Chapter 32

Red-Eyed Ravens

“Red-Eyed Ravens? We met with some when we first arrived at the academy but they were easily killed off by Professor Dorotte. He used a spell that seemed similar to Acidic Aqua Shot.” Leylin stroked his chin and recalled the scene of when he first entered the academy.

“We had better hurry there and begin our patrolling. This mission requires us to bring back the right claws of 10 Red-Eyed Ravens as evidence of completing the mission…...Do you guys have any other questions?”

Kaliweir ended with a question, displaying the bearings of a leader. After he saw Leylin and the others shake their heads, he continued and said: “Since we are teammates, let us not hide anything from each other. Each of us should report our general strengths so the others can have a better understanding! I’ll go first!”

“I’m Kaliweir, I have a Knight-level constitution and know a secret technique. I also know a rank 0 spell!”

“Kaliweir, I never thought that you’d have learned a spell already! It seems like you’re ahead of me... I’m Neela, I have Knight-level physical qualities and a secret technique. I am still learning the rank 0 spell “Weary Hand” but I’m unable to use it yet!” While saying this, Neela looked at Kaliweir with a little surprise.

“I’m Lilisse, I…...I am still training to be a Knight, but my instructor says my dart-throwing isn't bad. I don’t know any secret techniques as of yet!” Lilisse said shyly.

“Raynor, Preparatory Knight. I don’t know any spells but my archery skills aren’t bad!” He never thought that Kaliweir and Neela would have already begun to learn spells and was a little embarrassed. Patting the wooden bow on his back, he continued, “Don’t worry, I will not be a burden to all of you!”

“Leylin, Preparatory Knight. Right now I have learnt a spell!” Leylin rubbed his own nose.

“Even you have learnt a spell…...Oh! I’m sorry!” Raynor said a little disconcertingly. He originally came together with Leylin so he knew that Leylin’s aptitude was only a third-grade acolyte. Never did he think that Leylin’s accomplishments would already exceed his aptitude as a fourth-grade acolyte.

“No worries!” Leylin shook his head and indicated that he did not mind it.

In fact, Raynor’s meditation efficacy was much faster than Leylin’s. It was simply that he did not have enough magic crystals to exchange for information and other precious resources. Hence, he was gradually losing out to Leylin.

“You are indeed worthy of being called ‘Sir Leylin’! You know what outsiders are calling you now?” Neela said in admiration.

“Oh? I don’t mind hearing about how others are evaluating me!”

“A Potioneering genius who is seen once every fifty years! If you did not already have a mentor, the other Potioneering professors would have invited you to be their apprentice!” Neela’s pitch was very high and sparks almost seemed to jump out of her eyes.

Seeing Neela’s fiery gaze, as well as the expressions of Lilisse and the others, Leylin smiled bitterly.

To sell his potions faster, he could not help but take on the role of a Potioneering-genius acolyte. Fortunately, he had his senior Merlin to take the brunt of the attention off him. If not for this, the attention given to him would be much greater.

“Oh right! Leylin, you should have enough resources if you always sell potions right? Why would you still need to come out?”

Raynor asked softly.

“About this? I felt bored being cooped up in the academy. Besides, I have just learnt a spell so I need to familiarise myself with it!”

Leylin’s main purpose was to gain more experience and make preparations for travelling out alone to look for a black market in the future. However, such a thing could not be mentioned.

“Alright! Let the gossip end here! Our destination is not far away but it will take some trouble to get there! If we don’t move out soon, the sky will turn dark!”

Kaliweir pat his hands, picked up his cleaver and led the party.

“Let’s go!” Leylin followed behind.

“I want to walk with you!” Neela walked by Leylin’s side, not masking her intentions in the slightest.

Lilisse followed next, with Raynor at the back.

“Be careful, the area near the school is vacant land, but now that we have entered the forest, there will be a lot more danger!” Kaliweir continued walking as he reminded the party.

Leylin did not bother with Neela who was beside him. Instead, he paid more attention to his surroundings while also maximising the A.I. Chip’s detection range.

This was his first time coming into contact with the dangerous world outside of the academy so he could not help but be more alert.

Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was built in the depths of a black forest and there was a forsaken graveyard on top of the school. There were only small shrubberies and short trees around the school so the danger was not that great. However, after entering the forest, the countless trees acted as natural camouflage. It had always been the hunting ground of many predators. Leylin could still recall that when they first arrived here, they met with a sneak attack.

[Alert! Alert! An unknown creature is approaching. Threat to the Host’s body: Mild!]

As the A.I. Chip’s voice sounded, light blue lines formed an image in Leylin’s vision. From the projection, Leylin could very clearly see a red line snaking its way to them.


A black shadow suddenly leapt out from the grass and viciously bit at Kaliweir’s neck.

Kaliweir’s expression did not change as the black cleaver in his hands swung down, knocking the black shadow away.

The black shadow fell on the ground and revealed its true appearance. It was a snake that was one metre in length, with faint traces of blood on its body and only one eye on its triangular head.

“This is an Iron Thread One-Eyed Snake, be careful of its poison!” Neela warned.

Right at this moment, Lilisse, who was behind them, suddenly struck and three throwing knives were launched towards the beast.

The Iron Thread One-Eyed Snake’s body coiled to avoid two of the blades but the last one slashed at it as it passed, leaving a gash.

“Heh!” Suddenly, Kaliweir ran forward and swung his black cleaver down on the snake’s head. With a cold flash, the head of the snake was cut off instantly!

