Chapter 22: Destroy the Blackwood Stronghold and Return to the City!

Chapter 22: Destroy the Blackwood Stronghold and Return to the City!

Just when Han Xiao wanted to flick his hand for the last time to shoot these two deadly flying daggers out, killing the opponent, his expression suddenly changed greatly. He simply did not have time to attack anymore!

Bai Yunfei, who seemed to be losing balance, made a twisting movement with his body in a strange manner as if he had now completely abandoned the idea of dodging, his right hand swung in a blur. A blue light shot out like a flash of lightning, aimed straight at the enemy’s throat!

Fast, it was so fast! It was so fast that Han Xiao basically had no time to dodge. When the thought of dodging sprang to his mind, the blue light was already close to him!

At this crucial moment of life and death, Han Xiao moved away three centimeters to the left thanks to his extremely fast reaction speed. He felt a chill in his right arm. Even though he had prevented this blow from piercing through his throat, his right shoulder had been left with a bloody hole!

However, the hole in his right shoulder was not bleeding much. The wound seemed to have been frozen. In the blink of an eye, a cold feeling spread through his entire body, almost making Han Xiao tremble. He could not feel his right shoulder and right arm at all.

Looking at the hole in his shoulder, Han Xiao’s eyes were filled with endless horror. As soon as he raised his head, he felt a heat wave hit him in the face.

A dazzling red light seemed to have filled his entire field of vision. He wanted to move and dodge, but his body was ice-cold inside. It was already too late to dodge!


The tip of the spear pierced out through the back of his neck. After it had been stained with blood, the red flicker it gave off had a strange feel.

Bai Yunfei withdrew the spear, letting the enemy’s body fall backwards. Blood spewed out from his throat, splattering over a whole area.

The chieftain of the Blackwood Stronghold, a soul cultivator of the Soul Warrior stage, had died with a deep regret just like that!

Having done all of this, Bai Yunfei suddenly staggered backwards continuously, seemingly as if he was exhausted. In the end he could no longer stand and fell on his buttocks to the ground. His back leaning on a wall, he began to gasp for breath.

“Luckily... the Glacial Pricker didn’t disappoint me after I poured almost all my remaining soulforce into it and shot it out, otherwise, I would have been dead. Later I can’t fight recklessly like this since I can’t be this lucky every time...”

Seeing that Han Xiao was now completely dead, he finally let out a sigh of relief and calmed his excited mind down, starting to recover his exhausted soulforce and strength.

This battle was really somewhat beyond his expectations, and he had even less expected that he himself would be able to kill two soul cultivators not weaker than him in the slightestall of this was mostly thanks to those various upgraded items, especially the Glacial Pricker, whose powerful surprise attacks were crucial to him winning the fights.

In fact, Han Xiao should not have lost so easily and quickly. To ordinary Soul Personages, a Soul Warrior was practically invincible, because in addition to the skin-flesh control and bone-blood control, a Soul Warrior also knew the third level of body controlacupoint control!

Acupoints were mysterious things in the body. They were not tangible like skin, flesh, bones and blood, but they really did exist. Despite their tiny size, these acupoints possessed unimaginable power.

Nobody knew how many acupoints the human body had in total yet. Even the various already discovered acupoints still had many unknown functions.

Many of those martial artists, who used external force to train their bodies, also considered some acupoints in the human body to be targets of their attacks, achieving unexpected results. Furthermore, in the field of medicine, there were many treating methods which used needles to puncture acupoints.

These people only stimulated acupoints with external force in order to activate their functions, but soul cultivators could control the acupoints!

As a soul cultivator’s soulforce and familiarity with body control improved, after reaching the Soul Warrior stage, he would be able to feel the existence of acupoints at various places in the body. As for how many acupoints they could feel, this depended on his talent and fortunes. Except for some most common acupoints, many other acupoints had specialized practice methods which were both powerful and effective. Most of these methods were in turn the foundation of mighty soul skills so they were extremely rare and basically unattainable to ordinary soul cultivators.

Han Xiao’s soulforce had already reached the mid-stage Soul Warrior level,but his understanding of acupoints was rather insufficient, otherwise he would not have been sent by his school to this kind of place to occupy a mountain and become a bandit. Even now, he could only control the basic acupoints in several places such as his arms and legs. Despite this, the power and speed he could unleash were not something a Soul Personage could compare with.

