Chapter 51: BN 69

Everyone present was stupefied beyond belief. Roaming Dragon did not hesitate to pay 100,000 RMB for a Level 1 pet. How bold was that?

Even if that Greedy Wolf was a quality product, it still only had 4 stars in Attack. In the later stages, pets might have 5, 6 or even 7 stars in Attack growth scaling. Although this Greedy Wolf was impressive in the early stages of the game, it would surely lag behind others later on. And yet, Roaming Dragon had actually paid that much money for this kind of transitional pet. There could only be two reasons why. One, he had too much money; two, he had been kicked in the head by a donkey when he was a kid.

To be honest, Roaming Dragon really was rich. He got someone to log out to transfer the money and the trade was complete before 10 minutes had gone by, making the Level 1 Greedy Wolf Roaming Dragon’s pet. Luckily, that tamer was an honest person. If it were me, I would’ve immediately logged off and done a hit-and-run.

Roaming Dragon had a look of satisfaction once he obtained his top-tier Greedy Wolf. He then noticed me and Lin Yixin. With a raised brow, he asked faintly, “Wind Beauty, why are you together with someone like him?”

Lin Yixin didn’t answer him. She patted my shoulder with the hilt of her sword and smirked. “Hey, why are you always following me?”

I almost threw up blood. “I wasn’t following you, it’s all heaven’s will. Fate, get it?”


Lin Yixin glanced at me with disdain in her eyes.

Roaming Dragon’s eyes instantly became hazy once he turned to look at Lin Yixin. It was obvious that an absolute beauty like Lin Yixin had done some fatal damage to him.

“Wind Beauty, do you have a pet?” Roaming Dragon asked fawningly.

Lin Yixin pointed at me with her mouth. “What should I eat tonight?”

“The hell does that have to do with me? It’s not like we’re eating together…” I almost threw up blood again.

Roaming Dragon pointed at his Greedy Wolf. “Wind Beauty, if you don’t have a pet at the moment, how about I give you one? This Greedy Wolf’s BN is pretty high, you can go grind with it.”

I couldn’t take it anymore and asked Lin Yixin, “Hey, didn’t we steal a boss from the Mad Dragon guild before? Why does this guy seem quite familiar with you?”

Lin Yixin’s beautiful eyes frosted over as she angrily replied, “You’re familiar with him, your entire family’s familiar with him…”

I pursed my lips. “Your sister…”

Lin Yixin glared at me and then expressionlessly swept her gaze over Roaming Dragon. She said indifferently, “I have a pet already. Fire Blade, BN 34. Your Greedy Wolf is just trash in my eyes. Also, stay far away from me. I haven’t paid your Mad Dragon guild back for PKing Qingqing!”

It was now that I realized Lin Yixin did not reveal her appearance when we were stealing their boss. But now, she wasn’t wearing her cloak. She had already stunned Floating Ice City with her face so it was no wonder that a wastrel like Roaming Dragon would try to pursue her.

Lin Yixin then shot me a look and said in a low voice, “Skeleton, hit him with your Dark Wasp and show this kid there are some things money can’t buy!”

I nodded and waved my Weeping Fire Blade in front of my chest. A hexagram formation appeared, once again summoning my Dark Wasp. Its wings were buzzing, its body was dark cyan, and its stinger gleamed with a cold light, like a sharpened dagger. Anyone with two eyes could see that my pet wasn’t a common one.

As expected, Roaming Dragon was immediately shocked. “W-what’s this?”

Killing intent spread through Lin Yixin’s pretty face. “Stupid Lu Chen, what’s up with your Dark Wasp’s name? You want to die?”

I ignored the beauty who wanted to kill me and answered Roaming Dragon, enunciating every word. “Dark Wasp, 6-star Attack, 4.5-star Defense, 4-star HP, 5.5-star Agility… BN 69!”

“W-what?” Roaming Dragon’s eyeballs almost bulged out of their sockets. “BN 69? H-how’s that possible, you must be fucking lying!”

I laughed coldly. With a wave of my fingers, a window of my Dark Wasp’s initial stats at Level 1 instantly flew up. This made not only Roaming Dragon, but even the bystanders at the side, including Lin Yixin, look on with mouths agape. The Dark Wasp’s BN 69 value was too strong and could be considered the only one of its kind in Floating Ice City.

Greed in his eyes, Roaming Dragon asked me, “How much are you selling this Dark Wasp for?”

“Not selling!” Lin Yixin answered for me. “Don’t think you’re awesome just by having a bit of money. Hmph. He’s not selling this Dark Wasp even if you offer one hundred mil!”

Roaming Dragon mumbled, “Will you sell it for one hundred mil?”

I asked, “Do you have a hundred mil?”

Lin Yixin gritted her teeth in extreme anger and fiercely pinched my arm. “Bastard, can’t you have the slightest bit of integrity?”

“If I can actually sell it for one hundred million, we can split it fifty-fifty…”

“That’s what you said. You there, can you take out a hundred million?”


In the end, even though Roaming Dragon was one of those privileged rich second-generations, his funds weren’t enough. He could only bring his loyal minions out of the city to grind.

