Chapter 43: Wild Wolf Mountain

After Blue Maple dealt with that pathetic wild boar so stunningly, they proceeded in a straight line towards the upper part of the Wild Wolf Mountain.

In fact, the Wild Wolf Mountain wasn’t just referring to one mountain. All the hills and mountains in the region were part of the Wild Wolf Mountain. Blue Maple and the rest were merely on just one of those mountains currently.

“Oh, finally, there’s a wolf. Isn’t this the Wild Wolf Mountain? We killed so many wild boars, but only just met a wolf.” Little Wen pouted her lips as she lamented.

The reason why she was lamenting was because she thought wild boars were ugly. The other two girls thought the same. The key was that when Little Wen posed the same question to Blue Maple, he calmly replied with a ‘yes’…


[Coyote] (Rank 42)

Attack: 351-477

Defense: 255-342

Magic Defense: 178-235


Skills: Bite, Claw, Bloodlust.

Summary: It is one of the wolf species that live in the Wild Wolf Mountain, but it is the weakest among all the wolf species. While they might be the weakest, you must not underestimate them. After all, they are ferocious wolves.


“Its attack seems a little high. Blue Maple, do you want to team up with me?” Red Tea asked Blue Maple.

Blue Maple didn’t know how to work with the team because he felt that he was not suited for it, so he let the five of them lead the way and kill monsters first. If they couldn’t handle it, he would reinforce them with his Hidden Attack and Airborne Somersault.

Now that Blue Maple had watched them work together for some time, he had some inkling of what it was like to work in teams in this game

Simply put, their way of working together was: the Bandit attracted the monsters, the Warrior attacked the monsters, the Wizard and Archer fired long-range attacks and the Priest took notice of who lacked HP and who needed more HP. During the fighting process, the Thief would also chip in with a move or two.

It was very simple, but Blue Maple didn’t know how to help. He was simply a rookie. However, he was ready to give it a shot after watching for half a day.

“Okay,” Blue Maple replied in a very simple manner.

“You and Team Leader Glorious will lead us then. Although your defense isn’t the best, you should be able to avoid the attacks easily even if there’s someone beside you,” Red Tea smiled.

To Blue Maple, it was best that he avoided the attacks. However, using Glorious Warsong as a shield was…

“I shall not attract more monsters, than. We’ll practice with this one first,” Scarlet Heart followed up. It felt as if Blue Maple was finally being accepted by this group.

It was probably because Blue Maple was very strong, but he wasn’t one who gave himself airs. The key thing was that Blue Maple was too lazy to pick up coins and items. He thought he was already well-equipped. There was no need for anything else. He also didn’t lack money.

Although Red Tea and the rest did insist that Blue Maple should take some coins, Blue Maple pushed them away with a simple ‘I’m just here for fun’.

What else could they say? He didn’t want anything he won from fighting. He was just content to let them bring him on interesting journeys to witness interesting stuff.

It was difficult for such a person not to be included. However, Blue Maple was indeed that kind of person. What would he do with all those extra items? He wasn’t a money-hungry person. He just needed enough for himself.

“Alright, let’s try working together first. We won’t get into trouble with one coyote.” Red Tea was ready to fight as she finished speaking. Indeed, Blue Maple was already strong enough to beat this coyote. Moreover, Red Tea and her team usually fought three monsters at once. One coyote wasn’t enough to cause them any pressure.

Glorious Warsong charged forward first, followed by Blue Maple. Red Tea had already started to recite spells. Little Wen was already drawing her bow. Lian Na was already ready to begin her treatment, whereas Scarlet Heart was about to strut her stuff.

Furious Slash!

Glorious Warsong cut, while Blue Maple followed it up with his Sweeping Sword Slash.

Blue Maple accounted for this Sweeping Sword Slash. Blue Maple felt that it was a waste for him not to use it, given that Glorious Warsong was holding the fort in front of him.

