Chapter 21: Wind Fantasy

"Quick, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, over here!"

Gui Guzi, spear in hand, dashed toward the sentinel camp. If I remember correctly, there are at least seven Level 20 Dark Faction NPCs there. Maybe they can provide some protection for us.

In the night, the silhouettes flew by. Half a minute later, I saw the light of the campfire. Next to the basic camp was the extraordinarily mighty Sentinel Leader Fark. He laughed. "Little skeleton, you have come?"

The next moment, Leader Fark's expression drastically changed, "Heavens, humans have found this place? Soldiers, pick up your weapons and kill the intruders!"

The entire sentinel camp exploded into turmoil immediately. Seven Level 20 NPC soldiers heaved their weapons and charged into the crowd behind me and Gui Guzi.

The Mad Dragon guild, including Roaming Dragon, had twenty people who charged up fearlessly. In reality, they had nothing to fear. Level 20 NPCs and Level 20 monsters were about the same in stats. They were quick to kill.

"Kill! Kill those NPCs first, and then kill those two devil bastards!"

Roaming Dragon raised his spear and led the charge. Sparks enveloped his weapon, Flame Thrust impaling an NPC soldier, perfectly in sync with the arrow barrage of the three archers behind him. Instant kill!

"Damn... archers shooting in unison are terrifying..." Gui Guzi and I stared at each other with shocked expressions. We had never thought of this kind of situation.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Arrows shot with Level 10 skills of the enemy archers weren’t impaired by the nearby woods. In less than half a minute, five NPC sentinels fell into pools of blood, and the damage to Roaming Dragon's side was almost zero!

Roaming Dragon was extremely pleased and laughed out loud. "See, our offense is very strong. Continue to kill, I’ve started recording. When this ends, I will put this video onto the official forums to raise Mad Dragon's reputation, hahaha!"


I gritted my teeth and said grimly, "Gui Guzi, we can’t just sit and wait. Prepare an ambush. Let’s kill those seven archers first. I will defeat the four on the right, you get the three on the left!"

Gui Guzi was shocked. "Damn, don’t you think too highly of me?"

"Stop wasting your breath. Four people is my limit. Just see what you can do about the rest. Go!"

I thought for a moment, my legs bending slightly, my body as tense as an arrow string before I suddenly lunged out. Like lightning, I flashed next to the archers on the right and shouted, "Go die!"


The green blade sliced across the closest archer's neck, dealing 274 damage. Instant kill!

I quickly turned around. Before the other archers could react, Slayer Slash flashed and instantly pressed against another archer’s neck. A scream later, another one had been slain.

In two seconds, I killed two people. Gui Guzi reached the archers on his side like a ghost, his spear dancing. Flame Thrust followed by a basic attack relieved one archer of his HP as the undead knight retreated to engage the other two archers.

The two archers close to me raised their longbows and cursed, "Fuck, this bastard is too arrogant. Kill him!"

Before their arrows left the bowstrings, cold wind suddenly blew over. I rushed them in a hurry. Being mere twenty centimeters away, the fear in my target’s eyes was somewhat pleasant.

The game mechanics didn’t let Archers fire their arrows with a target within three yards.


This archer was experienced and quickly changed weapons, swapping longbow for a dagger in his bag. It swished through the air and hit my chest plate, creating a faint mark. It only dealt 17 damage. His attack power was just too weak!


My sword high in the air, I disappeared from the spot I was standing in. The archer slowly fell to his knees, his eyes wide, his neck seeping with fresh blood. He was running full Agility build, I was a full Strength warrior. Unless I missed my attack, there was only one outcome for him—death!

"Boys, go, it’s time to guard the honor of our race. For riches and bitches, kill!" His roar resounded in the silence of the night. Sentinel Leader Fark uttered a war cry and led two remaining soldiers to meet Roaming Dragon and the others in battle. It was the honor of these NPCs that won us valuable time to launch an ambush.

Ducking the arrows, I downed two health potions and finally reached the fourth archer. Clutching my green longsword, I slid across the ground, making a perfect circle around the enemy and thoroughly confusing him. With two successive blows, he too was killed instantly!

Very good. The entire process took less than thirty seconds. It seems my delay is even shorter than seven tenths of a second now!


On the other side, Gui Guzi had also killed two archers. He was currently chasing and thrusting his spear at the last archer who had less than 20% HP.

"Motherfucker, die!"

But then, the situation changed. Unyielding Mad Dragon suddenly appeared, his dagger flashing with light as it sliced toward Gui Guzi's back.


I quickly darted forward, my sword viciously hitting the back of Unyielding Mad Dragon's head as I shouted, "Unyielding Mad Dragon!"

