Chapter 21: The Final Fight Against a Soul Warrior and Flying Daggers!

Chapter 21: The Final Fight Against a Soul Warrior and Flying Daggers!

Yang Tian had a blank expression. He felt that his entire body’s vitality was flowing away from his chest. His eyes gradually lost focus and in the end he fell to the ground with a thud.

When Han Xiao knew that someone had gone up the mountain to attack, he arrived at the hall as fast as possible and began to instruct his subordinates to prepare for battle, at the same time waiting for Yang Tian to come. But after waiting for a while, one of his subordinates came and reported that the vice-chieftain was fighting an enemy and that the two of them were comparable in power.

Han Xiao was frightened because someone comparable to Yang Tian in power had to be at least a mid-stage Soul Personage too! He immediately hurried over there without hesitation.

However, when he finally saw the two combatants, Yang Tian was at a disadvantage and even on the verge of death!

Before he could rush up and help, Yang Tian unexpectedly made a mistake and was killed by the enemy!

Taking advantage of the moments when everybody was still shocked by Yang Tian’s sudden death, Bai Yunfei quickly dashed up to the wall behind Yang Tian and pulled the Glacial Pricker out from its surface.

Almost as soon as he turned around, Han Xiao’s attack already came.

Fast, it was really too fast. Bai Yunfei simply had no time to counterattack with the spear and could only dodge to one side within a hair’s breadth. His left arm was still cut with a deep wound open to the bone by the opponent’s short blade.

“This is the power of the Soul Warrior stage? I misjudged it... It’s much stronger than I thought!”

Bai Yunfei thought bitterly as he raised his spear and swept it horizontally, squeezing out a small gap of time to breathe.

Han Xiao’s weapon was a pair of blades of very different lengths. The one in his left hand was a short sword over two feet long and the one in his right hand was a small and exquisite dagger.

Bai Yunfei brandished his spear, creating an area of spear blurs in front of him, preventing the opponent from charging up to his face. But the enemy was really too fast. Even though his spear was swift and fierce, it could not hurt him one bit.

All of a sudden, Han Xiao’s eyes flashed with coldness. Facing the incoming spear, he did not try to avoid it completely. Instead, he slightly leaned to one side to protect his vital parts from the spear and thrust the short sword in his left hand out, directing it at Bai Yunfei along the handle of the spear!

When the tip of the spear came into contact with the right side of his waist, there was unexpectedly a shower of sparks. His coat was lacerated, revealing a golden soft armor underneath, which was sparkling slightly. Although the strike had left a dent in it, Han Xiao was not injured at all!

The short sword cut across Bai Yunfei’s left arm, causing another wound. Even worse, the enemy had closed in on him, so it was already too late to pull the spear back for defense!

Bai Yunfei’s eyes flashed with a hint of resolution. Regardless of the dagger the opponent was thrusting at his waist, he made the Fire-tipped Spear disappear. When he raised his right hand, it was already holding the Glacial Pricker, and he thrust it at the opponent’s heart in a similarly fierce fashion!

If you injure me, you’ll die!

A shocked expression showed up in Han Xiao eyes. He had not expected the opponent to be so stubborn as to force a no-win situation, paying absolutely no attention to dodging! Of course he was unwilling to accept this. Without hesitation, he gave up attacking right away and backed off continuously.

Seeing Han Xiao retreat, Bai Yunfei also took several steps backwards, extending the distance between them. At the same time, the Fire-tipped Spear reappeared in his hand. His eyes glittering, he looked the opponent in the eyes in stalemate.

Because the opponent’s golden soft armor was much better defensively than Bai Yunfei’s +10 upgraded soft armor, if he could not hit the opponent squarely with a full-power thrust, he simply would not be able to injure him seriously.

“Then I’ve got no choice but to attack the limbs and head?” Bai Yunfei’s mind was racing, trying to come up with a response.

Staring at Bai Yunfei in front of him, Han Xiao suddenly shouted loudly: “Why are you still standing there?! Go up together! Kill him!”

These words were said to the group of bandits who were standing outside the courtyard house watching the fight.

But they were no fools! Kill him? He was the killer of the vice-chieftain, and not even the chieftain could kill him!

