Chapter 22: Spawn Camping


I held up three fingers. Strictly speaking, three finger bones with flesh and blood around them.

Gui Guzi stared at the great enemy ahead. Once revived, the corpse would immediately stand up. Wind Fantasy was standing nonchalantly ten meters away as though he was waiting for us to come back to life. He did not seem to care about two of us Night Creatures teaming up.


I kept calm and prepared to press the revive button.



Gui Guzi was a kind person to revive with me. The two of us downed a health potion almost in unison and charged from different directions toward Wind Fantasy!


Wind Fantasy seemed to laugh. Suddenly, he charged in a straight line, his white robes flapping in the air, his sword shifting with intimidating light. He first struck at Gui Guzi!

"Hmph, fighting me? Come—haah!"

Gui Guzi was a proud person and did not retreat from the attack.

Wind Fantasy was daring, using a feint of the sword to make Gui Guzi attack. Then he turned to the side, sliding along the other's spear’s edge, his sharp sword swiping past Gui Guzi’s neck in an instant. His moves were effortless and flowed like moves of a master.


The sword flashing with silver light cut across Gui Guzi's neck. A large damage number arose—558!

A fatal blow!


Gui Guzi knelt on the ground with a dazed expression. He died again!

At the same time, before Wind Fantasy could turn around, my killing intent–filled Slayer Slash came crashing down. I was like a cheetah, pouncing at my prey.

Wind Fantasy was overwhelmed and could only be hit. Slayer Slash hit him square on the shoulder.


Blood flew, and stained the white battle robes red. Before he could recover, I followed up. My longsword slashed out, its edge burrowing deep into Wind Fantasy’s chest, like a venomous snake!



Two successive attacks that used my fluid movements and attack speed to their fullest.

Wind Fantasy's HP bar was emptied. He slowly fell down and lost a level.


"Hmph, motherfucker... such a painful death for me!"

Gui Guzi revived again. He walked forward and kicked Wind Fantasy's corpse hard. He said, still wishing to continue, "Sand, let's stay by his corpse. This person ranks first in Floating Ice City, and is still first after dropping a level. Let's camp him for a day and night, and see if he can still remain number one!"

I laughed, and patted his shoulder. "You stay, I’m going to level up. Also, even if you stay by his corpse, I can’t guarantee that you’ll able to kill him ..."

I was not being modest. Just now, working together with Gui Guzi, we barely managed to kill this person. If this was a solo battle, I feared my chance of victory was less than 50%!

I looked at my level. I had dropped to 22 and Gui Guzi had dropped to 21. Both of us were out of the top ten of Floating Ice City. Corpses surrounded us. The dozen members of the Mad Dragon guild had all been killed here. The first in the rankings, Wind Fantasy, was also killed here. Frost Mound had been the territory of the Night Creatures, and as expected, had created a storm of blood.

Looking at Sentinel Leader Fark's corpse, Gui Guzi said, "This non-boss NPC will only be revived after twenty-four hours. We definitely won’t receive any quests today."


I smiled slightly and did not say anything. I turned around and returned to Frost Mound. I replenished my potions, repaired my equipment, and trodded along the path to the forest

In any case, I wanted to get to Level 25 and then see. If I equipped the Weeping Fire Blade and the Cyanfire Cloak, I believed that I would be able to directly match Wind Fantasy.

I found a leveling ground on the perimeter of the graveyard. Level 25 Spiky Skeletons. Their attack power wasn’t high, but they gave good experience. With no quests to take, I could use this place to grind a bit.

Cluck cluck...

A neutral creature appeared ahead of me—Wild Chicken. A Level 20 Wild Chicken with low attack power and low HP. I killed it in two blows. Its corpse fell to the ground. I walked forward and used Death Plunder!


System Notice: Congratulations, you received an Egg (Quality 4)!

There was nothing else. I ate the raw egg and recovered 4 Satiety. This was much less than Xinran's Oat Bread.

I raised a hand, Summon Undead!


The Wild Chicken on the ground struggled upright as a grand Wild Chicken skeleton. It became a Level 10 demonic servant and its stats had decreased greatly. This Summon Undead skill was really weak.

