Chapter 27: A Battle for Vengeance! (Fourth)

Chapter 27: A Battle for Vengeance! (Fourth)

He had just avoided the first dagger, but the second dagger was already coming at him!

His eyes filled with terror, Zhang Yang leaned his body to one side and avoided it with difficulty. Afterwards, he retreated continuously without pausing. Only when there was a distance of over ten meters between them did he stop, still suffering from the shock. He reached out his hand and gave the right side of his face a wipe, scattering several drops of blood. Just then, if he had been half a moment slower, the dagger would not have left only a small bloodstain on his face.

Bai Yunfei placed his left hand on the ground, stopping his body from continuing to fall down, then he stood up again by slightly exerting the strength of his arm. Looking at Zhang Yang, who was standing in front of him staring at him, he had a disappointed expression on his face. It seemed he was lamenting that just then he had failed to kill the opponent.

“He did that on purpose! He did that on purpose again!! How is this possible?! Could it be he saw through my movements? Damn it!” Not daring to take his eyes off the opponent even for a moment, Zhang Yang roared in his mind: “It’s bad. I’m no match for him. I can’t fight him again. Let’s run away! As long as I can get out of here, as long as I can catch someone else’s attention, my helpers will come rushing very fast...”

Having made up his mind, Zhang Yang quickly glanced around. A hint of happiness flashed across his eyes because at the moment he was standing at a place which happened to be less than five meters away from a window!

Staring at Zhang Yang in front of him, just when Bai Yunfei wanted to get into action, the opponent unexpectedly moved first!

His eyes flashing with determination, Zhang Yang adopted a propulsive position. The moment he took the first step, he copied Bai Yunfei by throwing the dagger in his hand out fiercely. Then, simply ignoring the outcome, he bent his body, turned around and rush towards the rear window on the right.

Bai Yunfei avoided the incoming flying dagger just by slightly leaning his body to one side, but this attack indeed made him pause a bit. Looking at Zhang Yang, who was rushing towards the window, his eyes flashed with a trace of derision. With a shake of his right hand, he threw two streaks of cold light straight at Zhang Yang’s back.

Of course Zhang Yang could not forget about the opponent’s flying daggers. Since the moment he had run away, despite moving extremely fast, he had been paying attention to Bai Yunfei’s movements all along. Now, as the two daggers came flying at him, he immediately forcefully changed his direction from charging forwards to moving sideways in an arc, but he still managed to rush up to the side of the window!

Without pausing at all, he crashed into the window, breaking it. When half of his body was already stuck out of the window, he turned his head around and cast a look at Bai Yunfei in the house, who seemed to be too late to shoot another flying dagger out, a faint cold smile appearing on the corners of his mouth. Stepping on the sill of the window with his right foot, he jumped out.

While he was in midair, his nervous heart finally relaxed. As long as he arrived in the street, it could be said he had got out of danger. At that time, even if Bai Yunfei wanted to pursue and attack him, he would only need to draw the opponent to where his helpers were and the roles of the hunter and the prey would be reversed!

However, right at this moment, he saw Bai Yunfei take a fierce swing with his right hand, seemingly wanting to shoot out another flying dagger.

“Ha ha, now you still think you can stop me from running away? At this distance, even if you shoot several flying daggers at once, I can still avoid them! You already...” Before Zhang Yang could finish thinking, the complacent look in his eyes disappeared in an instant and was replaced with endless terror!

The moment Bai Yunfei raised his right hand, a streak of blue light suddenly appeared. It was immeasurably faster than the daggers from before. Almost at the same time as it appeared, it had already covered the distance between the two of them, caught up with Zhang Yang then pierced straight through the knee of his left leg!

Zhang Yang was in midair and was about to land. As soon as the terror in his eyes appeared, he felt a piercing pain then a burst of extreme coldness come from his left leg. After that he could not feel his entire left leg!

All of this takes many words to describe, but it actually happened in the blink of an eye. Zhang Yang’s body finally landed, but he could not stand firmly at all. His left leg bent in a very unnatural manner and he fell to the ground with a thud.

With a stupefied expression, Zhang Yang forgot to use his hands to keep his balance, forgot about his perforated left leg and even forgot to think...

Only when he felt someone walk up to his face then raised his head to make eye contact with Bai Yunfei’s sneering look did he wake up with a start in a frightened manner. Propping his body up with his hands, he moved backwards nonstop while letting out terrified shrieks: “You... you can’t kill me! I’m the young master of the Zhangs. I’m a disciple of the Glacial School. You can’t kill me!”

Bai Yunfei stooped down, grabbed his collar and lifted him up as if he had not heard his words. He then threw him fiercely towards the house. Zhang Yang cut through the air in an arc, went through the window then fell heavily into the hall. Only after sliding ten something meters, knocking over several chairs and stools, did he stop.

Zhang Yang’s left knee had been pierced through completely, but strangely enough, it was barely bleeding. His hands were clutching his left leg, seemingly wanting to prevent the chill from spreading. He was channeling his soulforce with all his might to dissipate that extreme coldness. Even though he felt cold all over, bean-sized beads of sweat kept sliding down his face unceasingly.

Hearing footsteps coming, Zhang Yang raised his head in a terrified manner and saw that Bai Yunfei had already come back into the house. Holding a shimmering blue piercer in his hand, he was walking towards him step by step.