The bandits looked at each other, but no one dared to be the first to step into the courtyard house.

Right at this moment, a miserable cry suddenly rang out at the back of the crowd of bandits. They were all frightened. Upon turning around to take a look, they saw that a man drenched completely in blood and holding two daggers in his hands was killing his way into the crowd like a merciless god of death.

This was none other than Li Chengfeng!

Before the bandits could decide whether or not to listen to their chieftain’s order by rushing up and fighting Bai Yunfei, they already got entangled in a fight against Li Chengfeng.

The two men who were facing each other in the courtyard had also noticed Li Chengfeng’s arrival. Han Xiao was frightened, but Bai Yunfei was happy.

“I didn’t think Chengfeng would act so fast. Looks like his hatred for the bandits has reached an unimaginable level... Now this hatred has exploded completely so he’s doing much better than usual! Then... I’ll also go all out!”

The moment Han Xiao glanced at the fighting outside, Bai Yunfei took the initiative and attacked.

Since the opponent was wearing a soft armor on his torso, he would attack his lower body.

Bai Yunfei’s opportunistic attack caught Han Xiao somewhat unprepared, but then he adapted very quickly by moving nimbly about, dodging and weaving, giving Bai Yunfei basically no chance.

All of a sudden, Han Xiao made a dash backwards, pulling away a distance. At the same time, he shot a streak of cold light straight at Bai Yunfei’s face with a flick of his right hand.

The moment he raised his hand, Bai Yunfei was somewhat aware of this. After all, he had practiced throwing flying daggers with his hands quite a lot recently too. He leaned his head to one side. The dagger went past his ear and stuck into the wall behind him.

However, Han Xiao’s attack was not finished yet! He turned his wrist over and another dagger appeared, which was similarly thrown with a flick. Afterwards, the second and the third daggers were thrown. The three daggers flew out almost simultaneously, coming at Bai Yunfei in a triangular formation.

Bai Yunfei gave a cold snort and brandished his spear like a windmill, creating a shield of spear blurs in front of him. Three ringing sounds were heard as the incoming daggers were all sent flying.

Han Xiao did not pause at all. He threw two more daggers straight at Bai Yunfei’s feet.

Bai Yunfei stopped brandishing the spear and dashed obliquely to one side. The moment he jumped away, he made the spear disappear and also shot a dagger at Han Xiao’s throat with a flick of his hand.

“I’ve got flying daggers too!”

Han Xiao had originally wanted to pursue and attack the opponent when he dashed to one side. Seeing a streak of cold light shooting at him, he was shocked immediately. He had not expected the enemy to be also capable of using flying daggers!

Shocked, he dashed to one side, missing the opportunity to pursue and attack Bai Yunfei. Worse still, he had given Bai Yunfei a chance to attack him!

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Bai Yunfei did what Han Xiao had done earlier by flicking his hands continuously, shooting one dagger after another at the opponent as if he was never going to stop.

The originally close-quarters struggle had turned into a flying dagger competition. The two of them seemed to have quite a few daggers in their space rings so they kept shooting flying daggers at each other while dodging the incoming daggers.

However, after a while, the difference emerged. Bai Yunfei after all was too inexperienced so despite having quite a lot of talent for the art of flying daggers, he could not compare with a flying dagger veteran like Han Xiao.

They were both wearing soft armors on their torsos, giving off ringing sounds when they were hit by flying daggers. But Bai Yunfei’s defense was obviously not enough. His armor had already been damaged in many places and his arms and legs had also suffered many wounds. He seemed to be gradually losing.

“Humph! Want to fight me with flying daggers? You’re just cutting your own throat! Within the next ten daggers, I’ll definitely kill you!”

Han Xiao raised the corners of his mouth with a trace of complacency. It seemed he was ridiculing Bai Yunfei for overestimating his power. Seeing Bai Yunfei lose balance slightly and move obliquely to one side because of dodging a flying dagger, Han Xiao’s eyes flashed with fierceness. With a shake of his hand, two daggers appeared in his hand at the same time, ready to be shot out.

But right at this moment, his expression suddenly changed greatly!


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