Chapter 42: Quest Difficulty: Unknown

“Uh, are you that Blue Maple that the system announced?” Scarlet Heart asked carefully.


“I didn’t expect him to be the same person as the one who duelled with Crippled Feather. Seems like we’ve struck gold.” Red Tea giggled with her hand over her mouth.

What she said was no different from asking whether he was the one who had competed with Crippled Feather. She could tell with one look whether Blue Maple’s answer was true or false.

“Wow! Are you the one who killed a demonic Boss by yourself, and the first to reach your second Class Advancement, that Blue Maple?! So cool!” Little Wen appeared absolutely infatuated as she chirped.

“Looks like our quest shouldn’t be a problem.” Glorious Warsong added with a plain smile on his face.

“Yes. Can I ask, handsome Blue Maple, what level are you at now? Our quest’s rank might be too low for you, eh,” Lian Na asked curiously.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards Blue Maple after her question.

“I think I’m making the wrong decision.” Blue Maple heaved a faint sigh as he revealed his name and primary information.


[Blue Maple] (Level 37 Sword Hermit)

Attack: 1168-1356 Luck: 1

Defence: 307-365 Reputation: 1030

Magic Defence: 145-198 Honor: 0

Strength: 778 Sin: 0

Agility: 225 Survivability: 50

Endurance: 87 Hunger: 99%

Magic: 39 Toughness: 69

HP: 2068 MP: 486


“How can that be…” Little Wen’s mouth hung open, and her words were stuck in her throat.

Everyone else fell silent. After a few moments...

“May I ask what your Class’s rank is? Your attributes are a little excessive. How can you have such high strength and such high agility at the same time?” Even Red Tea was amazed.

“My Class’s Rank? Someone has asked me that before.” Blue Maple didn’t know what that was.

Blue Maple was Sealed, and he only underwent a normal second Class Advancement. However, there was a reason why his attributes were so overwhelmingly high.

Every player’s five basic attributes had their respective primary values, and totaled to thirty-five points. Attack, Defense, and other attributes would be strictly calculated through their tier values when players added points after ranking up. Subsequently, they would be calculated with their Class Advancements.

Every class’ values were largely fixed, but not strictly. Even though every player was assigned thirty-five points, not every player had the same fixed assignment. A game that was half-based in reality wasn’t that rigid.

For instance, a Warrior’s primary Agility value could be relatively higher, and he could consider becoming an Agile Warrior, or if a Swordsman’s primary Intelligence value was relatively higher, he could consider becoming a Demon Swordsman.

Blue Maple was a Swordsman who had higher Strength and Agility values in the first place, and a player’s Class rank would give differing bonuses to their attributes’ primary values.

For instance, Rank A classes would give one bonus point to primary values.

Rank S classes gave three bonus points to primary values.

Rank SS classes gave five bonus points.

Rank SSS classes gave eight bonus points.

These bonuses meant every player’s original 35 total points became 36, 38, 40, and 43. These would be added onto the player’s basic attributes according to their Hidden Class’ type. This was equivalent to their attributes being stronger than other players when they had no equipment, and this was how the name Hidden Class came about.

Blue Maple coincidentally added all his attribute points into Strength and Agility, and that was why his Strength and Agility were so high. Blue Maple’s primary values were relatively higher in the first place, and that resulted in his other attributes being comparatively lower.

“You don’t know what your Class’ Rank is?! Then how can you be so strong?” Little Wen was utterly shocked.

“I just know how to fight better.” Blue Maple’s answer was simple.

“So, the ‘god’ is a gaming rookie…” Scarlet Heart muttered under his breath, but nobody bothered with him.

“Then, let me tell you more. We are not rushing for the quest anyway.” Red Tea glared at Scarlet Heart as she spoke, and he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

“Hidden Classes will give bonuses to basic attributes, and these bonuses increase the higher your Hidden Class’ rank is. Rank A classes give the smallest bonuses. They only give one bonus point, so evidently, your class isn’t one.”