When Zhang Yang saw the Glacial Piercer in Bai Yunfei’s hand, even though he was extremely fearful inside, he could not help screaming hysterically: “Soul armament, another soul armament!! How is this possible? Soul armaments are extremely rare. Not even an elite disciple of the Glacial School like me has one! How can you have so many soul armaments? Could it be you’re from the Crafting School?! No, impossible!”

Hearing his words, Bai Yunfei seemed to be stupefied. He then stopped in front of him at a distance of two meters and looked down at Zhang Yang, who was sitting on the floor, with an expression still filled with mockery: “What? The great young master Zhang really doesn’t remember me? Oh, indeed, it’s already been more than a month since that event, how can you possibly still remember such a ‘commoner’ as me...?”

At this point, the look in his eyes gradually turned ice-cold, but his voice was still leisurely, as if he was chatting with a friend he had not seen for a long time: “Then, do you still remember Uncle Wu? Ah, if I only say Uncle Wu, you definitely don’t know who he is. He was the old man who wanted to kill you with a knife because you kidnapped his granddaughter and beat her to death when she was unwilling to endure your insults!

After that, he was captured and brought into the Coliseum by you and was killed by your subordinate Direwolf...” Bai Yunfei continued to say clearly while staring at Zhang Yang: “There was also a youngster in there with him. Because he accidentally offended a young lady of ‘yours’ the day before, he was thrown into the Coliseum by you as well... Do you still remember?”

When Bai Yunfei mentioned Uncle Wu and Xiao Yu’er, Zhang Yang’s expression changed immediately. And when he finished talking, Zhang Yang’s whole face was full of disbelief. He cried in fear: “It’s you! It’s unexpectedly you! No... How is this even possible?! How could you have become so powerful in more than a month? Even if second young master Zheng had helped you, it would still have been impossible!”

“Now you remember, right?” Bai Yunfei gently stroked the Glacial Piercer in his hand, “Then are you ready to pay for everything you did?”

As soon as he said this, Zhang Yang’s face went pale. Propping his body up with his right hand, he moved backwards again. At the same time, he raised his left hand and waved it repeatedly in front of his chest, saying: “Wait! Wait! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I can give you anything you want! Just don’t kill me please!”

“Oh? You can give me anything I want?”

“Yes! I can give you anything you want! It doesn’t matter if it’s gold, beautiful women or...”

“I want Uncle Wu and his granddaughter to be revived, can you do this?”


“Forget it, I’ll change to another thing.”

“Okay, okay, what do you want?”

“I want your life. You can give it to me, right?”

“You... You’re playing with me!”

“Correct, I’m just playing with you! Prepare to pay for what you did to Uncle Wu and his granddaughter with your life!”

“Wait! Wait! That Uncle Wu’s family is in my hands! If you kill me, all of them will die!” Seeming to suddenly remember something, Zhang Yang shouted loudly at the last moment.

Bai Yunfei’s movement came to a halt right away: “What did you say?!”

“I said, that Uncle Wu’s family is in my hands!” Seeing the opponent’s expression, Zhang Yang secretly let out a sigh of relief. He was not so agitated as before when he said, “His family unexpectedly wanted to avenge him. They were captured by me. I intend to have a show similar to last time when the Coliseum is opened again...”

After saying so, seeming to be afraid that Bai Yunfei did not believe him, he immediately added: “When my father knew about what happened in the Coliseum last time, he was very angry. Plus, my competent ‘gladiator’ Direwolf was killed by you, so the Coliseum hasn’t opened again ever since...

“As long as you don’t kill me, I’ll definitely let them go when I return!” Seeing Bai Yunfei’s expression loosen up a bit, Zhang Yang continued hurriedly: “Uncle Wu lost his life to save you at that time in the Coliseum, you can’t leave his family in the lurch!”

Bai Yunfei’s eyes glittering, he seemed to be having a fierce mental struggle. The hand which was holding the Glacial Piercer dropped down slowly. He also withdrew his eyes slowly from Zhang Yang’s body, as if he was being somewhat preoccupied with something.

However, the moment Bai Yunfei took his eyes off Zhang Yang, the latter’s eyes glittered with endless ferocity and hatred showed up on his face. His right hand, which had been concealed behind his back, was flicked outwards like lightning and there seemed to be something about to come out of the hand.

The moment Zhang Yang’s expression changed, Bai Yunfei, his head lowered and apparently lost in thought, raised his head all of a sudden. His eyes glittering, he took advantage of the fall of his right hand and swung it forwards, shooting a streak of blue light at Zhang Yang’s right hand, which was just halfway through being lifted up. Even though he made his move later, it arrived at the target earlier. With a ‘pu’ sound, it pierced through Zhang Yang’s right hand then, after leaving a trail of blood, penetrated into the floor!

Two light blue thin needles about ten centimeters long fell to the floor from Zhang Yang’s hand. He looked in stupefaction at his punctured hand. Only after a good several seconds did he let out a hysterical, miserable cry. Clutching his right wrist with his left hand, he shrieked in a mixture of fear and anger: “You! You weren’t fooled! How is this possible?... You couldn’t have known that there were the soul armaments called ‘Icesoul Silver Needles’ on my body! How could you see through...?”

“How could I see through your ploy, right?” As Bai Yunfei looked at Zhang Yang’s distorted expression, the corners of his mouth slightly curved downwards. It seemed he was sneering at Zhang Yang’s arrogance, “You think your lies and acting were perfect?

“These so-called Icesoul Silver Needles were your last trump cards, right? If you still have another trump card, just use it right now, otherwise...

“Prepare to pay for everything you did!”


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