I went to the warehouse and made myself two stacks of Rank 3 Magic Consumables for myself. When I returned to the plaza, I discovered that Lin Yixin had not left yet. She sat cross-legged in a stall, selling a few Iron-grade pieces and a Level 25 Common-grade bow with a decent Attack, though it did not have any additional stats.

It seemed like she was an industrious and capable girl. This part of her was worthy of praise.

I walked up, leaned in a bit and stared at her.

Lin Yixin stared back. “What’re you looking at, kid?”

I smiled. “Still have potions?”

“Yes.” Lin Yixin gave me a sly look. “But the potions being made now are all Rank 3 and can instantly restore 600 HP, with a 60-second cooldown. They’re pretty expensive, you know~”

“How much?”

“50 silver a bottle!”

“Fuck, so overpriced!” I said with gritted teeth.

Lin Yixin said smilingly, “You don’t have to buy them~”

I thought about it some more, and I concluded that these Rank 3 potions at 50 silver weren’t that overpriced because I had seen others selling Rank 2 potions for 30 silver per.

And so, I took out 10 gold. “Then give me 20 bottles!”

“You’re so generous, boss!”

Lin Yixin praised as she took the money and gave me the goods. She had so many potions in her bag, though. Wasn’t she afraid of getting killed? Skilled players seriously were too bold.

I repaired my equipment, then left the city to grind some more levels. My target, Wildfire Greedy Wolves in Wildfire Plains to level my Dark Wasp. I hoped to do some hardcore grinding to level my Dark Wasp to Level 30 within 24 hours. By then, its stats would be enough to help me in battle. Additionally, I still needed to gather more Glutinous Rice to make Rank 3 Consumables. I wanted to push Rank 4 Cooking as soon as possible. After all, making Rank 4 Consumables was the way of a king.


I grinded all the way until 6 pm, when Du Thirteen and Gui Guzi wanted to go out to eat.

I went to find a graveyard at the edge of Wildfire Plains and squeezed into a masterless grave to rest before logging off.

Inside the workshop's living room, Du Thirteen and Gui Guzi were full of energy.

“How are you doing today?” I asked.

Gui Guzi smiled. “I’m Level 31 and Brother B’s almost Level 30. We also happened to help a few people on some quests that weren’t too time-consuming. Brother B and I made a total of 5 gold!”

I nodded. “Not bad, not bad. According to the current exchange, 1 gold is about 80 RMB. You two making this much today makes you guys about the same as gold collar workers…”

“How much did you make today, Boss Broken Halberd?”

“About 100 gold.”


Gui Guzi was stunned. “What did you do to make that much gold? Don’t tell me you’ve been killing people in the wild and selling their equipment?”

“How’s that possible?” I gave him a glance and asked, “Little Gui, you have Undead Knight class, do you have the skill Death Plunder?”


“Do you have Undead Energy?”


“Shit! What do you even have?”

“Undead Combo, Undying Shield…”

“That’s not bad…”

I sighed inwardly. Gui Guzi also had an undead class like me but he was treated completely differently. He didn’t have Death Plunder which meant that he didn’t have my near-100% chance to plunder skins and hides to make money.


We ate at an outside food stall like before. I raised my cup and said to the duo. “Let’s toast. We’ll pool our gold together tomorrow and go earn our Bloody Mercenaries’ first profit!”

“Mn, mn!”

Du Thirteen and Gui Guzi beamed red and drained their cups in one shot.

After eating for a while, I patted my thigh, clock’s hands already showing 7:30 pm. “Let’s head back!”

Du Thirteen held a barbecue skewer and said, “No, I haven’t finished eating. Why are you so anxious to go back? Got a little lover waiting for you to get back online for a tryst?”

I glared. “Who do you think I am?”

“Haha, I’m right. Little Gui, look, Lu Chen’s red…”


I angrily dragged the two guys back to the workshop and quickly logged on.


I appeared in Wildfire Plains and checked the time. It was 7:45 pm.

Without a word, I dashed toward Frost Forest. I passed through the thick forest to a village near a rocky mound. That was Starting Village No.1, the place where 10% of Floating Ice City’s players spawned.

8:10 pm.

Hidden inside the forest, I checked out the newbies coming out of the starting village but didn’t find the person I wanted to see.

Sword in hand, I then headed to Starting Village No.2.

I was disappointed. I still didn’t see her.

It lasted all the way until 9:30 pm when I arrived at the tenth starting village that I finally saw her.

In a quiet village with a row of wooden fences a new human knight appeared. She held a shabby sword in her right hand and a wooden shield in her left. The simple and crude newbie outfit she wore couldn’t conceal her beauty. She had soft, snowy cheeks and her fair neck shone under the moonlight. Beneath her shirt were two shocking protrusions.

She indifferently glanced at the Big-eared Rabbits outside and muttered, “Heavenblessed, I’m here…”

The magic knight charged at her first prey, the shabby sword flew, striking a Big-eared Rabbit in the head. As for her own head, a row of words also floated above it—

From Water LV-0 Magic Knight

He Yi, she’s finally here!

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