Red Tea took a deep breath as she paused, and she followed up with a waterfall of words.

“I suspect your class has to be at least Rank S, or higher!”

“There are 300 million players, and there are four different ranks of Classes, which give bonuses: A, S, SS, and SSS. There are 10,000 Rank A Classes, and there are 1,000 Rank S Classes…. and there are 100 Rank SS Classes.” Red Tea paused once more.

“And there are, across the entire game, only 10 Rank SSS Classes, which are the highest rank!”

“Are you saying that handsome Blue Maple’s Class is at least a Rank S Class?” Little Wen instantly started feeling infatuated again.

“Yes, his Class is Rank S, at the very least. There’s a possibility that it is Rank SS, but its not very likely to be any higher. Classes at that rank all have excellent attributes as long as their equipment isn't too terrible, and Blue Maple’s equipment, if we just talk about his weapons, are definitely Gold weapons.” Red Tea regained her appearance as an elder sister with a faint smile on her face.

“Doesn’t that mean that he is an expert fighter who appears only once in three hundred thousand people?” Lian Na was very direct with her numbers.

One in three hundred thousand! That was possible...

Nobody knew what they would think if they knew about Blue Maple’s three layers of Seals.

The old man didn’t just Seal Blue Maple when he gave him clothes to wear. The old man had also secretly smelted a Silver-tier outfit for Blue Maple, which gave him such excellent attributes in addition to his Gold-tier weapons. Otherwise, Blue Maple’s second Class Advancement would only give bonus attributes equivalent to a normal class. However, he had a little more than his first advancement.

That was the reason why these players believed he had a Rank S Class.

“Let’s not talk about all that. We can’t possibly guess everything right, because we can’t see his primary values, after all. If you don’t know what those are, Blue Maple, you can ask your mentor when you see him. Or, you can check the forum to know how many extra primary values you have, and you will learn your Class’s corresponding rank.”

“Let’s look at the quest. Truth be told, I think Blue Maple is wasting his time.”

[Bandits’ Hidden Treasure] (Rank A) (Eight-Player Team Treasure Hunt Quest): There is an infamous group of bandits in Scar City known as the Red Wolves. They hid part of their treasure when the army rounded them up. Traces of this hidden treasure were almost lost completely when the capture of a remaining member who had some status back then revealed some reliable information. However, there is no solid lead, except that the treasure is somewhere on Wild Wolf Mountain. The army cannot be deployed to investigate, so the job can only be given to mercenaries. (Do not attempt to take the treasure by yourself, there will be severe consequences.)

“Even though Wild Wolf Mountain doesn’t just have wild wolves, it’s a Rank 40 area, and it won’t give much experience for Blue Maple.” Glorious Warsong explained meticulously.

“Whatever.” Blue Maple appeared very indifferent. Experience wasn’t as important to him compared to his having an interesting time.

“Aiya, stop wasting time, brother Rong. Accept the quest. Blue Maple is someone willing to accept something like an escort quest with such low rewards, so he doesn’t care about all that.” Little Wen seemed very lively and energetic as she spoke.

“I’ll accept the quest, then. Blue Maple isn’t part of the team yet, is he?” Glorious Warsong suddenly considered that when he was about to accept the quest.

“Sorry, Blue Maple’s attributes astounded me, and I forgot about that. Give me a second, I’ll deal with it at once,” Red Tea said apologetically.

Ding! Game Announcement: Do you wish to join Half Cup Red Tea’s team?


Ding! Game Announcement: You have joined Half Cup Red Tea’s team.

“We accept this quest.” Glorious Warsong turned back to the NPC before him.

“Hello, this is your quest card, please keep it carefully.” The NPC handed the quest card to Glorious Warsong.

