Chapter 50: Extravagant Spending

I looked around, discovering that the question came from a Level 27 Warrior. He had a burly build and looked like a black bear that wandered out of the forest. His name was “Lace Skirt”. The name was more impressive than the man himself.

Lace Skirt came up to me, smiling. “Brother, I heard that you have Rank 3 wolf skin? Not bad, the game’s only been out for a week and someone actually has Rank 3 wolf skin. Can I check out your goods?”

It was clear that he didn’t really believe that I had Rank 3 wolf skin.

I took out a 85 Quality Hell Windwolf Skin and with a wave of my hand, the wolf skin’s properties vividly floated in the air.

Lace Skirt looked rather shocked. “Huh? You actually have it?!”


I nodded. “How many do you need?”

Lace Skirt’s gaze swept through the people around us before whispering, “I’ll buy everything you have. I won’t hide it from you, but I am probably the highest-level armorsmith in all of Floating Ice City. My Armorsmithing is already Rank 3. I can make Level 25 Iron-grade leather and chain armors, but I never had the chance because there were no Rank 3 materials on the market. I asked a friend to help me kill high-level Greedy Wolves, but he only got five after an entire day of grinding! And that’s not even enough to make a single leather armor!”

I laughed inwardly. Level 25 Iron-grade leather armor, damn. That was probably the highest-grade common public could ask for at the current state of the game. He could probably sell them for around 5 gold each. If I let him mass produce it, wouldn’t he be making a gargantuan profit?

As such, I stuck my hand in my bag and rummaged around before I took out 100 hides of the Hell Windwolves. I smiled. “I have a lot more. Give me an offer, how much are you paying for one?”

Lace Skirt muttered, “Brother, let me make myself clear first. I’ve established a gaming workshop and we have a total of eleven people. Our only goal is to become the number one armorsmithing workshop in Floating Ice City. The workshop itself has only just been founded not too long ago. My brothers and I aren’t rich people so when it comes to prices, I obviously want them to be as low as possible!”

I nodded. “Then give me an offer. How much are you going to pay for one Rank 3 wolf skin? I’ll sell it to you as long as it's not unreasonable.”

“Okay! I can only offer 5 silver for each wolf skin.”

I was stunned when he made his offer. Wasn’t that too far from the price I anticipated?

“5 silver is too low.” I frowned. “I’d get at least 30 silver each if I sold it to the Domination Clan. I’m absolutely not selling that low, sorry!”

“Sigh, wait!”

Lace Skirt called out to stop me. He hesitated for several seconds before saying with gritted teeth. “Fine, let’s be friends. I’ll give you a reasonable offer. 20 silver for each Rank 3 pelt. If you add me as a friend, this price will never change. We can establish long-term cooperation!”

I thought about it. I could always loot pelts with Death Plunder after killing wild animals, so I had to have an endpoint for them to unload every once in a while. Having a stable demand source was a feasible idea, cooperation was a feasible offer.

I quickly added Lace Skirt to my friend list and took out 457 wolf skins. “I have 457 skins, making that a total of 91.4 gold. Since it’s our first time cooperating, I’ll sell it to you for 90 gold!”


Lace Skirt quickly traded me 90 gold. Seems like this armorsmithing workshop had some strength. They probably sold a ton of low-level leather armors to make this much money. That kind of business seemed to earn a lot.

90 gold immediately filled my pockets, my balance once again passing 100 gold.

Immensely satisfied, I took a while to browse around in Floating Ice City’s plaza. I found two Level 30 tamers selling pets. They were both shouting their prices, locked in a fierce competition.

When I took a look around Floating Ice City, I saw more and more Level 30 players. Tenth place on the ranking list was already Level 32. Based on Floating Ice City’s ranking, Level 30 and above players already numbered over a thousand. Having crossed the power spike threshold, all of them were looking for a pet to aid them in their adventures. Pet could assist them passively and was therefore absolutely more useful than a piece of high-level equipment

As a result, the pet market was finally blooming, gaining a lot of traction!

The two tamers almost spat out their saliva as they shouted—

“Level 1 Green Praying Mantis, 3.5-star Attack, 18 BN. The price is only 40 gold. High-level experts, come have a look!”

“Level 1 Wasp, 4.5-star Attack. An absolute quality product. 19 BN, only 150 gold. Come and get it. I spent an entire day catching this one. Hurry before it’s sold out!”

There were a few pets in front of the two tamers. One only sold Green Praying Mantises and the other only sold Wasps. Each of them had three pets. Mantises had BNs of 12, 15 and 18. The Wasps, 11, 14 and 19. From the numbers alone, the last Wasp was the most useful. It was just a bit on the expensive side at 150 gold. That wasn’t something even I could take out at this time.

I shook my head. Forget it. I was thinking about getting a Wasp pet for Gui Guzi to help him grind. I don’t have enough money at the moment, maybe next time!

Just as I was about to turn around, I suddenly noticed a biting cold flame behind me, near the ground. It was actually a flaming sword floating in midair, with two red eyes on its hilt. That’s... a fucking pet?

I suddenly realized something.

