Tang Jia San Shao Day! Welcoming Child of Light & Heavenly Jewel Change!

Hey guys, today is (not really) Tang Jia San Shao day! Tang Jia San Shao is the 'leader' of the 'Four Platinums' of Qidian, famous for works such as Douluo Dalu, Jueshi Tangmen, and more. We already had one TJSS novel on WW, the sci-fi'ish Skyfire Avenue (starts slow, but awesome good fun). Today, we're bringing on two more of his novels that were being worked on in the Wuxiaworld forums and on private blogs! These novels are 'Child of Light', 光之子, being worked on by ruze and his team, and Heavenly Jewel Change (天珠变), worked on by Zen!

The reason I have always liked TJSS novels, and the reason why he has been the 'leader' of the Four Platinums, is in large part because he is excellent at making characters that you care about (I have to admit, this is an IET weakness, lol!). That's why we should give a big, warm, Wuxiaworld welcome to 'Child of Light' and 'Heavenly Jewel Change', and to both ruze and Zen! Welcome to Wuxiaworld!

PS - And congratulations to the few of you, you sneaky buggers, who managed to find out in advance by cleverly testing out combinations of index acronyms!  LOL!!!