Chapter 41: Leave....Peril is Coming?

Chapter 41: Leave....Peril is Coming?

At night, Bai Yunfei was lying on the bed, carefully summing up the information about the Upgrade Technique he had obtained in the last few days.

“When the upgraded equipment reaches levels +10, +12 and +13, they will gain an additional effect respectively. Even though the one reaching +13 is just a brick, because the previous two levels always come with an additional effect each, I think when an equipment reaches level +13, another effect will be added to it.

“From 10 to 12 is a step, but when it reaches 13, an additional effect will appear right away. Doesn’t this mean that from level 13 onwards, every time the equipment reaches the next level, it will gain an additional effect? But... now I really don’t have the ability to test this conjecture! It’s already so difficult to upgrade an equipment to +13...”

“Upon reaching +12 and +13, a non-soul weapon’s additional damage will increase almost exponentially. I wonder if the same thing happens to soul armaments or not. Alas, now I can only make guesses because I don’t have so many soul armaments to test them... My Icesoul Silver Needles were destroyed before I could even use them once...

“There are also those various additional effects. They are definitely not always effective, especially the ones come with durations. If the opponent is powerful, he can totally recover before these periods of time end.

“For the moment, I can only gain these bits of information. In the short term, I won’t have time to research in this way again. Tomorrow I’m starting to wander the outside world!”

Bai Yunfei sat up and took out a dagger from his interspatial ring.

“There are still ten something daggers left. They should be just enough for my soulforce to be used up once more...

“Then, let’s break through this final barrier to reach the middle Soul Warrior stage tonight!



... ... ... ...

In the early morning of the next day, when the first strand of sunlight stroked his face, Bai Yunfei opened his eyes slowly.

He sat up, raised his right hand in front of him and clenched his fist, his eyes showing a satisfied expression.

“Middle Soul Warrior stage... I’ve already made every preparation possible. Zhang family... it doesn’t matter how great your influence is, it won’t be so easy to catch me!”

Outside the village, on a hillside, Bai Yunfei looked at Li Chengfeng and Ling’er in front of him in silence for a long time before saying, “Let’s not say more goodbyes, so that we won’t get emotional. Chengfeng, I believe one day we’ll eventually meet each other again. Both of us will make names for ourselves in the big world outside!”

Li Chengfeng kept silent for a while then said with a forced smile, “Alright, then I won’t say much either. Yunfei, you must take care of yourself and make a name for yourself a bit early. Later I’ll wander the outside world with Ling’er. If we can’t manage it, we’ll go and seek refuge with you.”

Bai Yunfei took another look at that tranquil hamlet in the distance, took a breath softly, exhaled slowly then said smilingly to the two of them again, “Then... I’m leaving now!”

After saying so, he turned around and strode away without further hesitation.

Watching Bai Yunfei’s silhouette gradually going away, Ling’er turned to one side and asked Li Chengfeng somewhat doubtfully, “Brother Xiao Feng, did brother Yunfei run into some problem? Where does he want to go? Why didn’t he stay here and let us help him?”

Li Chengfeng was also watching Bai Yunfei’s silhouette with a somewhat complicated expression. After keeping silent for a long time, he sighed gently, withdrew his eyes and stroked Ling’er’s beautiful hair lovingly.

“Yunfei has his own decisions. He won’t change his mind because of other people. Besides... such a small place as Azure Cloud Province can’ t tie him down. Now he has run into a small problem, but I believe he’ll definitely get through this safely!

“The outside world is splendid and the vast sky is limitless. Eventually they’ll let him fly at will like a white cloud!”

... ... ... ...

The Crafting School was located in Great Plains Province in the north of the Skysoul continent. The Great Plains Province was separated from Azure Cloud Province by another province called Northern Cliff Province, so there was an extremely long way to go.

After leaving the village, Bai Yunfei immediately headed north. In order to avoid those men from the Zhang family who were looking for him everywhere, he only followed mountainous paths, tramping over mountains and through ravines, hoping that he could get out of Azure Cloud Province in the best-case scenario, namely without being detected.