“Ah oo!”

The Coyote screamed tragically as it was cut. Things were still not that bad with Glorious Warsong’s Furious Slash. Although a Warrior’s strength was great, it couldn’t possibly be higher than Blue Maple’s. Furthermore, Blue Maple was using an accumulated Skill. The Coyote was already hurt by Glorious Warsong. It was instantly flung into the air after it was slashed by Blue Maple.



Blue Maple’s next four attacks basically finished off the Coyote. Glorious Warsong was a Warrior, but his attack still couldn’t cause the same damage as Blue Maple, a swordsman whose immense attacking strength had yet to fully materialize at such an early stage into the game.

This couldn’t be helped, either. Blue Maple’s foundation was already high, and so was his level. He had all types of accessories and a Gold-tier weapon. His critical Ckill was also a high-ranked one. If his Seals were all removed, he would have probably killed the Coyote instantly!

Everyone was astonished. It wasn’t that they hadn’t seen anything like that before. However, it was just that the accumulated Sweeping Sword Slash was frightening. Even if Blue Maple didn’t accumulate his power, the damage would still be close to 500, and the successive damage would be lower.

Next, Red Tea’s fireball and Little Wen’s armor-piercing arrow were supplemented with a stab by Scarlet Heart. The Coyote fell to its knees after all the attacks.

Everyone went into deep thought when they witnessed such an overwhelming result.

“I think Scarlet can attract five Coyotes. We’ll kill one instantly, while Scarlet can contain another. Glorious can deal with the last three easily with Lian Na giving him HP. We still have Blue Maple behind,” Red Tea proposed after she pondered for a moment.

“But if we talk about the maximum…” Red Tea looked at Blue Maple after she finished speaking. It seemed like she was waiting for Blue Maple to complete the answer.

“Ten is fine.” Blue Maple answered. In fact, he was thinking that anything was fine as long as it wasn’t a big group.

If it was too much, he could still use his Hidden Attack and Airborne Somersault. That would allow him to escape quickly…

“Wah! Wouldn’t that make it easy for us to Level up?!” Little Wen exclaimed in excitement, jumping around.

“This should be cheating,” Lian Na chuckled as she said.

“Rather, God Blue Maple is our cheat code.” Scarlet Heart had started to admire Blue Maple.

That’s right. Blue Maple was like a cheat code. Even the system had to Seal some of his attributes because he was a cheat code…


After that, Blue Maple and the rest started to kill monsters tirelessly. They weren’t just coyotes, but also other wild wolves.

Apart from Blue Maple, everyone else had a smile on their face. Blue Maple wasn’t one who wore his feelings on his face. There weren’t many things that could really make him smile.

After that, Blue Maple and the group even killed an elite-ranked wild wolf. It was stronger than an ordinary monster, but weaker than a Boss. Something good also fell from this wolf: a Red Wolf Bandit’s Hidden Treasure Map (1/10 incomplete).

The quest was only to come to the Wild Wolf Mountain. In fact, there weren’t any other clues. Blue Maple was confused about what treasure they exactly had to find. It seemed like this was the way to do it.

After the map dropped, Red Tea explained, “The lower-ranked treasure hunts, or treasure hunts in the earlier stages of the game are usually like this. In the later stages, there will be more storylines. For example, an NPC could reveal clues, one has to find another NPC and eventually find some kind of item. The treasure hunts in the future will be more interesting.”

Blue Maple thought to himself. I must try the treasure hunts in the future. I must definitely try interesting stuff. Not trying interesting stuff was certainly not Blue Maple’s style.

After discovering the treasure map, Little Wen and the rest all became excited. They were all pumped to kill more elite monsters. Perhaps it was because of the treasure map.


“Wah, it’s another elite monster. It’s a rock wolf. It should be good to kill!” Little Wen’s vision was really sharp. She grew more excited after seeing the elite rock wolf.

