Kang Ra-Eun's Story Has Come to an End

Hello dear fans of Kang Ra-Eun and her story in the entertainment industry! 

Sadly, it's time to say good bye to her and her potential(?) beaus. D:

The last chapter will be released to the public on 1st Dec 2023, and the end dates for the respective tiers are as follows:

Classmate - 30th Nov 2023

Loyalist - 28th Nov 2023

High School Girl - 24th Nov 2023

University Girl - 20th Nov 2023

Actress - 16th Nov 2023

Businesswoman - 8th Nov 2023

Hall of Fame - 31st Oct 2023

We appreciate the support and thank you for the comments and love you have showered on this novel and also to our translator, erigiii. Here's a message from him.

Hey guys, this is eRiGi.

I Returned as a High School Girl is about to come to an end, so I thought I should write up a post to thank you all who have joined me on this journey.

This was my first ever webnovel translation, so I wanted to do something different from the generic player/hunter and leveling webtoon stories that I had translated before. Three hundred chapters honestly felt so far away, but it honestly flew by so fast as I was immersed in Kang Ra-Eun’s story.

Although I am sad that it is ending soon, I hope to see it in webtoon or K-Drama form one day! I hope you enjoy the story to the very end, and I will see you on my next adventure! (Or maybe you already saw my next adventure lmao… It’s After Ten Millennia in Hell)

Thank you for reading!


Thank you once again! Your continuous support will help us in deciding the kind of novels we bring to WuxiaWorld, so do stick around~