Chapter 167 - Dragon Blood Pellet (Teaser)

Chapter 167 - Dragon Blood Pellet

"Young Master Feng, we have arrived at my Young Master's room. Do you have any other instructions, Young Master Feng?" After the guard brought Yun Che to the entrance of Murong Yi's room, he bent at his waist, and said respectfully.

"I have something very important to discuss with Brother Murong. Stand guard here and stop anyone from coming in. Understand?"

After saying that, without even waiting for the guard's reply, Yun Che had already pushed open the door and entered the room.

Murong Yi was lying sickly on the bed. With the heavy injuries he had sustained, he should not even think about getting out of bed for at least half a month. When he heard someone enter the room, he opened his eyes. But when he was about to flare up, he realized it was Feng Baiyi. His eyes shone instantly as he struggled to sit upright. "Baiyi, you came at such a late hour... Could it be that the deed has been done?"

"With both Xue Lang and I engaging him at the same time, do you think there's any possibility of failure?" Feng Baiyi smiled as he walked over.

"So you're saying that Yun Che is now dead?" For a moment, Murong Yi's eyes flashed in excitement and delight.

"No!" Yun Che walked over to Murong Yi's bedside as a mysterious smile appeared on his face. "He's not dead. Not only is he not dead, he's...

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