This attack was slowly descending, meaning to attract the other’s attention. Unyielding Mad Dragon had good mechanics. He quickly turned around in shock and moved to the right. He dodged my attack by a hair’s breadth, the big “MISS” very vibrant.

Gui Guzi, no longer in danger, continued to chase that archer.

I rushed toward Unyielding Mad Dragon. This time with my full speed, my longsword drew a cold crescent in the night air.


Unyielding Mad Dragon hurriedly dodged to the right. I couldn't help but smile. I also dashed to the right, blitzing across the ground, leaving nothing but a gust of wind in my wake. In but a moment, I was once again behind him. Two stabs, including Slayer Slash!



Unyielding Mad Dragon looked at the damage numbers. He had not expected my speed to suddenly increase so much. He closed his eyes in despair, his corpse flopping by the edge of a blood pool.


The course of the battle was completely unexpected to Roaming Dragon. He had been recording all this time, and watched his people die one by one, unable to help. Sentinel Leader Fark was a Level 25 NPC. His HP may have dropped under 25%, but he was enough to give Roaming Dragon a headache.

"Gui Guzi, take care of the tactician!" I shouted as I rushed toward the mages. I was struck by three lightning spells and felt numb all over. Fortunately, these mages were not equipped well, and their levels were low. Otherwise, two casts from each would be enough to kill me.

After drinking a health potion, I took care of the first mage with a swing of my sword. The other two hurriedly retreated. I ignored them and chased after Roaming Dragon.

Out of the blue, two screams resounded. These two mages suddenly died at the same time!

"Shit, what happened?!"

Gui Guzi's eyes widened as though he did not believe what he was seeing.

My gaze turned cold. "Careful, there's an expert!"

Gui Guzi and I moved closer to each other as we leapt toward Roaming Dragon. The tactician and the bard nearby screamed in succession and slumped to the ground as corpses. They had been killed instantly. It was hard to see at night, we did not even see what their ambusher looked like.

"Careful, recover first. He will try to steal the kill!"

I looked around coldly as Roaming Dragon fought fiercely against the NPC Sentinel Leader Fark.


Wind rose, clouds rushed.

The shrubbery swayed. A white robe suddenly appeared, and instantly attacked. It was a fighter completely shrouded in white. A sharp sword that flashed with silver light stabbed deep into Gui Guzi's chest!


With a horizontal swipe, another damage number appeared—404!

Fuck, an instant kill!

My eyes widened. I had not expected Gui Guzi to be instantly deleted by someone else!

I looked at this expert's name and understood—

Wind Fantasy!

The top-ranked expert of the Floating Ice City region!


Milky white robes with dense silver light. I could not even see his face clearly.


I held my sword and attacked. So what if he was the highest-leveled player?

Wind Fantasy rapidly retreated and came beside the NPC leader in a turn of the body. The sharp sword slashed, and immediately chipped away a large portion of Fark's HP. Such a dominant attack was really astounding. No wonder he had reached the highest level.

I sped up and maneuvered to avoid the obstruction of the NPC. In the next moment, I swung my sword horizontally!


Wind Fantasy reacted swiftly and ducked to dodge with a shocked gasp. At the same time, his blade drew an arc, headed for my waist!

"Such beautiful mechanics!"

I couldn't help but inwardly marvel. This person's mechanics should be among the best in Floating Ice City. Even though I only had around half a second of delay, I may not be a match for him.

Pfft pfft!

Two sounds. He and I both were unable to dodge.



Our attack power was about the same, evenly matched.

But at this time, Roaming Dragon appeared with a malicious expression. His spear came like a poisonous snake. Flame Thrust!

I felt a pain at the back of my waist and knew I was hit, but there was no time. Wind Fantasy's sword flashed like lightning. I felt an enormous pain in my chest and my last bit of HP disappeared.


I turned into a corpse and fell down. My soul was released, and everything became ashen-white.

At the moment of my death, something strange occurred. Wind Fantasy did not appear to be grateful to Roaming Dragon. He quickly killed the leader of Mad Dragon. Then, he turned and killed Sentinel Leader Fark with a few blows. He cut off Fark's skull as though he was doing a quest.

After two minutes, my soul appeared in the graveyard, very close to my corpse. Floating nearby, Gui Guzi’s soul was also circling his corpse. He did not dare to revive, because Wind Fantasy in white robes was leaning lazily on a tree nearby and did not show intentions of leaving.

Damn, he was going to camp our corpses by himself?

"Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, what to do?" Gui Guzi sent a message.

I gritted my teeth and responded, "Revive together, kill him!"


Looking at the time, I gazed at Gui Guzi and sent a message. "Watch my hand, when I count from three, we will revive together. Remember, you revive with only 50% HP, so drink a health potion before engaging!"

"Yes!" Gui Guzi responded grimly, giving off a cold presence.

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