Chapter 50 - Bullying My Sect

Lin Yun looked at the inner disciple who stood up, his name was Feng Daoyu. This person was a senior within the inner disciples, and he was ranked eighth among all the inner disciples. He was one of the heavily nurtured disciples in the Azure Sky Sect, and his Vajra Fist was impressive.

The Vajra Fist was an advanced martial technique of the Azure Sky Sect, and it was much stronger than the Ferocious Tiger Fist. It was rumored that Feng Daoyu had already reached greater mastery in it a long time ago. However, Lin Yun had only heard rumors about Feng Daoyu, and he had never seen him.

“Senior Brother Feng, teach him a lesson!”

“Senior Brother Feng, teach this arrogant brat a lesson with your Vajra Fist!”

Seeing Feng Daoyu stepping forth, the inner disciples of the Azure Sky Sect all cheered for him.

Among the crowd, Lin Yun clearly felt his blood boiling, from the honor of the sect.

As the Young Sect Master of the Mad Blade Sect rubbed his chin, he looked at Bai Yufan and smiled, “Brother Bai, this is the Main Hall of the Azure Sky Sect, and it wouldn’t be good for us to use weapons. How about this, we’ll go with unarmed fights, and we’ll stop at ten moves. Let’s not let this matter harm the harmony between us.”

Bai Yufan was stunned. After all, Feng Daoyu was proficient in fist techniques, while Zhang Ye was famed for his blade techniques. If they were going to fight without using weapons, it would be unfavorable to Zhang Ye.

For a moment, Bai Yufan had no idea what Luo Xing was planning.

“Are you sure?” Bai Yufan doubted.

“The Young Sect Master is right. I don’t need my blade to face someone like him.” Zhang Ye replied instead of Luo Xing.

Those words made Bai Yufan feel humiliated as he replied with an unsightly expression, “Let’s begin then.”

Feng Daoyu immediately felt greatly pressured. After all, it would be humiliating if he lost in this manner. Although the Main Hall wasn’t comparable to a stage, it was still pretty spacious. And if they’re only fighting unarmed, this much was more than enough.

As the two of them took ten-odd steps out, they looked at each other as they began to circulate their cultivation technique. Ten-odd seconds later, the aura that Feng Daoyu had accumulated started leaking out. Looking at Feng Daoyu, his face had actually become bronze, seeming like a statue filled with explosive power. Feng Daoyu had practiced the Vajra Fist. It was a technique that belonged to the Buddhism family, and it was ferocious and overbearing.

It was somewhat similar to Lin Yun’s Ferocious Tiger Fist, but the path of those two techniques weren’t the same. The Vajra Fist focused on the fury of the vajra, while the Ferocious Tiger Fist focused on the tiger’s prestige. Judging from the intent alone, the Ferocious Tiger Fist was much more lacking in comparison. However, Lin Yun’s Ferocious Tiger Fist was baptised by the tiger painting, and it also contained the intent of swords. Strictly speaking, Lin Yun’s Ferocious Tiger Fist had already exceeded the realm of a foundation fist technique.

Just from the aura leaking from Feng Daoyu, anyone could tell that he was furious. On the contrary, Zhang Ye had remained composed as he stood calmly. Judging by looks alone, Zhang Ye seemed to have been suppressed by Feng Daoyu.

“Vajra’s Rage!”

Seeing that he was gradually losing control over the power accumulated within his body, Feng Daoyu let out a roar as he threw a punch.

As Feng Daoyu charged over, he was permeating a golden halo from his body which vaguely seemed like the prestige of a Buddha.

It was a sign that his Vajra Fist was reaching greater mastery!

When he arrived beside Zhang He, his right fist was shrouded in a yellow glow that seemed like a fireball.

However, Zhang Ye didn’t even budge as he used his right hand as a blade, forming into a chop across his chest to face Feng Daoyu’s attack.


A metallic collision rang out when Feng Daoyu’s punch made contact with Zhang Ye’s arm. Looking at Zhang Ye, he was like a statue as it didn’t even make him budge.

“Is that all you got?” Zhang Ye sneered.