However, he run into the wrong opponent in the wrong place at the wrong time and chose the wrong fighting method!

When he was preparing for the midnight probe according to the earlier plan, Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng launched their attack first. Right from the beginning, his mind was already thrown into disorder. Afterwards, seeing Yang Tian get killed with his own eyes came as a considerable blow to him.

Also, right from the beginning he was already afraid of the spear in Bai Yunfei’s hands so he did not dare to go all out. After checking the opponent out for a while, he decided to fight with flying daggers, which he was good at, intending to defeat the opponent with long-distance attacks.

But he did not expect Bai Yunfei to be not bad at the art of flying daggers too! After the two of them shot back and forth at each other for a while, Bai Yunfei was gradually put at a disadvantage. Even worse, his life seemed to be in danger. But he still had a trump card left!

It was the Glacial Pricker! Its exceptionally powerful additional effect had almost made it lose its original function of ‘stabbing’. Instead, Bai Yunfei had been using it more like a projectile or a flying dagger. From beginning to end, he had fought the enemy several times, and the Glacial Pricker had played a bigger role than even the Fire-tipped Spear!

This time was no exception!

Miserable cries of bandits kept coming in sporadically from the outside. Li Chengfeng’s battle was still going on. Bai Yunfei only recovered part of his soulforce before standing up and joining the battle...

This battle was a complete victory! From now on, the Blackwood Stronghold did not exist anymore!

... ... ... ...

After this battle in the Blackwood Stronghold, the two of them spent two days making arrangements for those abducted women. They gave out all the possessions in the stronghold to the women, letting them bring these possessions back to the various villages harassed by the bandits.

Five days later, the two of them returned to Li Chengfeng’s current village. On the way back, Li Chengfeng seemed to have put down all of his burdens. All day long, he thought about Ling’er the most and always anticipated their marriage, which would happen after his return to the village.

He did what he had said, and on the second day following their return, an exciting wedding and a large banquet were held in the village. The entire village celebrated it, cheerfully chatting and laughing.

On the next day, Bai Yunfei bade farewell to everybody, preparing to return to Luoshi City.

At the entrance of the village, Bai Yunfei looked at a hesitant Li Chengfeng, saying with a smile: “What’s up? If you want to say something, say it. You’re already a married man, don’t fuss about it.”

“Er... Ha ha, Yunfei, you’re really not going to stay here for a bit longer? I’m going to reach the Soul Personage stage soon, but you can’t give me the technique scroll. Once you leave, I won’t be able to practice anymore.” Li Chengfeng said in a seemingly somewhat embarrassed manner after hesitating for a long time.

Bai Yunfei however said smilingly: “What you want to say isn’t this, right? Ha ha, don’t worry, I’m only returning to do some things I must do. You don’t need to think about going with me to help me. Just stay with your precious Ling’er properly. You’ve got to treat her well. After dealing with those things, I’ll go on a journey. But before that, I’ll find you again and give you the scroll.”

“You... Oh, dear, alright, you must always be careful. If you want me to help you in something, come find me anytime. You’re my benefactor, and more importantly, my friend. I...”

“Alright, since we’re friends, you don’t need to say much. I’ll definitely come find you again. Don’t make any more fuss... I’m leaving now!”

Watching Bai Yunfei’s silhouette gradually disappearing, Li Chengfeng’s eyes had a trace of worry again. He sighed gently: “Alas... When you talked about returning to Luoshi City, your eyes had a hint of hatred. How could I have not noticed it? I couldn’t be more familiar with this feeling... Yunfei, you must not let anything bad happen to you. I owe you too much. Give me a chance to repay you!”

On a path in a forest, Bai Yunfei was going at full gallop, but his eyes were somewhat unfocused. It seemed he was recalling something, his expression sometimes embarrassed, sometimes angry and sometimes sorrowful...

“Soon... I’ll have my revenge very soon. Zhang Yang, now I’m not someone you can kill like an ant anytime you wish anymore. I’ll make you pay dearly for what you did!

“The world is unfair. Good and evil are the same. Since Heaven doesn’t punish evil, I’ll punish you for your crimes!”


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