Chapter 49 - The Mad Blade Sect

Lin Yun wore an helpless expression as he stood in the moonlight. There was nothing he could do if Su Ziyao wanted to leave. He had doubts in his heart, but there was no way he could get an answer if she wasn’t willing to talk. So, Lin Yun could only wonder about what happened between them. But when he saw Su Ziyao’s complexion earlier, she seemed fine. As he cast his glance to the side, he suddenly noticed a few words left on the ground.

“Be careful of Wang Ning, and I’m sure we will meet again some day.”

Looking at those words, Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts. These must be left behind by Su Ziyao, and it was written with her sword aura. As for her strength, it has always been a mystery to him.

Be careful of Wang Ning?

Why did he have to be careful of Wang Ning? He was only a bum beetle around Su Ziyao, and Lin Yun had never truly paid any concern to Wang Ning.

But seeing that Su Ziyao said they would meet again some day, Lin Yun’s heart trembled. Was she leaving?

For some reason, Lin Yun wasn’t too surprised when he saw those words. Perhaps in the bottom of his heart, Su Ziyao did not belong to a place like this, and she was just returning to where she belonged.

But would they really meet again in the future?

The Azure Sky Sect, the Sword Cleaning Chamber.

As a figure slowly descended under the nightscape, Senior Hong slowly came out from the chamber.

Senior Hong, who gifted Lin Yun the painting previously, wasn’t too surprised by this newcomer’s arrival as he spoke out, “After today, the cold poison in your body will be finally removed, and it’s time for you to leave.”

The newcomer turned out to be Su Ziyao, who had just sparred with Lin Yun. Nodding her head, Su Ziyao did not speak as she entered the Sword Cleaning Chamber.

“Those who cultivate the Empress Heart Sutra can’t afford to fall in love, or they will suffer a setback from the cultivation manual. The deeper they fell, the more heavier their injuries would be. It looks like the rumor was true.” Senior Hong looked at Su Ziyao’s silhouette.

All of a sudden, Su Ziyao stopped her feet as she spoke out, “Secrets can’t stay hidden forever. You stole from the imperial palace, so don’t think that you can hide here for the rest of your life. Leave while you still can.”

“Haha, an old man like me has already seen through death, so you don’t have to be worried about me.” Senior Hong smiled despite a slight change in his expression.


In that moment when the doors of the Sword Cleaning Chamber was closed, Su Ziyao’s clothes dropped onto the ground as she stepped into the Icy Pool.

Without any clothes on, Su Ziyao’s impressive figure could be vaguely seen in the pool.

She had her eyes closed as she circulated the Empress Heart Sutra.


High in the nine heavens, among the boundless starry skies.

Right above the Sword Cleaning Chamber, a crimson star was being guided by an unknown force.

A faintly discernible starlight shot into the chamber as it fused into Su Ziyao.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

As coldness permeated from the Icy Pool, it swiftly spread throughout the surface of the pool, and this was how the cold aura that Lin Yun was curious about came to be.

Outside the Sword Cleaning Chamber.

Looking at the starry skies, Senior Hong smiled bitterly, “The descendant of the Great Empress actually fell for a puny sword slave. Love is truly inexplicable. However, that silly lad still has no idea what awaited him, I wonder if it’s good fortune or disaster…”

Late at night, Su Ziyao left the Sword Cleaning Chamber and stood outside Lin Yun’s wooden shack. Through the window, she looked at Lin Yun, who was deep asleep. As she plucked a strand of hair from her head, she flicked her finger as the hair glowed and flew into the room before wrapping around Lin Yun’s pinky.


After Su Ziyao was done with that, she left the Azure Sky Sect late at night by herself.

The next morning when the waking sunshine shone through the window, Lin Yun opened his eyes. He was completely energized after sleeping. After his battle with Su Ziyao last night, not only did he reach complete mastery in the Flowing Wind Sword, but his comprehension for swords had also risen to a whole new level. When Lin Yun woke up, the first thing he noticed was the hair that tied around his pinky.

“Was this left by her?”

Lin Yun gently sighed as it seems that she had really left the Azure Sky Sect. For some reason, his heart felt at a loss.

A short moment later, Lin Yun shook his head as he no longer dwelled in it. Recalling what Zhang Han told him last night, Lin Yun headed for the Main Hall.