Rock wolves were more defensive in nature. Their attack strength wasn’t very great, and the damage done was less than other wolves. However, their superior defense was likely ineffective against Blue Maple. Rock wolves were basically wolves that were going to be battered by Blue Maple without having the ability to retaliate.


[Rock Wolf] (Rank 43 Elite)

Attack: 335-458

Defense: 465-592

Magic Defense: 334-456


Skills: Bite, Claw, Skin Petrification.

Summary: It belongs to a wolf species that lives in the Wild Wolf Mountain. It comes from one of the better wolf species, and they are more difficult to deal with. Their defense is also reliable. Furthermore, this is an elite rock wolf. Please take care!


“Let me go first. Blue Maple, stay behind me. Scarlet Heart will assist us from the flank. As for the rest, they know their roles. Come on, let’s go!” After he finished speaking, Glorious Warsong charged forward. His confidence was bursting. It was simply too easily killing monsters with Blue Maple.

Although Blue Maple was still not entirely sure how to work with them, he knew when to make his move. Their quality was too high. Killing monsters was like playing to them. They were also very happy killing monsters. It was most obvious from Little Wen. She was a spritely figure, basically jumping up and down throughout the entire journey.

The Furious Slash and Sweeping Sword Slash hit the rock wolf so hard that it struggled to keep itself on the ground. It wasn’t that easy to overcome an elite monster.

It was Red Tea’s fireball, Little Wen’s arrow, and Scarlet Heart’s dagger after that.

Blue Maple’s damage was at least around 400, which directed all the rock wolf’s hatred towards him. However, it couldn’t attack Blue Maple even if there weren’t any obstacles. Now that Blue Maple was using Glorious Warsong as a shield, it was even less likely that Blue Maple would be attacked. Glorious Warsong was also a very cooperative shield, as he blocked all the attacks on Blue Maple’s behalf.

After a few rounds of attacks, not even the sleeves of Blue Maple’s trench coat were ruffled.

In fact, Red Tea and the rest were all very puzzled. Blue Maple wasn’t even wearing a piece of defensive equipment. However, his defense was still strong and his HP was still very high. Was a trench coat really that good? Or was Blue Maple wearing some kind of inner leather armor? However, this was ultimately a private issue. Red Tea and the rest didn’t probe.

Just like that, Blue Maple was attacking with high intensity and drawing the entire ire of the wolf. Glorious Warsong and the rest continued to resist the attacks coming from the wolf. They didn’t seem to be under much pressure, as they had Lian Na’s treatment.

Red Tea and Little Wen were both contributing from afar. They weren’t worried that the damage they did to the elite rock wolf was going to shift its hatred towards them and make the wolf attack them.

The damage that Blue Maple inflicted was simply too high. The rock wolf was only intent on attacking him, such that Scarlet Heart didn’t even need to hide. He was stabbing the rock wolf freely. An elite monster was still not intelligent enough; it basically attacked an enemy depending on its hatred index.

Just like that, Blue Maple turned around and flashed. After that, he delivered a Spatial Fiery Chop and ended the fight.


“Wah! It’s a Warrior armor. It’s actually a piece of silver equipment. Brother Glorious, you’re in luck. You can switch your armor again.” Little Wen was excited as she picked up the spoils.

“Let’s see if there’s any for Theives.” Scarlet Heart was excited.

“Cheh, I won’t give it to you even if there are. I want!” Most Thieves and Archers shared the same needs for gear.

“Little Wen, I know you are the best.”

“Beg me and I’ll consider.”

When he saw his teammates ‘squabbling’, Blue Maple felt a little strange. It seemed like…

“Such a feeling is pretty good, right?” Red Tea lifted her curvy bust and whispered in Blue Maple’s ear. She also looked at Little Wen and the rest in front of her.

“A little.” Blue Maple sounded as indifferent as ever. No one could really tell what he was truly thinking.

It really seems… pretty good...

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