Whether or not You Want to Trade, You Will!

When Meng Hao spoke, everything went quiet. Everyone’s eyes focused on the iron spear sticking out of the ground.

Qian Shuihen laughed loudly, cupping hands in salute to Meng Hao.

“So, Elder Brother Meng is willing to part with his treasure. I, Qian, will not allow you to suffer a loss.” He pulled out a bag of holding and tossed it to the ground. “Here are five hundred Spirit Stones!” Clinking sounds rang out as five-hundred Spirit Stones appeared, forming a small mountain. Off to the side, the State of Zhao disciples watched, gloating over Meng Hao’s misfortune. Five hundred Spirit Stones was not a small amount, but also not a very large amount. If he sold a treasured item for that amount, he would become a laughingstock.

They weren’t the only ones to think about the price. Meng Hao frowned. The difference was, his thinking was different from that of the State of Zhao disciples. In his estimation, the iron spear was probably worth two pieces of silver. To trade it for five hundred Spirit Stones meant that he was actually making a tidy profit.

“Are you kidding me?” said Lu Song. “Don’t try to bully Elder Brother Meng. You think you can buy a treasure like that with just five hundred...

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