However, he also knew that this was almost impossible. In terms of finding ways alone, he would have to frequently go to populated places to ask questions so that he would not go in the wrong direction, not to mention he would have to replenish the various daily life necessities in his interspatial ring.

Alas... it is quite troublesome to have a slightly poor sense of direction...

After three days like this, with Bai Yunfei practicing the Wave Treading Steps along the way, he had already gone a very long way.

Having crossed a wooded mountain top, Bai Yunfei climbed up a large tree and looked around. His eyes suddenly brightened. He then jumped down with a happy expression and scurried towards the foot of the mountain.

“I’ve finally found a place with a lot of people. Judging from its size, it should be a town. Let’s stay there for a night to have a good rest, eat some tasty foods and conveniently ask for direction!”

However, when he had just run away a short distance, he slowed down abruptly with a thoughtful expression.

“However, I don’t know if the Zhang family’s forces are present in that town or not. But this place is very far from Talus City. Plus, it’s a remote place, so they shouldn’t be there... I won’t stroll around outside and will only find a hotel to rest for a night then leave tomorrow. Yeah, there shouldn’t be any problem...”

After making his decision, he sped up again without hesitation heading for that small town not far up ahead.


In the evening in the town of Old Well, on a bustling street of the small town, a youngster who looked travel-worn and weary was going slowly with his head slightly lowered, making it impossible for other people to see his face clearly. He was looking around in a seemingly curious yet actually alert manner.

After quickly buying the necessary goods and materials from various business shops, Bai Yunfei went to the only hotel in town.

In the rather spacious hall of the Happy Arrival Hotel, a few customers were sitting at several tables. As soon as the servant standing at the counter saw a visitor come in, he ran up solicitously and said with a big smile, “Welcome, sir! May I ask if you stop for a meal or to stay in the hotel?

Bai Yunfei cast a look at him then lowered his head and walked towards a table in a corner while telling him, “I’m here for both! Bring me all the best foods in your hotel and prepare a room for me. I’ll rest in there after having dinner.”

When he finished talking, he had already walked up to that corner. He then sat down on a stool and did not talk again, putting up an unsociable facade.

The servant looked at Bai Yunfei doubtfully several times, seeming to have rarely seen such a strange guest. Bai Yunfei frowned and said discontentedly, “Why are you still there?!”

“Ah, yes! Yes! Please wait a minute, sir. Your food will be ready very soon!” The servant said repeatedly. It seemed that only now did he react.

Bai Yunfei touched his stomach, which had already begun to protest, and thought in his mind, “I can finally eat a good meal...”

“Er, sir...” A shout rang out in front of him. Bai Yunfei was surprised for a moment. As he lifted his eyes and looked, he saw that the servant had turned around and come back.

“What’s up?”

“Sir, I just want to ask if you need a jar of wine?” The servant bowed in an ingratiating manner and looked at Bai Yunfei with a broad smile, “Our hotel’s vintage Nu’er Hong has a mellow taste and a fair price. It will definitely satisfy you, sir!”

Bai Yunfei was surprised. The first and the only time he had drunk wine had been when he had paid a visit to Uncle Wu’s grave that night. It was during that time that his soulforce awakened completely, turning him into a soul cultivator.

“Whatever. Just bring me a jar then. But quickly get me the food first.” Bai Yunfei did not mind either and said casually.

“Alright! Please wait a minute, sir. Your food will come very soon!”

After returning to the counter, the servant whispered to the innkeeper behind it. It seemed he was reporting on the food and drink the guest had ordered to his boss.

However, Bai Yunfei, who had lowered his head because he did not want to be noticed by other people, did not notice that after the innkeeper heard the servant’s words, his expression changed slightly. He glanced at Bai Yunfei in an unnoticeable manner then took out a portrait from under the counter and secretly compared him with it...


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