The Aquasky Nation has a total of four powers, the Mad Blade Sect, Azure Sky Sect, Violet Ember Sect, and the Profound Sky Sect. The four great sects governed the Aquasky Nation, and their strength were evenly matched. But recently, the younger generations of the Azure Sky Sect stood out slightly. However, the Violet Ember Sect was chasing right behind their tail, and the foundation of the Mad Blade Sect was powerful. Out of the four, only the Profound Sun Sect was more low profile

Lin Yun was also curious about the strength of the Mad Blade Sect. Since the Young Sect Master of the Mad Blade Sect came today, those he brought with him must be elites among their inner disciples, and it was a good opportunity for him to observe them.

By the time Lin Yun arrived at the Main Hall, all the inner disciples had already gathered. But surprisingly, Hu Zifeng and Wang Ning were nowhere seen.

Stepping up, Lin Yun greeted, “Greetings, Young Sect Master.”

“You’re already an inner disciple, so there’s no need for such courtesy.” Bai Yufan smiled.

After Lin Yun paid his greetings, he stood among the inner disciples behind Bai Yufan. When all the inner disciples saw Lin Yun, they gave a few more looks at him.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun was also observing the inner disciples and was inwardly shocked. Everyone here were seniors among inner disciples. Aside from him, all of them had been in the inner sect for two to three years. All of them had strong cultivation, and they were almost all in the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path. But due to the fact that they had contained their aura within, Lin Yun couldn’t gauge their strength.

It looks like the Young Sect Master is treating the Mad Blade Sect’s visit with great importance. Lin Yun commented inwardly. Otherwise, Bai Yufan wouldn’t have prepared such a grand formation. Aside from Hu Zifeng, almost all the top 10 outer disciples were present.

A short while later, Lin Yun saw a group of people coming over under the lead of an Elder. The one leading the team seemed extraordinary with an imposing aura. He wore a smile, as he strode forth with a blade aura permeating from him. This had to be the Young Sect Master of the Mad Blade Sect, Luo Xing.

Getting up on his feet, Bai Yufan went over, “Brother Luo, it must be tiring to travel all the way here.”

“It’s fine.” Luo Xing smiled as he swept a glance at all the inner disciples standing behind Bai Yufan.

“Please, have a seat.”

After Luo Xing sat down, a servant came with tea served.

As Luo Xing took a sip of the tea, he placed the cup down and spoke out, “Bai Yufan, I’m sure you’re well aware of the motive regarding my visit.”

“I am.” Bai Yufan replied calmly.

“Then I won’t beat around the bush. The Four Sects Tournament will start in half a month in Clear Water City, and I’m wondering if your Azure Sky Sect can still retain the title of being the strongest in the Aquasky Nation.” Luo Xing replied solemnly.

“Then you can feel free to give it a try.” Bai Yufan smiled.

At this moment, Lin Yun finally figured out what was going on. So it turned out that the Young Sect Master of the Mad Blade Sect came to probe the Azure Sky Sect’s strength.

After Bai Yufan finished his speech, a person walked out and cupped his hands together, “I’m Zhang Ye of the Mad Blade Sect. I have been hearing about the genius of your sect, Hu Zifeng, and I would like to exchange a few moves with him.”

Zhang Ye?

That name sounded familiar as Lin Yun began to recall. When he was doing the spiritual stone missions, he seemed to have heard the martial practitioners in Clear Water City’s inn mentioning this name. Zhang Ye was a rising talent in the Mad Blade Sect, and in the process of his rising, many bandits fell in his hands.

It was no wonder that he wanted to challenge Hu Zifeng. Hu Zifeng and him both rose to fame in the Aquasky Nation, and the two of them were strong enough to challenge the four great elites of the Aquasky Nation.

But when Bai Yufan heard Zhang Ye’s request, he replied, “I’m sorry, but Junior Brother Hu has been focusing on his cultivation for the past few days, so I’m afraid that he’s not around.”

However, Zhang Ye wasn’t too concerned with the rejection as he looked at Bai Yufan, “That’s fine. Why don’t you take his place instead? I heard that you lost to Liu Yunfei within ten moves two months ago, and I’m wondering if you still deserve to be one of the four great elites of the Aquasky Nation.”


His words immediately caused an uproar as all the inner disciples of the Azure Sky Sect had rage on their faces. Zhang Ye was actually so arrogant to the point that he had completely looked down on Bai Yufan.

As for the Young Sect Master of the Mad Blade Sect, he wore a playful expression as he turned a blind eye to Zhang Ye provoking the Azure Sky Sect. Truth be told, he was also curious about Bai Yufan’s current strength. But if Bai Yufan had truly declined, then it was a piece of great news to the Mad Blade Sect.

“How arrogant! You want to fight with our Young Sect Master? You’re still not qualified!” An inner disciple of the Azure Sky Sect stood out.

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