Chapter 44: That Shining Blue!

Blue Maple and the rest continued to kill monsters. Little Wen’s energy livened the atmosphere in the team. As they progressed, it was almost evening.

It was noon when Blue Maple went to search for the quest. He had one hour to rush over, and the team was busy killing monsters for the entire afternoon. It was no wonder it was already evening.

“Why didn’t this elite monster drop it? It’s been a long while since we’ve obtained a treasure map. There are still four pieces.” Little Wen went through the items that an elite wolf had dropped after it was killed.

“I think I know. The six treasure maps that we have now came from an elite coyote, rock wolf, and wild wolf. Each one of them dropped two maps each. My guess is that the remaining maps will be located in a single place,” Red Tea was confident as she said.

“That means it’s behind all of you.” Blue Maple made a rare interruption.


Suddenly, everyone either turned directly around or diagonally backward. A huge wolf appeared not far behind all of them. It was glaring at them with a bloodthirsty face.

“Ah oo!” It was a Boss. Its attacking strength was one of the most terrifying on the Wild Wolf Mountain. It charged towards everyone after it finished howling!

“Let’s kill it!” Blue Maple also reacted very quickly. He charged forward immediately. Everyone only felt a gust of wind sweeping past them!

They couldn’t even react to Blue Maple’s action. It wasn’t that Blue Maple was very quick. How quick could he possibly be, given that his attributes were Sealed? It was just that his reflexes were simply too quick. The rest couldn’t keep up with him.

Blue Maple instantly charged forward when the wolf howled. Red Tea and the rest were still listening to the howl when Blue Maple made his move.

Blue Maple knew that Red Tea and the rest were bound to become the main targets if he didn’t charge forward, and Glorious Warsong wasn’t able to react in time to protect the rest. A Boss’ intelligence was far superior to an elite wolf. After all, it was no longer a stupid monster in its early stage.

If Glorious Warsong couldn’t react in time, Blue Maple was the only one they could count on. Blue Maple couldn’t possibly divert the attack somewhere else. If that was the case, he could only forcibly resist the attack. However, he wasn’t capable enough. He needed to rush forward to hinder the Boss and give Red Tea and the rest enough time to prepare. He had to at least alter their relative positions. Archers, Wizards and Priests were just looking for death if they were standing in front.

It was fine if the Boss didn’t attack, but it was impossible that it wouldn’t attack, given that it was already howling. Blue Maple exploited the short space of time that he had before the wolf had finished howling.

As a perfectionist, Blue Maple certainly didn’t want anyone to die in just the first team he was in!

When the Boss saw Blue Maple rushing out, it was instantly infuriated after realizing that there was a human who had made a move before him.

However, the wolf suddenly realized that Blue Maple had vanished right in front of him!

Hidden Attack!

Blue Maple suddenly unleashed his Hidden Attack just as he got close to the Boss. He stomped the ground with as much force as possible and leapt to the side.

Airborne Somersault!

A talismanic platform suddenly appeared to the side of the Boss. It flashed slightly before Blue Maple tipped his toes on it and changed his direction instantly.

Blue Maple resurfaced to the side of the Boss and slashed his sword at the Boss!

Clang! -412!

As the Boss was running, it was unable to dodge the attack. Furthermore, it was flung into the air because it wasn’t balanced enough while charging. Unbalanced by its momentum, it crashed heavily to the ground.

Blue Maple didn’t intend to end it just like that. After he landed on the ground, he immediately stomped again and burst towards the Boss.

The Boss was just about to get up, but it was slashed by Blue Maple once again. Then, Blue Maple relied on his modus operandi: his Instant Chain Strike, followed by his Cold Light Slash and another sword slash!

However, Blue Maple added a Sweeping Sword Slash this time. The explosive power of his attack made the Boss crash heavily to the ground once again.

Blue Maple had no intention of letting the Boss off just like that. He burst forward once more. Along with his explosive, position-shifting skill in Airborne Somersault, it felt like he was completely toying around with it!

Red Tea and the rest were in an absolute daze as they watched this all unfold. They were watching Blue Maple’s swift attacks, agile movements, elegant positioning, and flawless control of the situation!

It was a Boss, not just some small fry or ordinary elite monster. However, Blue Maple was completely overwhelming the Boss right now. Just as it got up, it was immediately smashed to the ground once again by a few sword slashes and Skills!

Even when the Boss managed to unleash an attack, Blue Maple didn’t even use any skills to dodge it. He managed to easily dodge the attack and even unleash an accurate yet merciless counter-attack!

“Good, good, really impressive…” Little Wen covered her mouth in astonishment as she stuttered.

Scarlet Heart’s mouth was so wide open one could stuff a few eggs inside.

The rest were equally stunned. Red Tea’s eyes were brimming with excitement and admiration.

“Hey, enough watching! I’m getting tired!” Blue Maple said leisurely as he fought the Boss. It didn’t seem like he was tired at all. He was just being lazy.

“Brother Blue, you are really impressive. I’ll give you a hand right now!” Glorious Warsong was quick to respond after he slowly recovered from his astonishment.

The Boss saw that reinforcements were coming, but it couldn’t be bothered. It was incensed.

How could it not be? After clashing a few rounds with Blue Maple, it didn’t even manage to ruffle Blue Maple’s sleeves!

Glorious Warsong rushed up to attack the Boss, but the Boss didn’t even respond to the attack, it was so intent on attacking Blue Maple. However, Glorious Warsong was relentless. He refused to let the Boss attack Blue Maple. This made the Boss even more infuriated.

