Chapter 23: Have You Heard of Spirits

“Hey, Little Gangster, how much longer will it take? It’s almost dark.”

“We’re only halfway there.”

“How can you walk so far on your own? Aren’t you bored?”

“Hmph, not talking again. Ah, there’s a young calf over there. Another chance to gain XP.”

“Go on your own.”

“No, I won’t. I can’t get anything from it. If you kill it, you can gain XP, money, and even some accessories.”


A brief moment later...

“Wow, there’s really a piece of accessory. Do you want it? If not, I’ll keep it.”

“It’s getting dark.”

“Hey, wait for me.”

Blue Maple and Blue Snow were clearly the two people conversing. They were about to exit the humid Barbaric Bull Region. The sun had already set and it was getting dark. However, one of them was still very excited, while the other was still regretful.

The Little Gangster easily killed that monster, which helped me gain a lot of XP. I was only Level 7 earlier, but I’m Level 9 now. Hehe. Also, I’m on my way to Level 10. If I wasn’t embarrassed to ask him to help me promote to Level 10, I would have probably been there by now! Blue Snow was a little excited as she thought to herself.

Also, she was almost fully equipped! The accessories that he dropped were picked up by Blue Snow. Blue Maple stuck to the principle that he only needed to possess as many accessories as he needed, there was no need for extras. He had no need for too many of them. Sell them for money? Forget it. Blue Maple wasn’t one to do so. Give it to a retailer? He didn’t know where to find one. After all, he didn’t see one in town, and he wasn’t going to look for one just for money. Blue Snow happily picked up everything that Blue Maple dropped. However, she gave most of the dropped money back to him.

As for Blue Maple…

Why was I such an idiot to call this dumbass along. She’s annoying!, Blue Maple thought to himself. His expression turned a little unnatural as a result.

Indeed, Blue Maple was a person used to silence. Blue Snow was constantly posing him questions. He was about to go crazy for real.

“Hey, Little Gangster. Are you an assassin? You haven’t answered my question.

“How could you possibly be so powerful if you aren’t an assassin? Don’t tell me you are a mercenary?

“That can’t be right. Solo mercenaries should be old and experienced. No one will nurture a mercenary, either. How can there be one who’s so young and powerful?

“But even if there’s a team of mercenaries, how can it be that such a young mercenary is so strong? I heard that the bodyguard of that freak is rather powerful. Seems like he was in the quarter-finals for some kind of competition.” Blue Snow continued to bother Blue Maple regardless of whether he replied to her.


Twenty minutes later, the sky had turned properly dark. Blue Maple seemed like he was venting his anger as he killed a few Barbaric Bulls.

“Hey, dumbass, can you keep your mouth shut? If you continue asking questions, I’ll dump you over here.” Blue Maple couldn’t hold it in anymore. He could tell that Blue Snow was asking so many questions not just because she was doubtful, but also because she was trying to exact revenge on him for the incident in the restaurant. She could tell that Blue Maple was a person used to solitude and silence. She was intentionally trying to annoy him.

Blue Snow was also not afraid that Blue Maple would dump her halfway into the journey. He would have killed her during his quest if he was actually such a ditcher. Furthermore, he wasn’t a merciless person, even though he wasn’t the best of people. However, he was indeed a cold person. Even so, he wouldn’t stoop so low as dumping her.

“I’m not a dumbass. I’m Blue Snow. Blue Snow!” Blue Snow was a little displeased when she replied.

“Ok.” He answered as if he did not hear her.

“Oh yes, you haven’t answered my question. Also, you mentioned that you came from a turmoil-stricken region. How did you manage to get on the ship? I recall that there aren’t many people from turmoil-stricken areas that can enter the ship, right?” Blue Snow asked.

When Blue Snow finished speaking, Blue Maple immediately stopped in his tracks. He didn’t say a single word.

“Hey, Little Gangster, why aren’t you moving? Are you angry?”…

“I won’t call you Little Gangster anymore. The sky is getting dark.”…

“Hey, it’s really going to turn dark if you don’t walk.”…

Blue Maple suddenly asked a weird question. “Have you heard of spirits?”

“What?” Blue Snow was stunned for a moment. After that, she anxiously looked to one side. “What are you talking about, Little Gangster? This is a game. Why would there be spirits?”

“The game background did mention that they could possibly appear at night.” Blue Maple seemed like he was narrating to himself.

“How…you must be trying to scare me because I’m annoying you. There’s no such thing.” Blue Snow said this, but she was still nervously glancing to her sides. However, there was only darkness and a thick layer of fog around her. Along with the humidity, cold, and gentle breeze, the atmosphere was truly strange. It was like something was really going to appear.

“Listen carefully,” Blue Maple said mysteriously.

“What…what.” Blue Snow was even more afraid now. She was tightly grabbing onto her chest as she glanced to her sides. Furthermore, Blue Maple was standing in front of Blue Snow, with his back facing her. She couldn’t see the expression on his face.

It was at this moment!

“Zz…zz…zz…” The sound of plodding steps unique to a wet patch of land was heard.

“Ah!” Blue Snow exclaimed as she tensed up. However, she didn’t dare make too much noise.

At this moment, Blue Snow’s hands were trembling as she moved them towards her sword at her waist.

“It’s from behind us.”

“No…surely not….right…” Blue Snow was a little rigid as she slowly turned her head back.

She immediately saw a blurry figure slowly shifting towards her. in the darkness, fogginess and cold, this blurry figure was slowly moving towards her…….


