After Ten Millennia in Hell

After Ten Millennia in Hell

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Oh Kang-Woo suddenly fell into Hell one day. The only things he had were his desire to live and the Authority of Predation. He devoured hundreds of thousands of demons from the First Hell all the way to the Ninth Hell, and even made the seven princes of Hell bow down to him.
"Why are you trying to go back? You already have everything that you could possibly desire here in Hell."
"I have everything? Like what?"
There was nothing to eat or enjoy! The only things in Hell were desolate lands and hideous demons!
“I’m going back.”
He finally goes back to Earth after ten grueling millennia.
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434 Chapters
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Original work ©ButterflyValley/KWBOOKS

Editor: LD & Reckeva

Launch date: 17 Aug 2023

Release rate: 2 chapters per day until Chapter 271.

27 Reviews
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8 months ago
This is a big surprise seeing this on WuxiaWorld. I don’t usually read Koreans novels but this one is great. I’ve been following along when it was being translated elsewhere and this novel is hilarious, exciting, and just an all around amazing book. The world building and characters are great. The story is fluent and makes sense. The cherry on top is with no doubt our main character. He is as crazy as you’d expect of someone who has been trapped in Hell for 10,000 years. I’ve seen him gaslight himself so hard that I ended up gaslit. I highly recommend this book.

8 months ago
A pretty decent novel the one you have here.

Before anything, I would like to point out the main thing the author likes in his works: MCs that are either incredibly dire end of the world threats, or directly walking apocalypses, but don't really want to end the world and want to live their lives, even though everyone else would like to request them to move to another planet, or perhaps to kill themselves.

So MC already cleared his main story, he conquered hell and became the overlord, the thing is, Hell is boring, doesn't have hot chicks and the food sucks, so he wants to go back to Earth. The issue? he's a demonic overlord, him going back to Earth is a terrible idea, not for him, but for your average human, so MC needs to reintegrate himself into human society, while also scamming everyone who may be interested in chasing after him.

The core points about this story are comedy (mainly MC's antics to keep his identity hidden, while escalating his activity) and overpowered protagonist (While he starts more or less weak, he has an extremely easy time getting new toys and powers, and by mid story he's a world class monster)

It's entertaining, it's fresh, and I would also like to recommend this author's other novel, I'm not a regressor, with a similar protagonist, but a more tragic and heroic viewpoint.

7 months ago
Not recommended
I had some hope but the last of it died in chapter 24.

Of three people the MC has had positive interactions with that weren't a receptionist, one swore to serve the MC after 6 lines of dialogue, and another abandoned all logic, reason, and financial security in the hope they can work with him later. There is no character development or depth to the other characters. They just immediately drop what they are doing to follow the MC

The biggest issue however is that the MC has a nearly limitless number of skills that could be unlocked at any time as the threshold for unlocking them is entirely dependent on whether the MC needs a new skill in that moment, because none of the numbers or stats mean anything.

The comedy is nauseatingly repetitive, and the power he held in the demon world, the fact that he no longer has it, and how many skills he has that he can't use until the plot says he needs a new one instantly is repeated at least once every chapter and usually 3-5 times.

That said, the translator has done an excellent job, and it reads easily, coherently, and smoothly.

Summary: Side characters immediately follow him without any real growth, his number of skills that he has but hasn't used yet is practically limitless so the MC always has the skill that solves everything that wasn't ever mentioned until the moment he needs it, and at least 1 paragraph is practically copy pasted at least once per chapter.

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