Chapter 31

Patrolling Mission

Seeing the evaluation on the screen, Leylin began to compare the merits and drawbacks of the two spells.

“Although the might of Acidic Aqua Shot is greater, enemies can dodge it easily. It also requires constant fine-tuning with spiritual force. As for Umbra’s Hand, it is a little weaker, but it’s extremely covert and is best used for a sneak attack!”

“These two spells have been chosen by me with utmost care. Not only do they satisfy my Dark elemental affinity, materials are not needed to cast them either, which is extremely convenient!”

Leylin’s eyes suddenly flashed, “A.I. Chip, is it possible to optimise these two spells?”

[Beep! Affirmative! Consumption for optimisation: 19 spiritual force points, proceed or not?]

“Definitely not! I don’t want my spiritual force to be exhausted that quickly! Why does it require so much?” Leylin’s expression was a little unsightly.

[Optimising Acidic Aqua Shot requires 9 spiritual force points. Requires advanced information: Farl’s comprehensive collection of spells, Theory of missiles…...]

[Optimising Umbra’s Hand requires 10 spiritual force points. Requires advanced information: Detailed Evocation Studies, Dark Energy Analysis…...]

“Alright, it seems like there is no hope for now!”

Leylin closed the screen, “Besides, a simple spell already requires 2 points of spiritual force. I can barely use it a few times at present!”

“A.I. Chip, bring out my current stats and show it in a concrete manner!”

[Beep! Leylin Farlier, level 2 acolyte. Strength: 2.2, Agility: 2.4, Vitality: 2.7, Spiritual force: 0.1(4.1), Magical Power: 0(4) - Magical Power is in synchronisation with spiritual force. Status: Healthy]

[Skills: Cross Blade Technique, Potioneering]

[Spells: Acidic Aqua Shot: rank 0 spell. Casting time: 3 seconds. Effective distance: 7 Metres. Consumption: 2 spiritual force, 2 magic power]

[Umbra’s Hand: rank 0 spell. Casting time: 4 seconds. Effective distance: 10 Metres. Consumption: 2 spiritual force, 2 magic power]

At Leylin’s command, a 3D image of himself was projected, with various information appearing alongside him.

“It is much clearer this way! The two spells fully consumed my spiritual force and Magical Power earlier, no wonder I feel a little dizzy now!” Leylin rubbed his temples as they were hurting a little.

“With this constraint of spiritual force and Magical Power, learning more spells is not feasible. What’s left is for me to prepare a few more potions! If only I had a magic artifact, my strength would definitely have a significant increase...”

In the academy, the Mission Area.

There were all sorts of acolytes gathered here, and most of them had gloomy expressions. Their bodies also reeked of blood and held traces of injuries.

Occasionally, a few grey-robed acolytes who radiated strong magical energy would carry large monsters on their backs, garnering the envy and attention of others.

In the centre of the Mission Area was a black coloured rock wall, where various missions were arranged.

Green-coloured words glowed against the black wall, and it looked a little eerie.

Among the many missions, some were written in blood red and gave off an ominous feeling. Most of the missions listed were dangerous, but the rewards were also better.

In the corner of the square, a few people stood around patiently as if they were waiting for someone.

“Leylin hasn’t arrived yet?”

Raynor crossed his arms in front of his chest, seemingly a little bored.

“It isn't the designated time yet, what are you in a hurry for? Since he already agreed, he will definitely be here.” Kaliweir replied as he polished a black cleaver, the smooth blade stained with traces of blood.

“Leylin? Are you talking about that Potioneering acolyte, Leylin?” A green-haired girl’s eyes shone.

“It is said that his Potioneering talent is only second to Merlin. Furthermore, he has already begun to brew potions and earn a huge amount of money, why would he still want to join our team?”

“He originally came from the same area as us, so it’s only natural to join us for missions!” Raynor laughed.

“Then you guys must definitely introduce him to us later. If we are able to approach an acolyte who knows Potioneering, we might not need to risk our lives on missions in the future anymore!” A red-haired girl laughed heartily. Her body was extremely voluptuous.

Raynor’s eyes unconsciously scanned over this girl’s perky chest, and then he suddenly felt parched.

“My apologies! I’m late!”

Leylin wore leather armour with his robes on the outside, which looked a little bulky. A Cross Blade hung down on his waist, and a crossbow was slung on his back together with a large black sack.

“We have just arrived too!” Kaliweir sheathed his cleaver and smiled.

“It’s just us five?” Leylin looked at the group. He recognised Kaliweir and Raynor, but did not see Beirut and the rest.

“Beirut and the others are third-grade acolytes, but they have not advanced to level 2 acolyte yet. They only have a bit of resistance to magic spells, so the outside is too dangerous for them. This is also our first time going out after the previous failure and I don’t wish for any more casualties!”

Kaliweir explained.

Leylin suddenly understood. Although he was a third-grade acolyte, his talent was comparable to a fourth-grade acolyte with the A.I. Chip’s help, and he might even surpass them in learning spells.

Beirut and the others were only in the level 1 acolyte range. Bringing them out was no help at all, and they might even be a burden. Hence keeping them within the academy was also good for them. It was realistic, yet cruel.

“Come! Let me make the introductions!” Kaliweir smiled.