I continued to level up. After killing skeletons for more than four hours, I finally reached Level 24. At this moment, Du Thirteen sent over a message. "Lu Chen, I'm Level 17. Pretty fast, aren’t I? We've been grinding for more than ten hours. Time to log off, eat, and rest!"

"Alright, I will log off immediately!"

I sprinted back to Frost Mound. The corpses of the Mad Dragon players had been revived and had left long ago. Wind Fantasy was also gone, and at Level 27, he continued to lead the pack.

Entering the graveyard, I found Gui Guzi in his grave. He smiled darkly at me. "Off work and returning home?"

My heart suddenly jumped and I said with a laugh, "Yes! Are you also going home?"

"Yes, good night, sweet dreams!"

When I went offline, I found it was three in the afternoon of the following day. However, I still felt refreshed. Seems like the virus afflicting me turned me into Ultraman. My body was all energetic. Of course, after suddenly standing up I still felt a wave of dizziness wash over me, confirming my body was still human.

After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I went to the restaurant downstairs with Du Thirteen. We ordered a bottle of Erguotou. This was a Hunan restaurant, and the food was fresh and delicious. The boss lady was a young woman in her thirties with a slender waist and a plump behind, extremely seductive when she walked. In the words of Thirteen, she was "very unrestrained." This was a place that I and Du Thirteen frequently visited.

Thirteen drained his cup, his brow deeply furrowed as he looked at the boss lady's behind. He said with a smile, "Lu Chen, many girls were interested in you, but why did you not even bother with one? What about Tan Xue from the Foreign Languages Faculty? She was clearly interested in you."

"Tan Xue, who is Tan Xue?" I drained my cup of liquor and said blankly.

"Damn... Du Thirteen glared at me and said, "Third year of uni, Suzhou had a heavy snow. She sent you a message saying 'It is snowing outside, so beautiful, how about we go see the snow together?' Think, what did you respond with..."

I thought for a moment. "What did I respond with? I forgot..."

"Damn..." Du Thirteen slapped the table exasperatedly. "You responded ‘Only an idiot would go out on a cold day like this!’"

"Shit!" I slapped the table. "There was something like this?!"

Du Thirteen toasted me with a cup of alcohol and said earnestly, "You are no longer young, you should find a woman and settle down. Look at how well I am right now..."

"Are you well?" I gave a small smile. "You want to say that you are leaving your affections everywhere, and there is a woman in every corner from Suzhou to Shanghai lying on the bed, softly calling your name?"

Du Thirteen stilled. "Dammit, you know what? Yes, just like that. How can you not even have a girlfriend?"

I shook my head and said with a faint smile, "Never mind, those don't suit me."

"Don't suit? Was she not acceptable?" Du Thirteen was helpless. "Tan Xue was the beauty of the Foreign Languages Faculty back then. You rejected her. What kind suits you then..."

As he spoke, he seemed to think of something. His eyes lit up. "Yes, a woman like He Yi is the best in the world but... sigh. Bro, can you handle a woman like that?"

I looked out the window and murmured, "I never thought about that..."

Du Thirteen glared at me. A beat later, he shook his head. "Never mind. You are a piece of wood, just like Tan Xue once said. A piece of wood that will never change!"

I couldn't help but smile. "I can live well without a woman. Let's talk about our future development plans."

Du Thirteen was interested. "Yes, I am about to reach Level 20. When I reach Level 25, I can get a profession. What do you think I should be? Potion making, woodcutting, gathering, blacksmithing, tailoring or…?”

"Up to you, the important thing is making money."

"Blacksmithing will definitely be making money in the later stages. I'll learn blacksmithing."


Du Thirteen smiled, looking forward to the future. "Lu Chen, when our levels are high, we should raise our flag and set up our own guild!"


I clenched my fist and said, "Create a guild, a dominant guild that ignores justice, rules, and reputation. A guild that farms dominant guilds like Mad Dragon and sweeps through the factions in the Floating Ice City region!"

"Haha, my thoughts exactly!"

Du Thirteen was extremely excited. "Boss lady, two more bottles of Erguotou!"

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