After Blue Snow saw this, she immediately ran in front of Blue Maple and immediately pointed behind him.

Blue Snow was still tense and afraid as she asked him, “Behind, what’s coming back from behind. No, no, it can’t possibly be that, right?”

“You can’t really die in the game. Why are you scared?” Blue Maple asked.

“But, but that’s a spirit…” Blue Snow was anxious as she spoke halfway. Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice spoke up.

“Is there someone ahead of me?” A very agitated voice that sounded like someone almost crying was heard. However, to Blue Snow, it was as if she had heard a scary, life-summoning curse.

“Wa ah!”

Blue Snow immediately hugged Blue Maple, and even buried her face in his chest! This left Blue Maple at a loss of what to do. He didn’t expect a situation like this at all.

After that lasted for a brief moment, an unfriendly voice spoke up again, “Ugh…that, I think I came at the wrong time. Uh, both of you can continue. Please continue.” After the figure finished speaking, it was about to turn around and leave.

“Player?” Blue Snow suddenly reacted over and poked her head out to ask. She also verified that he was a player. Even though it wasn’t very visible, it was clear that the figure was a big guy. Earlier, Blue Snow was scared out of her wits. Clearly, spirits wouldn’t have footsteps.

“Yes, but I didn’t expect to meet other players over here. I’m sorry, I won’t disturb the both of you.” This player’s words left Blue Snow stunned.

“Disturb both of us?” Blue Snow didn’t understand as she looked at Blue Maple. She discovered that Blue Maple was looking down at her in a weird manner.

At this moment, Blue Snow discovered that she had hugged onto the only guy that she was familiar with over here because she was afraid. That guy was Blue Maple.

“Ah! That, that, it’s not what you think. Him and I, we are only acquaintances.” Blue Snow was red in the face as she let go of Blue Maple. She also fled to one side.

“Oh, I understand. I shall leave first. Bye.” Clearly, there was a huge misunderstanding. The player thought that they were a couple whose relationship had not been properly defined yet.

“I already said we are not. I’ve only known him for a few hours.” Blue Snow was still trying her best to explain her way out of the situation. Blue Maple slowly turned around to take a look at this player.

“Hey, Little Gangster, say something!.” Blue Snow tried to ask Blue Maple to explain himself as he turned around.

“Yes, we’ve indeed known each other for one to two years,” Blue Maple said something that left Blue Snow astounded.

“Eh?” Blue Snow was in a daze.

“Ah, I shall not disturb you then. I shall leave first. It’s already dark.” That player immediately gave the ‘I understand’ expression before he bade goodbye.

“No, it’s not that. Little Gangster, I was wrong, okay? I won’t annoy you anymore. Please tell the truth.” Blue Snow was truly anxious now. She was on the verge of crying.


“You are, Xiao Xue?” That player seemed to have taken a close look at Blue Snow’s face after getting nearer, and he asked.

“What? Who…are you?” Blue Snow didn’t understand.

“Ah, you’ve indeed forgotten me. I am the eldest son of the Wang Family that visited you a year ago. My name is Wang Renwei.” The player appeared rather helpless as he explained. On closer look, he appeared rather suave.

“Seems like… the guy from the Wang Family who was rather despicable and sleazy?” Blue Snow was uncertain as she answered.

“Why do I feel unhappy that you recall who I am?” Wang Renwei appeared displeased right now.

Blue Snow was suddenly enlightened as she replied, “Even though I didn’t care about others a year ago because my mood wasn’t good, I can still remember someone who was lectured by my father and was repulsive to even my maids because he was too sleazy. That’s even if your name is common.”

“Ah, I’m really happy that you remember me. But it’s best if you forget,” Wang Renwei suddenly appeared very bitter. He suddenly changed the topic. “Is this tall, cool, and handsome guy your boyfriend? Why is there no message?”

“No.” Blue Maple seemed to have witnessed his ‘punishment’ taking effect, and stopped saying anything.

“He, he is not my boyfriend. He’s just a guide. Oh, yes, he’s my guide.” Blue Snow suddenly thought of a suitable description for Blue Maple.

“Ugh, alright then. You already know my real name. However, you should call me by my name in the game.” As he said, he pointed to the name above his head. His attributes were also on display.


[Subtle Nobleman] (Level 7 Newbie Warrior)

Attack: 67-79

Defense: 45-51




“Impressive. Look at mine.” Blue Snow was excited, considering she had just risen to Level 10.


[Blue Snow] (Level 10 Newbie Swordsman)

Attack: 157-171

Defense: 57-69




“Fuck, how is this possible!?” Subtle Nobleman was astonished.

“Hehe, you’ll be astonished even more. Come, Little Gangster, show your attributes.” Blue Snow saw that Subtle Nobleman was even more intrigued.

“No.” Blue Maple didn’t want everyone to know.

“Faster, you scared me earlier, and took such a huge advantage……” Blue Snow seemed to think of something all of a sudden. Her voice became softer and softer, and she turned redder.

“Ugh…What a dumbass. Annoying.” Blue Maple sighed because he had never seen anyone air her own dirty laundry before.


[Blue Maple] (Level 14 Hidden Swordsman)

Attack: 267-291 Luck: 1

Defense: 57-69 Reputation: 0

Strength: 203 Glory: 0

Agility: 45 Evil: 0

Endurance: 31 Survivability : 50

Magic: 13 Hunger: 43%

Toughness: 25




“This, this is a… player!? Fuck fuck fuck!!!”

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