Chapter 21: Class Skill

Good for you, rascal. I must get one over him to appease myself. What should I do…, the old man hatefully thought to himself. However, he still needed to answer Blue Maple.

“You’re right. Anyway, you’ll be able to pass. Forget it, then. However, you need to agree to one prerequisite. Don’t worry. You should be very willing to do it yourself. The prerequisite is that you must not mention your class to anyone. Also, you should not reveal your dual-sword stance in front of anyone else.

“The dual-sword stance that I passed down to you is a little special. Those who are keen can tell that it’s even more special than the usual ability. However, it’s fine if you can’t keep it a secret. Anyway, the person who’ll get into trouble won’t be me.” The old man’s tone was as wicked as ever when he finished his words.

“As for the effects that the Blue Fire can bring… after all, not many have seen me use it before. They aren’t really sure about its effects. There shouldn’t be any problems.” The old man was a little uncertain with his words...

“You are so strong. You should have many enemies,” Blue Maple suddenly interjected.

“You’re right. I’m so strong. I certainly have many enemies…er…” the old man quickly continued. “Gosh, I’m exposed.” The old man tensed up. He observed Blue Maple’s unkind expression, and knew that he had fallen into Blue Maple’s trap.

“Ah, about that. They aren’t really enemies. I just have some small conflicts. Haha!… don’t worry, they won’t put you in a difficult spot. Furthermore, with a powerful master like me, you’ll be fine. Fret not!” the old man responded to Blue Maple with a chuckle.

“How many?” Blue Maple probed. Obviously, he was asking about the number of enemies that the old man had made.

“Just a few.”

“How many?”

“In fact, there’s only ten-some.”

“How many?”

“Ah, regarding that, let me think over it first. I’m sure there aren’t many. Don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry? I’m worried because of a master like you.” Blue Maple didn’t need to probe further. He could tell for himself… that the old man must have made countless enemies!

It must have had something to do with his personality.

From the start, Blue Maple had already sensed something amiss with the old man’s words. That was why he probed and probed. Eventually, he felt as if he was being tricked onto a pirate ship.

“Forget it. It doesn’t matter.” Blue Maple appeared to be indifferent.

“Ugh…what?” The old man was confused as he froze. He was ready to come up with all sorts of excuses to persuade Blue Maple. Finally, there wasn’t any need for any excuses.

The surface area of the map in the game was larger than the surface area of Earth. The contents of the quests, character storylines, and other details were fabricated from real-life data gathered by a supercomputer on Earth. The map was also created based on different eras, different countries, and myths. If he was really going to get into trouble, Blue Maple could just find some place to hide himself. After all, he was very used to living alone. He had no problems doing just that.

This anomalous behavior left the old man extremely puzzled. Blue Maple was not someone who would explain his own rationale. This was why the old man could only reply with an “Oh, okay.”

After all, not everyone could tolerate being lonely for a long time……

“What about skills?” Seeing that the old man take so long to reply, Blue Maple couldn’t resist asking.

“Oh oh, okay. I’ll pass them down to you right now. For every switch from an ordinary class, you can gain three skills. However, it’s best to forget about those rubbish skills. I’ll pass down better skills to you. Watch properly!” The old man seemed to have understood something, and reverted to his old self.

Suddenly, a few demonized wild beasts appeared in front of the old man. Blue Maple couldn’t tell their ranks, and couldn’t sense their power, either. He inferred that the old man must have sealed them up. As for how he conjured them up, it wasn’t unthinkable that he could do so, given the spatial abilities that he demonstrated earlier.

The old man slashed one of the demonized wild pigs with his sword. The wild pig cried tragically as it was instantly killed! It also seemed like the wild pig didn’t sustain one hit. Blue Maple no longer cared how many HP damage the wild pig sustained. However, it seemed like it had sustained a total of four hits!

The first one was the highest, while the subsequent hits were lower. They fell to 75%, 50% and 25% respectively.

Ding! Announcement: Are you learning the class skill – Sweeping Sword Slash?

[Sweeping Sword Slash] (High-rank single target skill) Rank 1

Gather all your power on your sword blade. When you unleash your sword towards your enemy, great damage will be inflicted on the enemy (You can choose how much power you want to accumulate. The upper limit of your offensive power is 150%, while the lower limit is 100%). At the same time, your power won’t dissipate, as it divides into three waves that continue to cause further damage, albeit with lower intensity for every subsequent wave. The offensive power of each wave will be the following percentage of the first attack: 75%, 50%, 25%. This will drain 30MP, and the cooldown will last between 10-30 seconds, depending on how long power is accumulated. The longer the accumulation, the higher the MP that is drained.

“Learn.” Blue Maple confirmed immediately. Compared to his Cold Light Slash, it had its pros and cons. Also, it was a high-rank skill.

“Okay, let’s continue with the next one.”

This time, the old man continued to slash a demonized bear. After he finished, the old man appeared behind the bear and stabbed it again. The damage from the second attack was higher than the first attack. Instant kill! From the look of it, the same offensive power was used, but the percentages of power accumulated were different.

Ding! Announcement: Are you learning the class skill – Instant Chain Strike!

[Instant Chain Strike] (High-rank single target skill) Rank 1

After attacking the enemy, you can instantly shift the direction your enemy is facing to launch another attack. You can’t vary the damage done with each attack, but you can use offensive special effects with this skill. This skill drains 20MP and the cooldown is 20 seconds.

“Learn!” This skill tempted Blue Maple even more. It wasn’t just a way of helping him shift his position. More importantly, it could be used in tandem with offensive special effects. It was critical to know that the Cold Light Slash could be considered an offensive special effect. If he could shift to the back of an enemy, he could attack the weak point of the enemy and invoke even greater damage. Furthermore, the Cold Light Slash could be used with greater speed than ordinary attacks. Undoubtedly, this reduced the chance that an enemy could avoid it. This skill was the perfect complement to the Cold Light Slash! Even without the Cold Light Slash, it still allowed one to launch a series of attacks in one go.

