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天火大道, aka Skyfire Avenue, is a scifi/fantasy webnovel by popular Chinese author Third Young Master of the Tang Family, aka Tang Jia San Shao (唐家三少), the same author who wrote Douluo Dalu.  This project is current being worked on by Xiao Lai.  We’re currently at 400 translated chapters, so join Xiao Lai as he discovers along with you the life and times of Skyfire Avenue!

A glossary of terms, people, organizations and other things of note has been added beneath the table of contents for reference purposes. Some entries may contain (slight) spoilers. The table will be updated periodically as terms are introduced.

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Chapter 401: An Informative Battle
Chapter 402: Hades’ Hospitality
Chapter 403: How Could You Be So Shameless?
Chapter 404: Zeus vs. Lina
Chapter 405: Experience Prevails
Chapter 406: Spoiled Goods
Chapter 407: Jun’er’s Discipline
Chapter 408: The Future of Skyfire Avenue
Chapter 409: Extreme Focus
Chapter 410: The Four Degrees of Paragon
Chapter 411: Secret of the Pontiff’s Citadel
Chapter 412: The Nightclub
Chapter 413: The Dance Battle
Chapter 414: Compensation
Chapter 415: Dance of the Three Monarchs
Chapter 416: Brother Cheng! Brother Cheng!
Chapter 417: The Dark Mage
Chapter 418: A Monarch’s Bane is a Woman
Chapter 419: Pressure; the Core’s Catalyst
Chapter 420: Weeding Out the Stragglers
Chapter 421: Chu Cheng’s Tough Break
Chapter 422: Mommy Must Win!
Chapter 423: Hades’ Falchion
Chapter 424: Big Dipper Godblade
Chapter 425: Zeus vs the Angel of the Moon
Chapter 426: Battle of Attrition
Chapter 427: Th-this…
Chapter 428: Self-Confidence
Chapter 429: Qi Mu, the Wolf King
Chapter 430: Second Metamorphosis, Silvermoon Alpha!
Chapter 431: Quarter Finals
Chapter 432: The Group Situation
Chapter 433: Daddy Will Win It!
Chapter 434: The Accountant’s Analysis
Chapter 435: Lightning is Male and Female?
Chapter 436: Conciliation of Yin and Yang
Chapter 437: The Quarter-Finals Begin!
Chapter 438: Titan’s Power
Chapter 439: Third Metamorphosis vs. Fiend-crusher
Chapter 440: The Weakest…?
Chapter 441: Supreme Yang Lightning
Chapter 442: Compress the Core!
Chapter 443: Qian Bian vs Jiang Yuan
Chapter 444: The Malefic Wyrm
Chapter 445: The Blade of Jun Yongye
Chapter 446: The Alluring Blade
Chapter 447: Cao Shuiqin
Chapter 448: Heartstrings
Chapter 449: Constantine’s Path
Chapter 450: Xuanyuan Shishi
Chapter 451: The First Round Finishes
Chapter 452: Do You Even Know How?
Chapter 453: The Bet
Chapter 454: Caterpillars to Butterflies?
Chapter 455: Battling the Wolf King
Chapter 456: Zeus and Taiji
Chapter 457: Failure is the Mother of Success
Chapter 458: Give It All You’ve Got!
Chapter 459: Godslayer!
Chapter 460: Ten Thousand Swords as One
Chapter 461: Comprehensive Response
Chapter 462: I Must Win!
Chapter 463: The Clash With Titan
Chapter 464: A Good Hand
Chapter 465: What’s This Trash?
Chapter 466: Can We Not?
Chapter 467: Joint Progress
Chapter 468: Get Back Here!
Chapter 469: Ascension
Chapter 470: Jiang Yuan’s Secret
Chapter 471: Punish and Extinguish Evil, Nine Heavenly Rays!
Chapter 472: The Sword-Spirit Fairy
Chapter 473: The Sweetest Wine in the Universe
Chapter 474: I…
Chapter 475: A God versus Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 476: Stabilizing Protogenia
Chapter 477: I Abstain!
Chapter 478: Before the Championship
Chapter 479: The Championship Battle
Chapter 480: The Pervading Blade
Chapter 481: The Aftermath, My Own Yin-Yang
Chapter 482: A Heroic Tale
Chapter 483: The Seventh Fleet
Chapter 484: The Emperor Jewel
Chapter 485:
Chapter 486:
Chapter 487:
Chapter 488:
Chapter 489:
Chapter 490:






People of Unknown Origin:
Pearl – Pearl is a young woman who appears to know far more than she lets on. Obviously she is part of a larger organization, one that is far-reaching, well-funded and not scared to get it’s hands dirty. As for Pearl herself, little is known about her history or affiliations, only that she isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with Lan Jue to get what she wants.

Hera – Lan Jue’s wife, who bears a striking resemblance to Zhou Qianlin. Lan Jue asserts that she disappeared three years ago after an explosion. Though Lan Jue had spent the last three years grieving the death of his wife, recent events have cast that in to doubt. Nothing is known about Hera besides her uncanny similarities to Zhou Qianlin.

Skyfire Avenue – The heart of downtown Skyfire City. This avenue is unique in that no machinery is permitted. Further, it is a semi-autonomous area run by the Skyfire Council, a group of Adepts who own shops and determine how the street shall be governed.

Skyfire Undergound – The secret Skyfire Avenue that exists beneath the city above. It existed before the surface avenue was created ,and is home to scores of Adepts who travel far and wide to learn, grow, and enjoy life.

