Chapter 134: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!

Chapter 134: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex! [1. If you want a refresher on the Eighth Demon Sealing Hex, check out the surprisingly titled Chapter 102: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex]

Now that he had engaged Li Daoyi in battle, Meng Hao could tell that if he had a fourth Dao Pillar, then he would be able to end the fight quite quickly. Now, he desired more than ever to slay Li Daoyi.

But Li Daoyi’s Cultivation base was at the late Foundation Establishment stage. Furthermore, he was a Li Clan Dao Child. He outclassed even Chosen, and would be difficult to kill.

More important than Li Daoyi, was the mastiff. So far the mask was not under the firm control of anyone. With Li Daoyi present, it was impossible to say when the struggle would end. And if Meng Hao wanted to aid the mastiff, he needed to get rid of Li Daoyi.

And his method… was to destroy the exit!

Below them were churning mists. The collapse of this world was increasing in speed. The vortex roared and grew larger. Soon, the dark green sacrificial altar was more than half sucked into it.

Meng Hao...

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