“The green haired girl is Lilisse, and the one beside is Neela. They are both apprentices under my mentor and advanced to level 2 acolytes two months ago...”

“Hello! Sir Leylin!” Neela’s eyes shone and she took the initiative to approach Leylin.

“It is really lucky to be able to go on a mission with you this time!” Neela stuck out her chest and spoke coquettishly in a very nasal pitch.

Seeing this scene, Raynor looked elsewhere, his expression a little gloomy.

“I only have a little talent in Potioneering and I must even thank Mentor Kroft, it was him who...” Leylin rubbed his nose. He knew that he only needed to reveal a bit of desire and this beautiful girl would pounce into his arms. However, he had been concentrating on cultivation lately and had very little wants in this aspect.

Furthermore, after so many of his wild trysts in his previous world, to him, Neela was only a girl who was good looking.

“Alright, what are the contents of our mission?” Leylin took the initiative and asked, interrupting what Neela was going to say next.

“As this is our first time going on a mission together, I am preparing to take on the simplest one: patrolling the academy’s perimeters and cleaning up a few Red-Eyed Ravens, what do you all think?”

In fact, the four of them had discussed this before so Kaliweir was really only asking Leylin.

“Alright! My rank 0 spells have not been fully grasped yet!” Leylin agreed.

This team of theirs was newly formed, so taking on a simple mission to improve their teamwork was within reason. From this, it could be seen that Kaliweir had matured a lot after Hank’s death and his way of doing things was now better thought out.

“A.I. Chip! Scan!” Leylin commanded silently.

[Beep! Raynor. Strength: 1.8, Agility: 1.9, Vitality: 2.5, Spiritual force: 3.7. Status: Healthy]

[Lilisse. Strength: 1.9, Agility: 2.5, Vitality: 2.4, Spiritual force: 4.3. Status: Healthy]

[Neela. Strength: 2.7, Agility: 3.4, Vitality: 2.9, Spiritual force: 4.6. Status: Healthy]

“Ever since the processing capability of the A.I. Chip increased, its perceptive ability has also increased. Not including the Magi, all the acolytes in the academy right now are unable to escape the readings of the A.I. Chip.”

Leylin thought silently. These readings must naturally prioritise not alarming the other party. As official Magi have a layer of force field around them constantly, the A.I. Chip would definitely be discovered if it was to attempt to take readings of them.

However, as long as regular acolytes are within Leylin’s scope, their every stat will be read by the A.I. Chip.

“From this data, everyone has indeed advanced into level 2 acolyte. However, I never thought that Neela was the strongest of them. It seems like this girl has also practiced the Knight’s breathing technique. Her body and strength are not to be underestimated!”

These few people had just advanced, and even if they had bought spell models before, they might not be able to comprehend it. Furthermore, the models have to be constructed in the mind, so they were definitely unfamiliar with it. After all, rank 0 spells are still very dangerous to a level 2 acolyte. Without complete control of them, there is a chance of failing and even causing a backlash!

Based on just their physical strengths, Neela could possibly defeat the three of them in one fell swoop if no one was to use any spells.

This Neela, who seemed to be infatuated with and wanted to approach him, was actually the strongest out of the team of four. It was likely that even Kaliweir did not know of this. The corners of Leylin’s lips arched into a smile.

To be in full control of rank 0 spells, regular level 2 acolytes must practice for at least 3 months to half a year. However, for him, he will learn the spell in a flash once the A.I. Chip has completely analysed the spell model and transmitted it to his hippocampus.

As for the might of any of the rank 0 spells, they are not something the level of a Knight can resist. Perhaps Grand Knights have a slight chance at that.

Obviously, Neela’s data was only at the level of a Knight. Even if she had a secret technique, Leylin was not the slightest bit afraid.

While Leylin had been taking the readings, Kaliweir had already run to the counter and accepted the patrolling mission.

After the discussion with everyone, they set off and left the academy.

Leylin’s eyes could not help but squint as the piercing sunlight shone down.

“Come to think of it, I have already stayed underground for over a year. Now that I have come out, it does seem a bit like a thousand-year-old corpse rising from the ground again.

Leylin used his hands to block the sunlight. His snow white hands were a sickly pale colour, like an ill person who lost too much blood. It was due to him staying underground the whole time and spending very little time basking in the sunlight reflected from the mosses in the gardens.

Of course, most acolytes from the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy have this problem.

In any case, as long as their strength increased and they used their spiritual force, raising a point of two of their vitality was not a problem at all. Therefore, they did not need to go out everyday to bask in the sunlight.

“Let’s go!” Kaliweir took the lead.

Looking at the huge graveyard behind them and the two statues of the protectors, Leylin turned his head and followed the rest of the team.

“We are going to patrol the southwest area of the academy, where quite a few Red-Eyed Ravens have been showing up recently. We need to clean up their numbers, as well as a few other living organisms. Of course, all of the materials that we acquire will belong to us. Moreover, everyone receives a remuneration of 3 magic crystals.”

After the five of them walked out of the graveyard, Kaliweir picked a spot and took out a huge map and spoke as they crowded around.

On the faint yellow parchment paper, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was located in the centre and occupied about ten percent of the total area.

There were a few simple routes around it, and there were descriptions of the places written in black colour. A few dangerous places were also marked in red with warning signs.

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