Chapter 28: Stab Zhang Yang to Death!

Chapter 28: Stab Zhang Yang to Death!

“How is this possible? How is this possible? How could you know what I wanted to do...?” Zhang Yang was looking at Bai Yunfei in stupefaction as if he had lost all of his strength.

Looking down at his stupefied expression, Bai Yunfei curved the corners of his mouth downwards and shook his head gently, saying: “You mean, I ‘couldn’t have’ seen through your movements? Having fallen into this situation, you’re still so arrogant...”

Hearing Bai Yunfei’s taunting words, Zhang Yang trembled slightly. He looked at him somewhat dejectedly and said in a hoarse voice: “Tell me, how did you find out?”

Bai Yunfei stared at him with a vague smile. Zhang Yang looked him in the eye with a defeated expression. It seemed he had abandoned the idea of resisting completely and only wanted to know the cause of his defeat before his death.

Bai Yunfei stooped down, picked up the two ‘Icesoul Silver Needles’ from beside a rigid Zhang Yang and put them away in his space ring.

“Right from when I started to fight you, I found it strange that you, the young master of the Zhangs in Talus City and an ‘outstanding’ disciple of the Glacial School, didn’t even have a soul armament to protect yourself just in case. Though later you took me by surprise and used that arm-lengthening soul skill, I still didn’t see you use a soul armament.”

Bai Yunfei was still looking down at Zhang Yang from a dominating position, seemingly enjoying this feeling of victory.

“So, there were only two possibilities: One was, you really didn’t have a soul armament. And the other was, though you were concealing a soul armament on your body, it was definitely not a main offensive weapon like a sword or a saber; instead... it was a projectile used for sneak, surprise attacks!”

“But, I obviously said that...”

“You obviously said that ‘not even a disciple of the Glacial School like me has one’, right?” Bai Yunfei immediately cut him short and continued: “These words seemed to have been said because you were in fear and couldn’t believe that I have so many soul armaments. But, think about it from another perspective... You were simply hinting at me that ‘you didn’t have a soul armament on your body’. Too bad, I took note of this.

“This alone would have made me slightly suspicious at most. But unfortunately for you, I had already guessed about this to a certain extent earlier so what you said only made me even more suspicious.

“You wanted to use these projectiles when I went out through the window to give chase, right?” Bai Yunfei said gently then, paying no attention to an astounded Zhang Yang, he continued: “But there wasn’t a very good opportunity at the time, and you noticed that I had no intention of killing you immediately so you let me throw you back into this place, wanting to find a better opportunity to launch a surprise attack on me, right?

“Do you find it strange that I was able to know about this? You seem to have forgotten that I can also use flying daggers. When you attempted to fish out those two needles behind your back, though you thought your movements were very stealthy, too bad for you, I’m pretty familiar with these movements. I even saw through the way you pretended to move backwards right before your surprise attack just now to fish out your projectiles...

“Lastly, you could come up with using Uncle Wu’s family to threaten me. I must say that you reacted really very fast. Too bad, right from the beginning I knew that you were lying!”

“How... How did you know?” Zhang Yang asked subconsciously with an already ashen face.

“Because when I went to pay my respects to Uncle Wu two days ago, I still saw his family members!”

“So, your hesitation and inattention were all an act to trick me into using my trump cards...” Zhang Yang said in a powerless manner with a dejected expression.


“But there are still two things I can’t understand. It’s not even been two months, how did you become so powerful in such a short time? Besides, you’ve got a space ring and at least three soul armaments, could it be you’ve really joined the Crafting School?” Zhang Yang kept asking with a soft sigh. After his original ruse had been seen through completely by the opponent, he seemed to have suffered a very serious blow.

However, quite some time after asking the questions, Zhang Yang still did not get an answer. On raising his head to take a look, he saw Bai Yunfei standing with arms crossed and staring at him derisively with a vague smile on the corners of his mouth.

When making eye contact with Bai Yunfei, Zhang Yang felt as though his mind was read, which immediately sent a chill down his spine. He withdrew his eyes unconsciously. At this moment, Bai Yunfei said in an indifferent voice:

“You... are stalling for time in the hope that someone will rush over here to save you, right?”