Shattered Starfields – This particular stretch of space lies between the three great alliances, cleaving them apart so that none are bordered. The starfields are home to moving and chaotic asteroid belts which make travel for larger ships impossible, and difficult for smaller ones. As a result it has become a pirate enclave, home to all sorts of pirate families, not least of these the Moonfiend Pirates and their empress.

Skyfire Council – The Council consists of eighteen members, each of whom own property and are high level Adepts. This council meets bi-monthly for regular meetings pertaining to the running of Skyfire Avenue. It is through their efforts that the Avenue enjoys the autonomy it does today.

The Eastern Alliance – The Eastern Alliance is considered the weakest of the Three Alliances, though not much further behind the West. It is lead by Minister Zhou Xueguan, the Chief Minister, as well as government officials in various Houses (An Upper House certainly, and a Lower house presumed). The Alliance has seen less than ideal growth, and struggles to maintain it’s autonomy and respect in the face of it’s two other counterparts.

The Western Alliance – The Second most powerful Alliance of the Three Alliances, though not much further ahead of the East. Little is known of it’s government or authority, but it is clear that they are lead by Sylva Austin as Prime Minister, with the backing of the powerful Austin family. Like the East they are seeking growth in the face of adversity, until recently seeking to enter in to a partnership with their neighbor for mutually assured improvement.

The Northern Alliance – Almost nothing is known currently about the North, other than the fact that they are far and away the most powerful Alliance. Their power and wealth have inspired the East and West to seek an agreement of their own, likely to protect themselves from being dominated by their larger cousin.

The Three Alliances – The Northern, Eastern and Western Alliances are collectively called the Three Alliances. Together they comprise the controlling powers of the galaxy. Though technically at peace, it is clear that each vye for control and power – sometimes at the expense of the others.

The Heavenly Auction House – The Auction House is based out of Planet Luo, and run by President Luo. Aside from presumably running auctions, the organization also serves as escorts and security. hey appear to be a publicly traded organization.

The Pontiff’s Citadel – An organization of Adepts situated in the Western Alliance. The appear to be at odds with the Dark Citadel.

The Dark Citadel – An Organization of Adepts situated in the Western Alliance. They appear to be at odds with the Pontiff’s Citadel.

The Great Conclave – An organization of Adepts composedm ostly of Converts, operating out of the technologically superior Northern Alliance.

The National Eastern University (NEU) – A respected school with a famed Mecha training branch. Currently the university attended by Zhou Qianlin, daughter to the Eastern Alliance Chief Minister.

The Moonfiend Pirates – These pirates are considered the greatest among the pirate clans residing in the Shattered Starfields. Their Empress commands fear and respect, and is considered first among the Pirate Kings.

Unique Items and Objects of Note:
Refined Technetium – An exceptionally rare mineral that has undergone a lengthly and complex refinement process. Refined technetium is produced yearly, but only in small amounts. It possesses the ability to strengthen not only any item it is molded to, but also enhance any inherent abilities it holds and allows it to fix itself if it gets damaged. Due to it’s rarity and small volume it is usually used in smaller personal weapons and armor.

Thor – Lan Jue’s mecha. It’s specifics are unknown, but it is famed among Mecha-Pilots, and seems more than capable of handling itself in a fight. It is run by an AI that can be controlled locally or remotely by Lan Jue.

Mechas – Flying personalized combat vehicles piloted by certified Mecha-Pilots. They see wide-spread use in the New Era both commercially and militarily, thus the new era has been dubbed ‘The Mecha Epoch’.

Thor’s Promise – An enigmatic ring Lan Jue wears to his Skyfire Council meetings.

Power Gems – Power gems are natural occurances found together with other minerals, though very rarely. The functions of power gems vary, but they come in either single-use or multi-use variants of different qualities. S-ranked gems are the best, but are exceptionally hard to come across.

Harlequin Silver – A rare silvery metal that shines with all colors of the rainbow. Like technetium it is a superconductor of adept power.

Mundus Crystal – A very unique crystal that is able to absorb, purify, and increase any amount of energy that is channeled through it. No other crystal or power gem exists like it, so whoever controls the vein it came from, is a very rich person.

Miscellaneous Terms:
Adept/Talent – the term used for humans who have developed unique abilities. These abilities appear to be anything, from control over the elements to even power over time (though rare and in limited capacity). Each Alliance has a specialty in both the type of Adept and what powers they possess.

*-Ranked Mecha-Pilot – Mecha-Pilots appear to be separated in to a system of ranking from high numbers to low. Thus a Third-Ranked pilot is less accomplished than a First-Ranked. The highest known rank for pilots is known as God-Ranked, and only very few have ever been regarded as such (Lan Jue among them).

The Four Divine Monarchs – A title mentioned only in passing, all that is known about them is that Zeus counts himself among their number. It may also be that these Monarchs are all high-level adepts and God-Ranked Mecha-Pilots. It is later revealed Lan Jue’s brother is another Monarch, named Poseidon, as well as his friend Chu Cheng, a.k.a. Hades.

Intuitive – Adepts who were born with genetic Talent, which awakened naturally. They are the rarest of the Adepts, but possess limitless growth potential. The Eastern Alliance specializes in Intuitives.

Derivative – Talents who have had their genetic altered through medicines to strengthen or awaken their power. They are quicker to develop, but cannot reach the same heights as Intuitives. The Western Alliance is famed for their Derivatives and medicines for genetic manipulation.

Convert – Essentially a cyborg, the result of recombinant DNA manipulation and high-tech cybernetics. Like Derivatives they are relatively easy and quick to produce and train, but also are restricted by their technological components.

National Scholar – A particularly talented student chosen from amongst the ranks of Bachelors at the National Eastern University to engage in advanced studies.


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