Ding! Game Announcement: Your team has accepted the quest, Bandits’ Hidden Treasure. Due to your levels and your player disadvantage, the quest’s difficulty can be raised to Rank S. But due to Blue Maple’s presence, the quest’s rank is now: Unknown.

“What does it mean to have an unknown rank?” Scarlet Heart asked suspiciously as he glanced at Blue Maple.

“I don’t know.” Of course, Blue Maple knew nothing.

The truth was, Blue Maple could guess that if he removed his Seal and approached this quest seriously, SSS-rank quests could even be reduced to F-rank quests, which was the lowest possible rank, not to mention S-rank quests.

Half Cup Red Tea stared at Blue Maple deeply and realized that Blue Maple still seemed very calm and collected.

“Forget about all that. Let’s just do the quest. Have you prepared your supplies?” Red Tea changed the subject.

“I don’t need any.” Blue Maple’s answer was plain and simple.

“I almost forgot that you are someone who can finish quests without consuming anything at all.” Red Tea sounded a little awkward.

“He’s just abnormal…” Scarlet Heart muttered under his breath, but he was no longer hostile.

Hostility was established under the circumstance of honest competition and when levels were not too different. Scarlet Heart could tell that Blue Maple wasn’t here because of Red Tea, who was a beauty in his eyes, or the other two girls. The difference between their levels was also too great, while he also paled in comparison in terms of looks and strength…

“Even though I think I should be biased towards Blue Maple, I have to agree with you this time, Little Bubu.” Little Wen was finally not completely controlled by her infatuation.


Blue Maple and the others reached Wild Wolf Mountain after an hour’s walk.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the first Rank 40 monster in front of them as they arrived at their destination.

“We don’t have to attack this Wild Boar together. Who’s up to take it down?” Red Tea spoke casually when she saw the first Rank 40 monster.

“Let me do it this time.” Blue Maple took the initiative.

Blue Maple’s initiative wasn’t because his personality had changed, but because the monsters along the way had relatively lower ranks, to the point where Blue Maple could deal with them with a few kicks, not even using his weapon. He was basically doing nothing throughout the entire journey, and even Blue Maple started to feel embarrassed when he still did nothing. He was part of this team, after all.

This was the first time that Blue Maple had taken out his weapon.

Blue flames gradually seeped out from his left hand and slowly transformed into a sword before the flames dissipated, and a cool-looking Gold-tier sword appeared in his hands.

“So cool!” Little Wen was starting to feel infatuated again.

“Tch, aren’t those just blue flames…” Someone began to mutter under his breath again.

Then, Blue Maple suddenly vanished into thin air in front of everyone!

Sneak Attack!

Blue Maple struck the boar with his sword before he used Instant Chain Strike, and followed up with another basic attack before connecting it with Cold Light Slash and finishing it off with yet another basic attack. The wild boar hadn’t even turned around when he used Sweeping Sword Slash and a kick to push the boar away forcefully.


Blue Maple charged forward like his foot was a spring, launching him like a projectile. He needed nothing else as he slashed the boar away, and he finished it off perfectly with Spatial Fiery Chop!

This was comical. When Blue Maple was at Level 29 before he went through his second Class Advancement, and not even a Rank 50 Snow Wolf could take Blue Maple’s two sets of Skills. There was no need to mention this Rank 40 Wild Boar that Blue Maple was facing, which was considered a lowly and useless monster.

“Instant… instant kill! Oh my god! What kind of fucking skill is that? He can make himself invisible. Who is the Thief, exactly?” Little Bubu was utterly shocked.

“He’s so cool and handsome! He’s floating and dancing around, and his Skills are so dazzling cool!” Little Wen could not fix her infatuation problem.

Floating and dancing around…

Glorious Warsong was momentarily surprised before he spoke calmly, “We should have no problem with our quest, then.”

“Yes. The quest’s difficulty is unknown, which probably means we’re about to see whether he’s just playing around.” Half Cup Red Tea could see through everything.

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