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Li Daoyi and the Li Clan Patriarch hustled along. "Say, you didn't happen to bring any deodorant along, did you?" asked the Patriarch. "I ran out a few centuries ago." "Sorry, no," said Li Daoyi. "But I did bring some gum. Your breath is a bit ripe." "Well what did you expect? I haven't brushed my teeth for about four thousand years!" Li Daoyi rolled his eyes and handed over a stick of gum.

Chapter 133: Do You Dare?! Chapter 134: Chapter Title Withheld in Announcement Post Chapter 135: Chapter Title Withheld in Announcement Post Translated by Deathblade Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Roberts Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo Chapter 134 Sponsor: Hein Haugeberg Chapter 135 Sponsor: AM

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Some other important notes about changes to some previous translations.....

1) In the past few weeks I've made a bunch of changes to previous content. I went back to some of the early chapters, generally speaking about the first 50, and consolidated a lot of the terminology. I didn't make any changes relevant to the story, mostly just minor things that will make the story flow better for new readers. That having been said, I know there are still typos and whatnot in previous chapters. If you ever go back to check or read, and notice a mistake, please inform me.

1) Ding Yan / Ding Xin. I actually mis-translated the name of the character Ding Yan. It should be Ding Xin. The characters Yan and Xin look similar, and I simply mis-read it. This is the guy who Meng Hao killed at the North Lake, who was Grandmaster Pill Demon's disciple, and who Meng Hao took the black bow from (that Chu Yuyan recognized).

2) Meters. I incorrectly calculated all of the distances that were given in meters. Long story short, they should all be roughly three times longer. It doesn't really affect the plot very much. However, there are a few major areas that did change:

A) The roc. It wasn't 100,000 meters long, but 300,000 B) The red rope. Wasn't 1,000,000 meters long but 3,000,000 C) The mastiff. Its growth was described a couple times incorrectly. The last few chapters have been correct. D) The Flame Serpent/Python. It has always been a bit longer than described E) The Tower of Tang. It was originally described as 1,000 meters tall, really should be 3,000

I also want to state for the record that for measurements, I will generally round to the nearest 0 or 5, just to make it sound good in English. I don't think uber-specific number translations are necessary or relevant to the storyline. So if the Flame Serpent is technically 33.3 meters, I'll probably just call it thirty or thirty-five meters. I already went back and fixed all the mistakes in previous chapters, so if you go back to read anything, it will be correct.