Chapter 45: Give it to the Person Who Needs it Most

“This, this is too unbelievable!” Scarlet Heart was completely astonished.

“Wow! Brother Blue Maple is too handsome and cool.” Little Wen’s infatuation was beyond hope now. She was completely smitten.

“Aiya, you’re starting to like him. However, he seems a little too young,” Lian Na said to Little Wen, who was jumping up and down in excitement.

However, Blue Maple did actually appear pretty handsome right now. He had delivered a lethal blow with great effect. Furthermore, he warned Red Tea and the rest to steer clear before he actually attacked. He really knew how to win over a girl’s heart.

“Alright, let’s stop the infatuation. Let’s get rid of this Boss before it recovers. Also, quickly heal Blue Maple. Did you not receive the team notification?” Red Tea quickly recovered from her shock and proceeded to give instructions, demonstrating her leadership.

Or rather, she demonstrated her queen-like stature! Red Tea was ravishing and had a hot body. Now that she had demonstrated her leadership, what else could she be if she wasn’t a queen?! Although it wasn’t particularly obvious now, it wasn’t as if they were in some important situation.

“It’s time to kill it and suit ourselves up!” Even the normally composed Glorious Warsong started to become excited too.

“I want a Gold-tier dagger!” Scarlet Heart roared as she charged forward.

“I want a Gold-tier bow then!” Little Wen was also very greedy.

“These fellows are really too much.” Red Tea was a little helpless. She felt like she was leading a bunch of kids.

Eventually, Red Tea turned her attention to the main protagonist, Blue Maple. His arm was basked in Lian Na’s white holy light as part of her healing therapy. However, he was still very composed as he watched the Boss. It felt like this was very normal to him. Red Tea grew even more curious and felt that Blue Maple was even more mysterious than she had thought.

In fact, Blue Maple was also a little happy. After all, he did something fun. It was just that he didn’t express it. He was wondering if he should do this on every Boss that mutated. He felt that it was really worth a shot. However, it wouldn’t be so smooth every time. After all, this game was very intelligent, and there weren’t many bugs in it. However, no one really knew what would happen…


The Boss was whacked to death by the team in less than a minute, given that its defensive strength had fallen significantly and it didn’t have much HP to spare.

“Sister Red Tea, take a look. There are four damaged treasure maps!” Little Wen flipped the items that fell from the Boss and retrieved the treasure maps first.

“Hmm, not bad. We’ve completed half the quest.” Red Tea was comforted as she nodded.

“Mmhmm, it’s a pity there isn’t a bow, though. My Gold-tier bow is gone.” Little Wen was a little displeased as she rummaged through the items.

“My Gold-tier dagger seems to be gone, too.” Scarlet Heart also added faintly.

“Stop dreaming. Help me take a look and see if there is any Gold-tier equipment for a Priest?” Lian Na’s first sentence still sounded alright, but she revealed her true intentions soon after.


Who did I bring along with me? They only care about gear. Hmm, I wonder if there are any items for Wizards, a certain beauty’s intentions were exposed as she thought to herself.

Glorious Warsong was also eager to find an item that he could use. Blue Maple was the only calm person among all those present. To him, all this had nothing to do with him. He didn’t lack them, either. As for pursuing something better, what could be better than the removal of the Seals? He didn’t really need to be just a little bit better.

It appeared that Blue Maple was very relaxed right now. However, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of obtaining good items. Every player would be delighted to get a new item, even if it was only slightly better than what he had. As for gear of a higher tier, every player would kill to have them!

“A Warrior’s armor, a Swordsman’s wristguard, a Wizard’s shoes……ugh, sickening. There’s not even one item for me. This big dog is really sickening!” Little Wen looked through all the items and discovered that there wasn’t one for her. She was infuriated and started stomping on the Boss’ corpse.

“Alright, stop stepping on and kicking it. It’s already tragic enough. Let’s see the statuses.” Red Tea was delighted when she saw there were items for her.

After that, the stats of the loot were presented in front of everyone.


[Berserk Armor] (Rank 35 Silver) Heavy Armor

Defense: 212-256

Magic Defense: 135-169

Strength: +18

Toughness: +29

Endurance: +34

Special Effects: Increases recovery speed by 50%.


[Bloodlust Wristguards] (Rank 40 Gold) Light Armor

Defense: 214-259

Magic Defense: 112-145

Strength: +56

Endurance: +21

Toughness: +25

Special effects: The user attains bloodlust and his attacking strength is boosted by 9%.


[Fleeting Magic Boots] (Rank 36 Silver) Cloth Armor

Defense: 98-126

Magic Defense: 67-89

Intelligence: +20

Toughness: +13

Agility: +12

Special Effects: Your shifting speed increases by 10% every time you use this skill and it will last for 2 seconds.


“There’s really a Gold-tier item!” Scarlet Heart was stunned.

“It’s not yours, even if there’s one!” Little Wen was unkind with her words.

“It’s not yours, either. We don’t have anything!” Scarlet Heart retorted.

“I’m happy if it belongs to Brother Blue Maple!” Little Wen argued as she stuck her chest out.

“…...” Scarlet Heart was speechless.

However, everyone turned their attention to Blue Maple. After this, they discovered a problem. Blue Maple wasn’t wearing any protection!

“Why are all of you looking at me?” Blue Maple was a little puzzled as he asked. It seemed like he was asking, What has it got to do with me that all of you are dividing the spoils? I already said I didn’t want any right from the beginning.

