Chapter 42: I've been tricked!

Chapter 42: I've been tricked!

Book 1 Chapter 42: Ive been tricked!

This hotel was rather efficient. Bai Yunfei only had to wait for a while before various foods were brought to him one after another.

Holding a big bowl of cooked rice, Bai Yunfei began to eat quickly almost to the point of wolfing the foods down.

When he was eating with gusto, he saw that waiter come with a jar of wine. After putting it in front of Bai Yunfei, the waiter said ingratiatingly, “Sir, here is your wine.”

Bai Yunfei picked up a piece of meat, put it in his mouth then took two mouthfuls of rice and said indistinctly, “Oh, just put it there...”

After saying so, he continued to wipe out the food on the table without caring about the waiter.

The waiter did not leave right away. Instead, he filled a bowl with wine for Bai Yunfei solicitously and said respectfully, “Sir, since the way you eat is so... generous, you must be a sympathetic man. I've always admire the heroes who eat big and drink big like you the most. Sir, please allow me to show you my respect with a bowl!”

“Eat and drink what? I’m not a Liangshan bandit.” Finding what he said laughable, Bai Yunfei could not help blurting out.

“What? Liangshan?” The waiter asked doubtfully.

“Er... Cut the crap! Quickly go and mind your own business! Just put the wine there. When I want to drink it, I’ll drink it. Don’t disturb me when I’m eating!”

Bai Yunfei’s movements paused for a moment then he said impatiently. However, he was thinking to himself doubtfully, “Liangshan? What is that? How could I have blurted out these words? This must be because of those strange memories in my mind acting up...”

That servant’s expression froze for a moment and his eyes flashed with a trace of disappointment. But he returned to normal immediately and said “Please enjoy your meal” before retreating.

Only after eating three big bowls of rice in a row did Bai Yunfei begin to slow down. And only after eating another two bowls of rice did he feel that this was just about enough. Now he was already 80% full. A soul cultivator’s appetite was really unusual. After he had become powerful, he had found himself becoming increasingly more able to eat, and he had guessed that this could have something to do with his high consumption of energy. However, if he wanted, he could go on for two or three days with just some water without eating anything, and this would not affect him much either.

Having nearly eaten his fill, only now did Bai Yunfei remember that there was still a jar of wine off to one side.

Lifting that already full bowl of wine, he gave it a slight sniff and felt that it was a bit pungent, but a mellow scent indeed floated into his nose. After hesitating for a while, eventually he still held the bowl at his mouth with a bit of curiosity.

That innkeeper and that servant in fact had been paying careful attention to Bai Yunfei’s movements from behind the counter. Previously, when they saw that he had only been eating the foods without touching the bowl of wine on one side, they were both worried inside.

“Damn it, could it be this man doesn’t like wine? If I had known this earlier, I would’ve drugged the foods!” The innkeeper, either consciously or unconsciously, cast a look at Bai Yunfei and said to himself in a low voice.

“This drug must be mixed into water to be able to affect him in the fastest way possible. Boss, let’s continue to wait. He already ordered the wine so he’ll definitely drink it.” The servant said in a low voice then quietly took a look at Bai Yunfei and said with pleasant surprise, “You see, boss, he’s about to drink it!”

Seeing Bai Yunfei finally raise the bowl of wine, both of them secretly let out sighs of relief then could not help getting somewhat nervous again.

Bai Yunfei tilted the bowl a bit and took a mouthful of wine. He immediately felt as if a flame had slid into his stomach from his throat. There was unexpectedly a scorching sensation burning in his chest, causing his expression to become very unsightly. He put the bowl down at once and drank several mouthfuls of soup continuously. Only now did he feel much better, but his face gradually reddened...

The innkeeper and the servant were dumbfounded immediately, This man unexpectedly cannot drink wine!!

Bai Yunfei looked at that bowl of wine on the table, shook his head and mumbled, “Alas, I was too agitated that evening so I couldn’t even remember this is what wine tastes like? It’s not very good. Why do so many people like to drink it?”

Afterwards, he did not touch it anymore and continued to eat the foods leisurely. He intended to fill the remaining 20% of his stomach then go and have a good rest.

“Oh?? Why does it feel a bit wrong?” After eating for a while, Bai Yunfei suddenly had a vague feeling that something was amiss, “My head seems a bit dizzy... What’s going on? Am I too tired?”

Bai Yunfei shook his head doubtfully and decided to go into his guest room to sleep. However, as soon as he lifted his head slightly, his heart froze a bit -- all the people who had been eating their meals at the several tables in the hall had unexpectedly left at some point. Now, aside from the innkeeper and the servant behind that counter, he was the only person in the entire hall!!

“This is wrong, this is wrong... I’ve got a situation!” Bai Yunfei patted his dizzy head gently, “At first I was obviously alright, then... the wine! But I only drank a bit of wine, how can it make me so dizzy? Right, that waiter... was quite strange. It seemed he was afraid that I wouldn’t drink this wine.

“Add to that the situation in the surroundings at the moment, why do I have a vague feeling of familiarity with this in my heart?

“This is bad, I’ve been tricked!”

Bai Yunfei was frightened inside. But when he had just understood his current situation, a loud shout rang out from the place of the counter.

“He’s already found out! Come out quickly! Catch him!”

As soon as the innkeeper finished shouting, a large group of men with weapons in their hands rushed in from the kitchen on one side and from outside the entrance then surrounded Bai Yunfei.

After confirming Bai Yunfei’s identity earlier, the innkeeper had immediately informed these men of this and they had rushed over quietly. At first they had planned to wait until Bai Yunfei had drunk all the wine and the drug had taken effect to tie him up directly. However, Bai Yunfei unexpectedly did not drink and only consumed a little bit of the wine before he stopped touching it. When that tiny amount of drug took effect, Bai Yunfei also noticed the abnormal situation, therefore that innkeeper had no choice but to call everybody out.

Bai Yunfei only panicked for a moment in the beginning. By the time those men rushed out, he had already calmed down. He secretly channeled his soulforce to dispel that slightly unwell feeling in his head. At the same time, he cast a look at the situation around very quickly.

Thirty something men were surrounding him and they all looked quite strong. At least they could be considered experts among ordinary people.

The leader was a man about thirty years old with small eyes. He was none other than Zhao Ping, one of Zhang Zhenshan’s competent subordinates and a mid-stage Soul Personage. He looked at Bai Yunfei, his eyes flashing with a hint of astuteness, and shouted loudly, “He’s drunk some of the drug already. Don’t give him time to recover! Catch him right away!”

However, the moment he shouted, Bai Yunfei let out a cold snort and unexpectedly took the initiative by charging towards him before the other people could act!

Bai Yunfei was extremely fast. When Zhao Ping finished talking, he was already about to charge up to his face. His expression changing greatly, Zhao Ping retreated hurriedly and drew a short sword about two feet long at the same time. Without hesitation, he thrust it at Bai Yunfei.

Bai Yunfei swung his right hand upwards. When it went up, it was already holding a small and exquisite dagger. With a loud and clear ding, the dagger warded off the incoming short sword.

Just when he wanted to make another move, he suddenly noticed something happening beside him. A large saber was being swung at his extended right arm. It turned out someone on the side had reacted by starting to attack him.

Bai Yunfei had no choice but to halt for a moment and withdraw his right hand to avoid this saber strike. He had not expected these men to be able to cooperate with each other so well tacitly. Almost at the same time as that large saber was swung at him, Zhao Ping’s short sword was thrust at him again. Bai Yunfei had no alternative but to hurriedly back off two steps to avoid this attack.

However, with this backward movement, he retreated into these men’s encirclement again!


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