Chapter 22: One Gold Coin

“Aiya!” Blue Snow fell onto the ground and she stopped herself by placing the back of her hands against the ground. However, Blue Maple managed to grab hold of her sword. At least she didn’t run the risk of cutting her hand against her sword.

“Painful.” Blue Snow rubbed her butt as she sat on the ground. After that, she glared at Blue Maple, who was still holding her sword with his left hand.

“Why does this Newbie Sword feel so weird?” Blue Maple wondered aloud as moved the sword a few times. After that, he took a look at the wild monster that was forcefully shifted away because of his teleportation, before taking a step forward to attack.

Sweeping Slash! -287, -189, -118, -46. Instant Kill!

The lower the attacking strength, the lower the damage done. That’s why the increments were, strictly speaking, not a hundred percent.

Blue Maple didn’t use his dual-sword passive ability to bolster his offensive strength. As a result, the damage done to the wild monster left him very skeptical. A Newbie Sword couldn’t possibly inflict such great damage. The key was that Blue Snow was looking at him very weirdly and rather disapprovingly...

This left Blue Maple curious about the attributes of this Newbie Sword. Just as he was about to take a look at them, Blue Snow immediately jumped up to stop him. “Don’t look at the attributes!”

However, it was too late…


[Newbie Sword] (Rank 0 Bronze)

Attack: 50-56

Strength: +11

Increases user’s armor penetration effect by 5%.

Special effects: Can only be used by Player Blue Snow and her boyfriend. Anyone who snatches it shall die.


The two of them froze.

“Is this the work of the old man?” Blue Maple was less emotional when it came to these things. He was first to recover from the shock.

“Return the sword to me!” Blue Snow immediately snatched the sword from Blue Maple’s hand after she recovered from her shock. Blue Maple didn’t resist, allowing Blue Snow to take the sword back.

“Say that you’ve not seen anything.” After Blue Snow snatched the sword back, she directly pointed at Blue Maple and warned him. There was a cold look in her eyes.

“Seriously…” Blue Maple placed his hand on his forehead and grunted helplessly.

Seeing how Blue Snow reacted, Blue Maple had no choice but to shout, “Old man, I know you’re not gone. Come out!”

There was no reaction.

Shook! A white light flashed in Blue Maple’s hand and an impure, green crystal appeared in his hand. Blue Snow was a little puzzled as she looked at that crystal. She didn’t know what Blue Maple wanted.

Blue Maple threw the crystal up. He suavely hacked it and broke it. Kacha!

A spatial ripple appeared where the crystal was crushed. After this, it slowly expanded.

At this moment, the pained voice of the old man sounded from the ripple, “You wastrel. Do you know how expensive it is to use that crystal? I only gave you one, for you to call me over when you switch Classes, but you wasted it just like this. Wastrel!”

“You wasted it yourself.” Blue Maple replied indifferently.

“Ugh……nonsense. I left earlier. I was only pulled back by the crystal you used.” The old man was a little awkward as he tried to justify himself righteously. “Ah, okay, what’s up? Do you have any more doubts?” The old man’s words were a little weird, and he quickly changed the subject.

Before Blue Maple could even speak, Blue Snow couldn’t help herself and questioned the old man, “Old baddie, was it intentional? You are really bullying me!”

“Come on, little doll, don’t accuse me. Not only did I not hold it against you for being angry at me, I even created a new sword for you, for free! It’s okay if you don’t thank me. How can you accuse me like that? I’ll be sad.” The old man acted like he was sad. He only lacked the part where he fell to the ground in tears while pounding his chest.

“Even if you were kind enough to help me, can you deny that the last attribute of this sword was intentionally added?” Blue Snow retorted angrily. At the same time, she showed the attributes of her Newbie Sword to the old man.

“Oh? I think I added this. Is there an issue? I took into account the fact that you might have a boyfriend, and he might have to use your sword. It’s for your convenience. I added it in case some individuals with unkind intentions tried to steal it. Why, is there a problem?” the old man calmly replied.

“Why can this Little Gangster use it too?!” Blue Snow blushed as she pointed at Blue Maple. It was hard to say whether she was blushing because she was angry or embarrassed.

“Eh? Wasn’t it built according to what you secretly desire? Surely not… don’t tell me… you fancy my disciple?” the old man was astonished as he asked.

“Who, who is interested in this Little Gangster? Quickly change it!” Blue Snow hurriedly exclaimed, as her face turned completely red.

The old man was skeptical as he said, “That’s how I calibrated it. Don’t tell me it’s not the case?”

“I, I’m not like that. Change it! Change it! Change it!” Blue Snow was on the verge of crying.

“Hey, old man, know your limits!” Blue Maple intervened at this moment.

The old man still wanted to add on. However, when he saw the unkind look in Blue Maple’s eyes, he swallowed his words. He then added, “Okay, I’ll help you change it. Wait a minute.”

After he finished speaking, the old man immediately received the Newbie Sword and his Blue Fire immediately engulfed it. After one shake, he passed the sword over and said, “Alright, it’s done.”

When the old man passed the sword over, he mumbled to himself, “It was clearly that way.”

Although he was mumbling to himself, the two others still heard him, given that they were so close to one another. Blue Snow was ruffled and reacted angrily, “Old baddie, stop talking! You are just an old baddie who only knows how to bully others!”

The attributes of the Newbie Sword surfaced...


[Newbie Sword] (Rank 0 Bronze)

Attack: 50-56

Strength: +11

Increases user’s armor penetration effect by 5%.

Special effects: Can only be used by Blue Snow and those she permits to use it. Those who use it without permission shall die.


After taking a look at the modified Newbie Sword, Blue Snow decided to let things go.

“How do I contact you?” Blue Maple immediately asked after seeing that things have been settled.