My eyes slowly moved up and saw a pair of snowy thighs. Closely following those thighs was a battle armor with light rotating around it. Its lines were beautiful yet graceful. The owner of those thighs was also incredibly beautiful. A pair of deep eyes brimming with ridicule greeted me.

There was only one girl this timely with such a pet. It was undoubtedly Lin “Wind Fantasy” Yixin.

“Uh, what’s this?”

I bent down and stepped on the longsword with multiple blood-colored barbs.

Lin Yixin answered unhappily, “That’s the Fire Blade I sent you. It’s also a kind of pet. 4-star Attack and 4.5-star HP. High HP and Attack pet with 34 BN. Not bad, huh?”

“Mn, not bad…”

I nodded. Lin Yixin’s Fire Blade was already Level 17. I then released my precious Dark Wasp, the light buzz of its dark cyan wings resounding.. It was on guard when it saw the Fire Blade and looked as if it was about to attack at any moment.

My Dark Wasp recently reached Level 24 and was still rather weak. So weak that I couldn't bear to let it join me in the previous PvP battle against the Shadow Clan. Its level was too low, it would have easily gotten one-shot.

Lin Yixin’s gaze was immediately attracted to my Dark Wasp. Eyes filled with “love”, she smiled. “Ohh, that’s the boss Dark Wasp you caught?”


I nodded, and proudly said, “6-star Attack, 5.5-star Agility. Assassin-type pet. Not bad, huh?”

“Hmph!” Lin Yixin shot a smile at me and probed, “Are you selling this Dark Wasp?”


“Why? I thought you Bloody Mercenaries were even willing to sell your bodies?” Lin Yixin widened her sparkling eyes. She looked at me innocently when she said words that nearly made me go berserk.

“We don’t sell our bodies…” I explained. “We Bloody Mercenaries are all righteous people who sell our bodies, not our skills… No! I meant sell our skills, not our bodies!”

“Oh, I understand. No need to explain…” Lin Yixin covered her mouth as she laughed lightly.

I didn’t know what to say. It was obvious that I made things worse the more I explained. However, there was one thing certain. I would never sell my Dark Wasp. A top-tier pet like that was an asset when I roamed the world as I pleased in the future. How could I possibly sell it this early into the game?

Lin Yixin and I chatted beneath Floating Ice City’s icy gate. She asked me if my Bloody Mercenaries were willing to join her guild while I asked her if she wanted to buy gold. In the end, we both declined each other. Fruit Knife Goddess Lin Yixin’s fame had already spread throughout Floating Ice City, so I attracted countless dagger-like gazes when I walked together with her. Walking with a beauty was absolutely a special kind of pleasure and torture.

At this time, a party of people on horses strutted over, showing off their might. It was astonishingly the Mad Dragon guild. Sitting at the head of the group was Roaming Dragon. This dumbass was definitely rich. He was already clad in a set of full Bronze-grade equipment that shouldn’t be too far off from what Lin Yixin and I were wearing in terms of quality, but it was obvious that he had bought it all with real money.


A trace of disdain flashed in Lin Yixin’s eyes when she saw Roaming Dragon. She turned back to me and smiled. “I heard you broke off with Dominating Heaven Blade?”

“Mn.” I nodded. “They’re complete bullies. Bloody Mercenaries and the Domination Clan have already burned all bridges. Remember to help us out once you’ve established your guild!”

“It’s not like I have any huge conflict with Dominating Heaven Blade…” Lin Yixin said with a stifled laugh, clearly implying that she didn’t plan to help me.

Forget it, I can’t count on a petty woman like her.

We watched Roaming Dragon walk up to a tamer. “How much are you selling this 18 BN Wasp?”

“150 gold!”

“I’ll buy it for 120 gold!”


Roaming Dragon quickly snatched the Level 1 Wasp and passed it to Unyielding Mad Dragon who was behind him. He really was rich. 120 gold was almost ten thousand RMB and he gave it away just like that.

Roaming Dragon stared at the tamer and then suddenly smiled. “What other top-tier pets do you have? Don’t worry about me not having enough money, take them all out!”

That tamer hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “I also have a Level 1 Greedy Wolf. 4-star Attack, BN 29. It’s really expensive. I’ve been trying to find a customer who can afford it. Can you?”

The tamer shouted out loud and a hexagrammic array appeared in front of him. A fire-red wolf cub soon appeared. It was indeed a Level 1 Greedy Wolf.

Greedy Wolf was already a top-tier attack-type pet that was not any inferior to a pet like Wasp, and its BN was also 29. It was almost as impressive as Lin Yixin’s Fire Blade. One could only imagine how much it would cost.

Roaming Dragon looked at the Level 1 Greedy Wolf and his eyes instantly shone. He laughed out loud and said, “There’s not a single pet in Heavenblessed that I can’t buy. This Level 1 Greedy Wolf has a BN of 29 right? Alright, I’ll buy it for 100,000 RMB. I can transfer the money to you right now. Will you sell it to me?”

The tamer’s mouth gaped. He was soon defeated by money and nodded. “Sell, sell! My ICBC account number is XXX!”

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