“How... how so? In my current situation, you can kill me anytime you want.” Zhang Yang panicked for a moment and shook his head repeatedly. He then said with a sad face: “I only want to clear the doubt in my mind before my death so that I can die without regrets...”

“Oh, but your soul will be destroyed, what difference does it make if you know or not? To avoid any accidents, I’d better kill you right away.” Bai Yunfei said gently as if he was negotiating with Zhang Yang.

Seeing the expression of puzzlement, unwillingness, terror and despair on Zhang Yang’s face, Bai Yunfei finally could not help chuckling, saying: “You’re wondering why after seeing through your tricks I still wanted to talk to you so much earlier, aren’t you?

“I just wanted to see this expression of yours! Great young master Zhang, how do you feel when someone has you in the palm of their hand and can decide your fate as they wish? Have you ever thought that you’d be like this one day?” Bai Yunfei turned his head to look outside the house and said with a chuckle: “I have to thank your subordinates. Because you wanted to come here tonight, they did a detailed ‘clean-up’. Basically nobody has gone past this place, and nobody has come here to check out the sounds of movement earlier...

“At first I still wanted to play with you for a while more, but I’ve run out of patience. I’m afraid if I keep delaying, something unexpected might happen. Therefore...” He reached out his right hand and the Fire-tipped Spear appeared in his hand instantly.

“Prepare to pay for everything you did!”

Looking at Zhang Yang, who was struggling backwards nonstop with a face full of terror, Bai Yunfei slowly walked up step by step to keep up with him while saying: “When I killed that bodyguard of yours just now, you also saw that explosion effect. I can tell you that this spear has only a 10% chance of activating that effect... Will you be slowly tortured to death by me? Or will you be killed immediately by an explosion?

“Repent! And pray!”

As Bai Yunfei stared at Zhang Yang, who was moving backwards mechanically in front of him, his endless fury could not be concealed anymore and it erupted from his eyes. He thrust his spear at Zhang Yang’s left leg.

“This is for what you owe me! I’m not an ant, and you can’t force me to fight for your pleasure as you wish!”

With a soft ‘pu’ sound, the tip of the spear pierced straight through the calf and penetrated into the floor underneath. Zhang Yang stopped and let out a miserable cry. A scorching feeling went into his mind. The previous extreme coldness in his left leg was dispelled instantly, as if a red hot iron bar had pierced through the calf. He even seemed to hear bursts of hissing sounds and notice a faint burnt smell.

With an ice-cold expression, Bai Yunfei was totally unmoved by Zhang Yang’s miserable cry. He pulled the spear back and thrust it at Zhang Yang’s right leg.

“This is for Uncle Wu, who lost his granddaughter because of you and in the end was killed trying to protect me by your subordinate Direwolf!”

Zhang Yang finally could not prop his body up anymore. His arms became weak and he fell flat to the floor. His miserable cries could not relieve the excruciating pain coming from his legs at all.

“This is for Uncle Wu’s granddaughter, who you tortured to death because she was unwilling to endure your insults!”

His right hand was pierced through again. Zhang Yang already had no strength left to struggle. His face full of despair and fear, he begged for mercy intermittently with his mouth.

“This is for the young girl almost violated by you upstairs!”

When the tip of the spear pierced into Zhang Yang’s right hand, an explosion rang out immediately then blood, flesh and stone fragments were sent flying everywhere. The explosion had caused a hole about the size of a washbasin in the floor, and Zhang Yang’s entire right arm had been blown to pieces!

However, he had also passed out, either from the pain caused by the loss of the arm or from the shock wave of the explosion.

“You already passed out? Now you can’t experience the agony of the moment before death anymore. Isn’t this very convenient for you? Forget it. Just die unconscious!” Bai Yunfei looked at an unconscious Zhang Yang with an ice-cold expression. After pulling the spear back, he thrust it out again fiercely with a shake of his hand.

“The last strike is for all the poor people treated like insects, harmed and bullied by you!!”

Flickering a dazzlingly crimson light, the tip of the spear penetrated into Zhang Yang’s chest.

Straight through the heart!


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