The snake, which had lost its head, coiled in a circle, still bleeding profusely.

“Ah!” Lilisse was startled.

“It’s already dead. This is just a natural reaction for the body. Haven’t you learned about neurology?” Neela harrumphed.

“Only the poison sac and the skin of this Iron Thread One-Eyed Snake is useful. Whoever wants to collect the materials better hurry and do so now. The blood will attract many other living organisms here!” Kaliweir slowly spoke while putting away his cleaver.

“I will do it!” Raynor stepped forward and, after a short while, the five of them continued on their journey.

“A.I. Chip! Was the information from earlier recorded?”

[Beep! The recording is done! Iron Thread One-Eyed Snake, Snake type. Strength: 1.1, Agility: 2.1, Vitality: 1.6. The blood sample has been collected and the composition of muscle has been recorded!]

The A.I. Chip’s feedback was timely. Leylin nodded his head and hastened his footsteps.

Ten-odd days later, inside the black forest.

A Red-Eyed Raven blinked its alert eyes and perched on a branch as it constantly ruffled its feathers.

*Whoosh!* Suddenly, a white arrow was shot.

“Caw!” the Raven flapped its wings to move away. While it was evading, there were another three flashes of white light, belonging to the throwing knives that were shooting towards it.

Dodging in an elegant arc, the Red-Eyed Raven avoided the knives and landed in an open space.

“Kill!” A shadow hopped out from some shrubbery, two hands grasping a cleaver, and hacked towards the Red-Eyed Raven. It seemed like the arrow and the throwing knives earlier had all been there to force the Red-Eyed Raven to the ground.

A black cleaver brought about a gale as it hacked at the Red-Eyed Raven.

“Caw Caw!” The Red-Eyed Raven cawed loudly, letting off an unpleasant noise.

There was a flash of human-like resentment in the raven’s eyes and a pair of black claws met with the cleaver.


Although the Red-Eyed Raven was a little larger than the average raven, it was only about the same size as a chicken. It had unexpectedly used its black claws to push back the Knight wielding the black cleaver.

“Caw!” The Red-Eyed Raven cawed again, and a few black feathers drifted down from its body.

Taking advantage of the retreating Knight, the Red-Eyed Raven actually went forward and clawed at the Knight’s face with its sharp claws!

“Pandora - Greygonger!”

A hurried and quick incantation sounded and a ball of green liquid flew out suddenly, hitting the Red-Eyed Raven squarely on its body.

*Psshhh!* White mist rose continuously, and the cries of a Red-Eyed Raven sounded.

A few seconds later, the screams from the Raven completely vanished, and all that was left was a ditch. Lying inside were a few feathers which did not have enough time to corrode.

“Are you alright, Kaliweir?!”

The shrubbery shook and a few figures made their way through it.

Kaliweir shook his head, “No worries! Although the Red-Eyed Raven has the strength of a Knight and can even fly, it is still not an opponent for us humans who wield weapons!”

Looking at the person in the middle, “Leylin! The timing of the Acidic Aqua Shot earlier was good!”

“It was all due to everybody's teamwork!” Leylin smiled.

Kaliweir then walked to the large ditch, used a branch to brush away the feathers, and picked up 2 black claws from inside.

The side of the black claws was extremely sharp. They released a chilling lustre as if reflecting the difficulty of dealing with its original owner.

“Although the might of the Acidic Aqua Shot is great, it also corroded the Red-Eyed Raven greatly. Apart from its hard claws, there is nothing left...” Kaliweir said with a tinge of regret.

“Hmph! If not for Leylin, you guys might have paid some kind of price to kill the Red-Eyed Raven!” Neela harrumphed at the side, seemingly displeased.

“That’s true!” Kaliweir sheathed his cleaver. Right now he had matured a lot and knew that Neela was rather spiteful, so he was not angry at all.

“With this Red-Eyed Raven, we have gathered enough materials. Should we head back to the school to complete the mission?”

Seeing that Raynor and the rest were looking tired, Kaliweir asked.

“Naturally, we have to go back! The forest is too dangerous. We couldn't even have a good sleep during the night!” Neela said immediately.

Lilisse and Raynor hurriedly nodded their heads too.

As for Leylin, he also felt a little exhausted as the forest had been riddled with danger. Even though he had the A.I. Chip to warn him, he was still in a heightened state of anxiety for a prolonged period. His mind felt extremely weary as well, and right now he was beginning to miss the hot water and bed in the academy.

“Alright! Then let us go back first!”

Kaliweir was a little regretful as he carefully put away the claw of the Red-Eyed Raven, “What a pity! With our abilities, we could definitely kill more of the Red-Eyed Ravens. They are worth much more money than the Iron Thread One-Eyed Snake from before…...”

“There is no end to earning magic crystals but right now, our team, as a whole, is completely exhausted and we have reached a dangerous state. If we do not hurry back to the academy, I’m afraid that we will make mistakes during our next hunt, which may even result in death!”

Leylin’s voice was cold and distinct. He was a person who kept his cool at all times, and he wouldn't lose his bearings over a little profit dangling before him.

“Alright! Then let us go back!”

Kaliweir only hesitated a little and then nodded his head in agreement.

Hearing Kaliweir’s words, the expressions of the other four turned much better. Even Neela, who was feeling spiteful, also loosened up and smiled brightly.

The party packed up quickly and started on the trip home.

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