The old man was delighted as he said, “Hehe, there are still better ones behind. Watch carefully!”

After he finished speaking, he immediately attacked the remaining wild beasts. This should be a group attacking skill...

After he directly struck one wild beast, he instantly brushed past three other wild beasts like a bolt of lightning. Four similar hits connected. Instant kill!

[Lightning Chain Strike] (High-rank AoE skill) Rank 1

You can choose four neighboring targets at the same time. When you attack one, you can attack the others with lightning-quick speed and finally re-appear beside the last target. Every target will sustain damage equal to 120% of your offensive power. 50MP will be drained, and the cooldown is 30 seconds.

“Learn!” Blue Maple learned this new skill without any hesitation. Although its cooldown was the same as the Instant Chain Strike, the amount of MP that was drained was really quite significant. After all, it was a group target skill. As long as the cooldown wasn’t too long, it was fine.

It felt similar to the Instant Chain Strike, and enabled him to make minor position shifts. It was just that the Instant Chain Strike was only applicable to one target. The first attack should be a marking. He couldn’t shift to another target. However, if two targets were really very close, it should be possible to shift oneself to the next target...

However, Blue Maple would be out of MP if he used this one skill. Right now, his MP was just above 100. The restoration of his MP in a fight was also very slow, about 2MP per second.

Not enough MP, Blue Maple sighed in his heart.

“How? They are rather impressive, right? Sufficient damage, quick, and suave!” The old man was delighted with himself once again.

“Strong attacks and great agility. Can.” Blue Maple rationalized logically.

The old man was displeased as he pounded his chest and said, “You’re describing such cool and dominant skills so plainly. You are truly not respecting their elegance.”

“Don’t describe yourself to me. Annoying,” Blue Maple retorted without any expression on his face.

“Ah…” The old man concealed his embarrassment and continued, “Apart from these three skills, there’s also a Passive Skill. You’ll learn about an ordinary swordsman’s Passive Skill later, it increases attacking strength by 10% when used with a sword-class weapon. The Class Passive Skill refers to the dual-sword skill. This Passive Skill is different from an ordinary dual-sword Skill.

“Let’s talk first about the other dual-sword Passive Skill. First, the two swords go hand-in-hand, meaning that they inflict the same attack and their effects cannot be separated from each other. The pairing of the two swords makes an attack quicker. If you aren’t an idiot or trying to conceal your Skills, you can use this Passive Skill. Next, you can use a sword in both hands, but the sword in your right hand only serves to enhance your attack of your right hand. The same goes for your left hand.

“Mine’s different. You can wield swords with both hands, and the swords boost the attack of the opposing hand! At the same time, your other hand can unleash the same skill a second time with just half the MP required!!

“However, your left-hand attack is naturally going to be weaker. This is common for ordinary people, which is why you need to train your left hand. Surely you’re not a left-hander? If that’s the case, using your left hand will be much more effective.

“In any case, while others can technically only enjoy the use of only one weapon, you can enjoy the use of two weapons. If we ignore any foundational differences, you’ll be attacking with twice the offensive power compared to others! Others’ dual-sword Skills are essentially the same, but yours can be different. And that makes you much stronger!!

“However, the stronger the Skill, the more difficult it is for you to use it continuously with your left hand. You might not even be able to use it. You can use AoE skills, but they’ll be weaker. Although you can’t use some Skills repeatedly, the effects of your Skills will be greater in your dual-sword stance! I’ll teach you in the future. As for repeated use of the Skills with your left hand, you should try it out when you are alone. As for other stuff, I won’t explain all of them to you one by one. Feel it for yourself. Come, I’m going to impart them to you.”

Ding! Announcement: Are you learning the Class Passive Skill – Sword Heart?

“Learn!” Blue Maple chose to learn it. Then, he pondered for a moment and organized everything the old man had said in his head.

“Alright, I’m done. I’m exhausted. If you have any other questions, please quickly ask me. I’m sure you also can’t wait to leave.” The old man seemed to have let go of a huge burden, and seemed slightly anxious now. However, Blue Maple didn’t notice it, as he was deep in thought.

In a short while, Blue Maple managed to organize all this information in his head.

“How do I contact you if I switch my Class?” Blue Maple quickly enquired. This also indicated that everything was fine for him.

“That’s easy. Here, this is for you. When you want to switch your Class, just smash this. This is a one-off item. Use it when needed.” The old man passed an impure green crystal to Blue Maple as he spoke. In fact, it was possible to tell that it was a one-off item. Blue Maple guessed that the old man didn’t bring any long-range transmission tool along. He probably conjured this crystal up from some random place using his spatial abilities.

In fact, the old man got it from the town that Blue Maple was in originally. However, he paid for it……

“Is everything fine now?” the old man asked.


“I’ll send you out then.” The old man was a little anxious after seeing that Blue Maple was prepared. “Go!”

Even though Blue Maple had discovered something amiss with the old man, it was already too late. He was already being teleported.


He felt everything was blurry for a moment before feeling hard ground beneath his feet. He soon recovered his vision. After that, he saw a bright, glaring sword slashing in his direction. He instinctively raised his hand to block it off when he heard a scream.

“Ah!” He saw a beautiful young lady with long flowing hair falling backward. She was Blue Snow!

With Blue Maple’s reflexes, he could easily catch Blue Snow and stop her from falling. However, he extended his left hand……and grabbed hold of the sword that fell from her hands. He watched as she fell to the ground…


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