However, Blue Maple was also thinking to himself, That old man gave me a silver item that doesn’t bolster my defensive capabilities. Blue Maple’s defense was only at about 300. However, the item had increased his strength instead of his defense.

“No one will have any use for this Swordsman’s item, apart from you. However, it seems like you don’t have any defensive gear. I already wanted to ask this right from the beginning, but it hasn’t been very convenient to do so.” Glorious Warsong appeared to be in a spot.

“Yes. Brother Blue Maple, why aren’t you wearing any defensive items? It seems weird even if you are in a Hidden Class. Can you tell us about why?” Little Wen was like a curious little kid right now.

“Do you think I need any?” Blue Maple asked back. It seemed like he was being arrogant. However, he really didn’t know any other reason, and didn’t want to expose himself. After all, he didn’t completely trust them, given that they only knew one another for only a short period of time. However, he had to admit that they gave him a good impression.

However, it wasn’t really a big thing, even if he revealed the true reason. After all, it didn’t clash with his practical benefits. He was just afraid of running into problems in the future, although it seemed like not much trouble would actually brew from his revelation. He wouldn’t actually be affected if they knew.

“Ugh… seems like you really don’t need any. From the start until the end, I didn’t even see that monster touching you,” Scarlet Heart concurred after pondering for some time.

“From the looks of it, rumors of that sparring appear to be true. You really completed the quest without even being drained the slightest bit,” Glorious Warsong commented with a smile.

“Wow! Brother Blue Maple, you are indeed very impressive.” Little Wen was overly smitten.

“Alright, what do we do with this item if Blue Maple isn’t going to use it? Surely we aren’t going to sell it, right?” Red Tea interjected at an appropriate time, after realizing that there were some things that Blue Maple wasn’t comfortable sharing. However, it was true that they still had to deal with it.

“Can’t a Warrior use it?” Blue Maple was doubtful as he asked.

A semi-real online game wouldn’t be so rigid. Items should be accessible like clothes. Of course, physical-type and magic-type Classes were separate. Even if they shared items, the effect on the opposing Class type would be rather minimal. Of course, special Classes were an exception.

Therefore, Warriors and Swordsmen could certainly share the same items. However, a Warrior would probably find the overall defensive rating of a Swordsman’s accessories to be rather lacking. The other attributes were still fine. A Swordsman would think that a Warrior’s gear would reduce his overall speed and agility.

However, one item shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Moreover, a Gold-tier item had a higher defensive rating than a Silver-tier item. It would compensate for the shortfall from a Warrior wearing a Swordsman’s item.

“It’s possible. However, you contributed the most. It’s not very nice if you don’t get anything,” Glorious Warsong replied honestly.

“Is there a strong correlation between contribution and attaining the spoils?” Blue Maple asked.

Everyone was stunned by his question. It was almost natural that the person who contributed the most should be rewarded the most. However, Blue Maple didn’t seem to follow this natural rule.

“But, shouldn’t a person who contributed the most get the most?” Little Wen just voiced what everyone was thinking.

“In a team, shouldn’t the stuff be given to the person who needs it most?” Blue Maple asked.


Everyone was rather shocked after hearing his question. Is this really an isolated person? Is this really his first time in a team? Why is his understanding of a team deeper than everyone else?

Red Tea was also stunned. She was the chairman of a guild and led many people, but she couldn’t see through this person in front of her. Her curiosity about Blue Maple grew even more.

Is he really a cold, unfeeling, and isolated person?

From the start, Blue Maple didn’t speak much. He basically didn’t speak unless someone else spoke to him. He appeared to be a cold person, but he was always the first person to rush to their help whenever they encountered danger.

An isolated person was prone to being selfish and self-absorbed. However, Blue Maple didn’t want anything, no matter how many monsters he killed and no matter how many items they dropped. If they hadn’t forcef Blue Maple to keep some coins, he might not have attained anything except for some XP.

He was also the first to rush forward when the Boss appeared. He even hurt the Boss at the expense of himself!

Is he really doing this for fun?, Red Tea was silently thinking to herself.

“Woo...” Red Tea let out a breath and got rid of the distracting thoughts in her head.

“If you don’t want the item, you must take the coins. A team should really offer it to the person in need, but the person who contributed the most should also get what he deserves,” Red Tea smiled as she answered Blue Maple. She sounded so confident and right that no one should question her.

“Hmm...” Blue Maple accepted her offer eventually. Although he didn’t lack money, it wasn’t a bad thing to have more money to get food or other stuff.

At the same time, Blue Maple also glanced at Red Tea. He was thinking of something.

“Oh, let’s put together the treasure maps. I must get a Gold-tier bow this time!” Little Wen quickly reverted to her energetic self. She started to think about her equipment once again.

“Gold-tier dagger!”

“I want a healing staff!”

“I also want a Gold-tier saber!”

“All of you are getting ahead of yourselves. All of you are only thinking of gear? I also want a Gold-tier staff for myself, then,” Red Tea lectured them.

Everyone looked to Blue Maple right now. They felt that he should express his desires too, given the atmosphere that had formed. After hearing his words, they had already completely accepted him as part of the team.

“Perhaps a special-rank skill tome,” Blue Maple responded. He wasn’t thinking of gear.

It was very forward-thinking…

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