ISSTH - Help wanted! (Wuxiaworld wiki released!)

We're only just reached chapter 300 of ISSTH, but already, it's been getting difficult for me to keep the glossary updated and relevant. Furthermore, it's missing tons of old information. Therefore, I'm happy to announce that I'm switching from a glossary to a wiki! Thanks to RWX and the wuxiaworld team for setting up the wuxiaworld wiki, which we can use for ISSTH as well as any of the other translations here!

More about the wiki as well as another bit of good news, after the jump... . . .

I would like to ask for help from any of you who are ISSTH fans to assist me in creating and updating the wiki. I've just barely started to transfer information, and will continue to do so in the coming days. There will be two rules.

1) NO SPOILERS!!! (Only add information to the wiki that has been released in official translated chapters) 2) NO MISINFORMATION!! (Please don't forget that the characters in ISSTH can lie, mislead, be misinformed, etc. Only put information you know to be correct into the wiki. For example, I've seen a lot of comments talking about how Violet East has reached Immortal Ascension. Actually, that was presented as a rumor/legend in the Southern Domain, but has never been confirmed in the story. If you want to put that information into the wiki, the best would be to say something like "according to legend, Violet East blah blah blah.")

Here are a few of the entries I already copied over from the existing glossary:

Meng Hao Black Sieve Sect Xu Qing Five Great Sects (Southern Domain)

SPECIAL REQUEST - If you go back into old chapters to hunt for information for the wiki, please notify me of any mistakes you find, be they typos, grammar or even inconsistencies in terminology... anything. You can e-mail me directly at

In other news, thanks to wuxiaworld user Epithetic for providing male recordings for the character name pronunciation guide. All of the recordings are available on this page. Later, I hope we can integrate them into the wiki.

Last bit of news is that I have some matters to attend to, and will be posting the next chapter of ISSTH a bit later than usual (by a few hours). Stay tuned for that!