The old man was helpless as he replied, “Who asked you to crush the crystal? Fantastic, there’s probably nothing else that we can use around this area.”

“It’s all your fault.” Blue Maple argued. He was indeed talking like the old man!

“It’s not good now. Who knew that you would use the crystal? If you called for me a few more times, I might have heard you.” The old man was blaming Blue Maple in turn.

“Oh.” Although Blue Maple responded to him, it was obvious that he was unconvinced.

“Ah, that’s good. I shall leave a seal in your body. It will automatically be triggered when you are about to switch Classes. I will sense it and immediately teleport to you. However, I’ll need time to locate you and prepare when that happens. It won’t be as fast as with the crystal. Although the crystal only enables short-distance teleportation, it’s much more convenient when I’m the one involved.”

“Alright, cut the crap. I’m about to begin.” After he finished speaking, the old man immediately formed a ball that seemed to contain a world of its own using his Blue Fire. He infused that ball into Blue Maple. Blue Maple tried to get a sense of it.

“Alright, stop it. You can’t feel it,” the old man said to Blue Maple, who was furrowing his brow as he tried to sense the ball inside himself.

“Oh yes.” The old man suddenly turned to Blue Snow, who was listening to their conversation. “If you need to go to town, this rascal knows how to go. You don’t have to spend money to teleport yourself. If you go now, the both of you can still get to the Rose Inn and stay for a night. Alright, I’m leaving!”

Before Blue Maple could even react, the old man immediately turned into a ball of blue light and absconded.

Making trouble for that rascal again. Great!, the old man thought to himself.


Old man, good on you. However…Rose Inn?, Blue Maple suddenly thought to himself. However, his face didn’t change at all.

“Little Gangster, you know how to get to town?” Blue Snow was a little astonished as she asked.

“Why, do you want to go with me?” Blue Maple asked. Blue Maple didn’t want anyone to follow him.

Blue Snow replied to Blue Maple, then started to mutter to herself, “No. But… it’s really expensive to teleport. However… I don’t really want to go with you. What should I do?” She appeared to be in a conundrum.

“It’s one gold coin, right. Here.” Blue Maple threw Blue Maple a gold coin. After all, he had too many gold coins right now.

“Eh?” Blue Snow was still debating in her head when she saw a sparkling golden coin flying in her direction. She instinctively reached out and grabbed it. Her confused face was rather cute.

“I still have many of them. There’s no point in me keeping them. I’m going now.” Blue Maple immediately turned and was about to leave before Blue Snow could even react.

“Wait a minute!” Blue Snow suddenly stopped Blue Maple. “Take it back. I won’t take your gold coin for no reason.” Blue Snow shouted, although she was still a little reluctant to return the coin.

When he saw the gold coin in his hand again, Blue Maple pondered for a moment.

“Are you acting on your feelings? It’s not a good habit.” Blue Maple asked. Although he seemed to be asking, he was actually muttering to himself.

“Oh?” Blue Snow was a little puzzled as she heard Blue Maple’s words. “What’s wrong with acting on my feelings? I don’t want to accept your gold coin for no reason. Don’t you know the importance of accumulating money in the early stages of the game? I only have a few silver coins to myself now. Even if you have many gold coins, how many more do you actually have? Also, am I really that troublesome? You really don’t want to bring me along. I should be the one who’s unwilling. Little Gangster. Hmph!” Blue Snow said a bunch of stuff that left Blue Maple a little lost over what to do.

You’re worried that I’m acting rich and afraid that I don’t have enough? She must be saying this to relieve her embarrassment. Her personality isn’t good, Blue Maple thought to himself.

After a while, Blue Maple responded. He wanted to threaten her. “I don’t know what your idea of ‘acting on feelings’ is. However, in my world, such people don’t exist!” Blue Maple was a little cold as he replied to her.

“Ah!” Blue Snow was a little scared, and retreated a few steps.

Although Blue Snow was a little afraid, she was also feeling a little pitiful in her heart. After all, it was really sad not to have any feelings. However, Blue Maple didn’t know that Blue Snow was thinking like that. He only saw how afraid she was.

“You are talking too much. If you want, I have a dozen gold coins. Do you want them?” Blue Maple stretched out his hand that was holding the gold coin and asked.

“Ah? So many!” Blue Snow covered her mouth in astonishment. “But no means no!” Blue Snow was a little stubborn as she replied. However, her constant glances at the gold coin in Blue Maple’s hand still betrayed her innermost desire.

Blue Maple was a little annoyed as he looked at Blue Maple. She clearly mentioned how important gold coins are, but she’s still unwilling to accept it.

Forget it. What a troublesome person, Blue Maple was a little annoyed as he thought to himself.

“Take it. Take it as compensation for knocking you down earlier.” As he said, he passed the gold coin to her. After that, he turned around and left before she could retort.

“This…” Blue Snow was stunned as she received the gold coin. She didn’t know what to do. She could only watch as Blue Maple walked off.

This time, Blue Maple suddenly stopped after walking for some distance. Even he didn’t know if he was feeling guilty, but he said something that was contrary to what he had originally wanted, which was for Blue Snow not to follow him on the journey to town. But…

“It’s fine if you want to follow me. However, I won’t protect you.” When he said the second sentence, he turned his head back. He still appeared as cold as ever.

As for Blue Snow… Even though I don’t know why he suddenly changed his mind, does this guy really have no feelings? As she thought that over, she followed after him. Perhaps it was because she could save a gold coin.

“I only want to save a gold coin. I can use it for some other time. I’ll find some place to stay at,” Blue Snow said as she walked towards him. She looked as if she didn’t want him to misunderstand.

“Oh.” Blue Maple replied as he continued to look ahead.

They were close to a humid area. Dense fog started to appear. Both of them slowly disappeared into the fog…

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