ATG Chapter 166 and 167

Hi guys, for this post I am just a messenger delivering good news so bear with me here as I transform into an inanimated object. *Whoosh*

Ya hoo~ Telephone here~ I am alyschu's true alter ego and don't you let anyone else tell you otherwise! What happened here today is that alyschu came online and Chapters 166 and 167 were magically finished by Scrya, Gloo, and choco! When I say finished, it was already polished too! alyschu almost fainted in shock because of their swiftness so she is in low battery mode while recuperating from wide-eye syndrome (aka closed eye cultivation) and immense excitement. Have no worries because the only long lasting effect wide-eye syndrome gives are bigger eyes, and who wouldn't want bigger eyes!? The more to see you with my dears!

Chapter 166 was sponsored by Brett G! Chapter 167 was sponsored by Brett G and Sayath!

Telephone thanks you all for reading! Enjoy!