Red Tea and the rest also started to contribute to the attack. However, they were also getting more and more tense. The Boss was simply getting angrier. It felt like it wasn’t going to rest until it managed to kill Blue Maple.

Glorious Warsong also seemed very worried. Only two people weren’t worried at all.

One of them was Scarlet Heart. He felt that there was nothing to be afraid of when there was someone as dominating as Blue Maple.

Of course, the other person was Blue Maple. He wasn’t completely unmoved, but it was because he was thinking of something. If this continues, it’ll definitely mutate. Mutate faster! Otherwise, where’s the fun?

Although Blue Maple felt that being with Red Tea and the others was pretty good, he was getting a little bored of just killing wolves right now. It was still fine earlier, because there were still other wild monsters. If he wasn’t introduced to something more interesting, he was not going to be at ease completing the quest.

He wasn’t afraid of a mutation right now either. Red Tea and the rest were standing far away enough. Glorious Warsong would do just fine with Lian Na’s help. As for Scarlet Heart… he could just conceal and flee quickly.

As for Blue Maple, he wasn’t afraid of anything. He couldn’t wait for a mutation to make things more interesting.


Blue Maple slashed with his sword once again, while the Boss clawed nothing once again. This had happened countless times so far. The Boss’ HP was half-drained by now.

Blue Maple felt a familiar change brewing as he looked at the Boss. How could he not be familiar with it? Apart from the Snow Wolf King, no other Boss that Blue Maple had killed had ever not mutated before. In Blue Maple’s case, mutations basically happened because of one reason: that a monster was unable to touch Blue Maple, even after fighting him for a long time.

“Red Tea, you guys should retreat further!” Blue Maple warned Red Tea and the rest at this moment.

“Okay, okay.” This was Blue Maple’s first time using Red Tea’s name. Red Tea didn’t know how to respond.

However, she and the rest still followed his bidding. After all, they had been hanging out for some time. They trusted his words.

Just as Red Tea and the rest retreated, the Boss’ fur started to turn red.

The mutation had finally begun. I’ve been waiting for so long. Let’s have some fun now.

Blue Maple’s interest was piqued now. This meant that the Boss was going to have a tragic ending.

Blue Maple leapt above the Boss just as it was mutating. A burst of energy arising from the mutation was released. Blue Maple was above the Boss, and flew even higher up as he was blown skywards by the burst of energy coming from the Boss.

“Wah!” Little Wen exclaimed in shock.

It still wasn’t enough!

Further up! Three Airborne Somersaults were used in succession! They were all for height!

Lian Na covered her mouth as she exclaimed, “What is he doing?!” Little Wen was even jumping up and down in excitement. It was her first time seeing someone jump so high in the game.

Red Tea was both shocked and puzzled. However, she could roughly guess what was happening.

Scarlet Heart and Glorious Warsong both cursed when they saw the Boss was mutating. However, they were both astonished when they saw what Blue Maple did. Blue Maple was about to deliver some kind of earth-shattering blow!

The original burst of energy had already propelled Blue Maple more than ten meters into the air. He shot almost five meters higher with every use of Airborne Somersault. Right now, he was close to thirty meters in the air!

If this was to be measured in terms of buildings, then Blue Maple was about at the height of a seven to eight-story building.

No one knew whether Blue Maple would get hurt if he fell. One’s physical attributes at Level 10 were roughly similar to real life. However, one was much stronger at Level 40.

However, Blue Maple wasn’t concerned about falling or getting injured. He was only interested in having fun.

He discovered that he could accumulate the power for his Sweeping Sword Slash in the air and reckoned that the effect should be rather great if he used it. Oh yes, I can attach my Heavenly Fire onto my sword to increase the damage. Blue Maple was getting a little excited now. He was eager to find out the terrifying damage he could do with his next attack.

Everyone was pushed back by the burst of energy from the Boss. However, a mutation could only be completed after a few seconds. The Boss couldn’t possibly shift its position during those few seconds. Perhaps the Boss was too focused on its mutation to realize where Blue Maple had gone.

In that case, it was time for the Sweeping Sword Slash! This slash was unleashed after full accumulation in the air, and the Heavenly Fire was attached to it!

Blue Maple fell quickly. He was holding his sword as he came down, and it was shining with the blue Heavenly Fire.

It was already dark out. The Heavenly Fire looked even brighter blue, and Blue Maple seemed to turn into a blue meteorite crashing down.

A shining blue ray of light was falling upon the Boss!



“Ooo!!” the Boss howled tragically.

Ding! Announcement: Your attack on the Boss has caused heavy damage and broken its spine. It has temporarily lost its ability to move and its defensive strength has fallen by 70%! It’ll slowly recover depending on circumstances.

Ding! Announcement: You suffered a huge impact from the attack. Your left arm is hurt and you can’t use it temporarily. (You have a Priestess in your team who can help you in your treatment.)

The subsequent damage of the Sweeping Sword Slash followed. However, it wasn’t counted along with the 4,000+ damage done to the Boss. Instead, it was counted as self-inflicted damage. The initial, terrifying damage was a result of the descent, but the subsequent damage was normal.

The Heavenly Fire played a huge part in strengthening the attack. The Heavenly Fire could bring out the complete effect of a cultivated weapon.

Fire Explosion: There’s a probability that a target can suffer instant damage from a fire explosion during an attack.

The enemy suffered 1,000 damage, but one would sustain 800 damage, too!

However, it was fun to Blue Maple!

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