Upgrade Specialist in Another World

Upgrade Specialist in Another World

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Endless Sea of Clouds [茫茫云海]
Just as a gamer found an overpowered skill book called ‘Item Upgrade’ in the hottest virtual reality role-playing game on Earth, something happened to the game’s system, causing his soul to leave his body and go to another dimension. Common sense dictates that he would be born anew then become the greatest overlord of this world by making use of his advanced knowledge. Not in this case! He was already dead. Only some fragments of his soul and that skill book managed to get into that dimension and merge with an ordinary common youngster called Bai Yunfei.
This was the enormous Tianhun continent, where humans could be said to have no limits. There was a group of humans here who could cultivate the power of their own souls then control their bodies, the natural elements and even other people’s souls with that power! These special beings were called — soul cultivators. Come witness how the several fragments of the dead inter-dimensional traveler’s soul and that skill book, which was not governed by the laws of this plane, were going to help Bai Yunfei become a legendary soul cultivator and craftsman!
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62 Reviews
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4 years ago
"Upgrade Specialist in Another World" - The name can be a bit misleading, since this can barely qualify as an "isekai/other world" novel. The protagonist here, Bai Yunfei, receives a gift from another worlder, that gift is some memory fractions, as well as a unique ability called the "Equipment Upgrade Technique". Yunfei then spends his time learning how to use his new unique ability, the ability to upgrade weapons, armor and even clothing to make them stronger, more durable, and at some point endow the equipment with special abilities uncommon in this world.

This is an excellent starter novel for the Xianxia genre, as it uses a protagonist who at first is unaware of what "Soul Cultivators" are, in order to teach the readers as well.

I highly recommend giving this series a try. The story is for the most part interesting and engaging. And the translation is quite great (as of writing this review, the translation is not yet finished).

4 years ago
Not recommended
i seem to have gotten around 500 words out of pure frustration that was born out of disappointment. it's also funny because this is the first time i actually bothered writing a review on this website although it's been out for a while, but i had to since i wouldn't recommend this novel to my worst enemy.

the novel started out in an interesting manner where the MC is a poor boy who needs no sympathy, because he's easy come easy go...

gets the mcguffin(the upgrade technique) and his life as a cultivator begins through a series of events. the story has a lot of "filler" which helps build character, and although commentators have said that these things are worthless they are nonetheless a fun part of the novel. the reason i wouldn't recommend this novel however is:

1. the character that is the MC is inconsistent in thought development;degrading in time although he himself goes through a lot of experiences.

2.the power dynamics between factions seem to be very stable except when it comes to him: he gets a powerful backer but it only means something ONCE throughout the novel. the rest is like "oh wow he's famous but we're fucking rich let's do him in haha fuck repercussions"

3.the author has to go through an unnecessarily long ass preamble of like 50 chapters before we get to the actual start of an arc

4. chapter 700 and the start of book 6. i pride myself in being able to force myself to read a lot of difficult to keep up - in terms of development - and boring novels but i only managed to force myself 5 chapters after this point only to skip 30 chapters without finding anything that amazing.

5. the best part of the novel happens in the earlier chapter, the author starts to apparently lose his imagination after that part.

6. the MC's powering up is tiring, at some point (SPOILERS AHEAD)

his two pets seem to overcome him even though he was there before them, and it's very disillusioning considering the author at one point writes half a chapter describing how "soul pets have like half or a third of the cultivation speed of humans" but they overtake him anyway and give him a hard carry for pretty much until past what i've stopped reading by what seems to be 80 chapters? mind you this means a grand total of 300 chapters where he's stuck at the same level, but 400 chapters before that he waltzed his ass through 5 cultivation levels.

7.this is a minor reason but quite honestly the comment section isn't one bit encouraging, the only encouraging comment from a guy who had apparently read the entire novel said something along the lines of "oh trust me it's worth it but there are like 100 difficult chapters, then 50 chapters of cringe, but the rest is worth it. however the best part has already past". this comment was at ch700 for anyone interested in finding it.

if you read through all the shit i wrote then you're probably gonna read it anyway, best of luck persevering. but it's not worth it, sorry.

4 years ago
Not recommended
Writing this because for it to have "Overwhelmingly recommended" rating is an insult to actually good novels.

It's decent at best. Can't really say it's any better than MGA. It has some good parts, but it also has some glaring issues. It's especially noticeable if you bungee read it. It's often so repetitive that it gets annoying fast.

Every next tier of the "strongest" experts gets introduced as something godlike, extremely rare. And then they start popping up everywhere till the next tier of "strongest" experts.

Author ignores his own set world rules and i'm not talking about rules he has forgot after hundreds of chapters. Author tends to ignore rules he introduced a few chapters ago.

You also get the feeling that translating team is already tired of this novel. Names tend to get mixed up and you are left confused of who said what, who did what, what was what.

I also never really connected with MC. There was no joy when MC was happy, no rage when MC flipped, no depression when MC lost something important. Though that might not be due to authors average writing, but my own views, or my bar is just too high after reading some really good novels.

Overall, if you have nothing to do, have nothing better to read and have no high expectations of this novel, sure, give it a go.

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