In the next moment, his aura exploded from his body as Feng Daoyu was caught by surprise and thrown flying out.

“Kill!” The smile on Feng Daoyu’s face disappeared as he knitted his brows and started gathering his aura together.

As he did, gave off the aura of a blade’s sharp edge between his brows.

Using his palm as his blade, Feng Daoyu’s palm sliced through the air, seeming even more honed than a blade’s edge.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Along with that, Zhang Ye began to unleash his chops in all directions towards Feng Daoyu.

In a blink of an eye, Feng Daoyu was placed in a difficult position fending all the attacks coming from Zhang Ye, which he could only bring the Vajra Fist to the limit.

Feng Daoyu’s surroundings were filled with afterimages of a blade as he made great efforts to dodge.

However, he still failed to dodge all of it as his clothes were torn apart, revealing cuts that seemed no different from wounds caused by a blade.

As blood splattered, Feng Daoyu’s complexion grew increasingly pale as he made his best effort to defend his vitals.

When the inner disciples of the Azure Sky Sect saw this scene, all of them were shocked.

At this moment, they finally knew why Zhang Ye didn’t need a blade. So it turned out that having a blade made no difference to him.

“Demon Hunting Vajra!”

Feng Daoyu made his last effort to struggle as he was completely suppressed by Zhang Ye.

“Malefic Storm Slash!”

Zhang Ye sneered as he slashed out with his arm as he beat Feng Daoyu to it and threw out his move first.

When his arm made contact with Feng Daoyu’s chest, the sounds of Feng Daoyu’s bones breaking could be heard.

As Feng Daoyu spewed blood from his mouth with a pale face, he was thrown out.

“If I was using my blade, you would be dead by now.” Zhang Ye mocked as he looked at Feng Daoyu lying on the ground.

When Feng Daoyu heard those words, he was furious, but there was no way he could refute those words as Zhang Ye was merely stating the truth. After all, Zhang Ye’s previous attack was too fast for his eyes.

As for Feng Daoyu’s Demon Hunting Vajra, he was defeated before he could even execute it.

“Senior Brother Feng!” Two inner disciples stepped forth and checked on Feng Daoyu’s injuries with astonishment on their faces.

“Young Sect Master, Senior Brother Feng’s internal organs were injured…”

“One with the surname Zhang! Aren’t you a little too ruthless?!”

It was just a spar, but Zhang Ye actually suffered such heavy injuries. Based on his current injury, it was impossible for him to recover without three months of rest.

When Bai Yufan saw this scene, his lip twitched as it had gone too far.

“Brother Bai, fists are blind, and it’s inevitable for there to be injuries in a fight. I believe Zhang Ye wasn’t doing this on purpose, so please don’t be angry about that. And as an apology, I’m willing to take out a Blood Refining Pellet.” Luo Xing showed a pretentious smile.

“No need.” Bai Yufan could feel his face burning from the humiliation.

“Haha! Brother Bai is truly magnanimous. May I ask what ranking does this brother have?” Luo Xing smiled.

“Although Junior Brother Feng’s talent and cultivation weren’t bad, his ranking was towards the rear.” Bai Yufan replied. Despite the fluctuation in his heart, he did not show it on his face.

“Haha! The Azure Sky Sect is truly the strongest sect in the Aquasky Nation. Someone in the Eighth Stage of the Martial Path with greater mastery in the Vajra Fist is only ranked towards the rear!” Luo Xing sneered.

“Ranked towards the rear? Then may I ask if there’s any Senior Brother willing to spar with me?” Zhang Ye was immediately unhappy upon hearing Bai Yufan’s words as he looked at the inner disciples with provocation in their eyes.

When those inner disciples were being looked at, all of them kept their silence as they began to hesitate.

Although Bai Yufan said that Feng Daoyu was ranked towards the rear, they knew the truth.

Feng Daoyi was ranked eighth among all the inner disciples, and there weren’t many people who were stronger than him.

So if the Azure Sky Sect wants to defeat Zhang Ye, they would need someone from the top three.

But since Zhang Ye wasn’t using any weapons, anyone who fought with him also couldn’t use weapons.

With that additional clause, no one was confident of winning.

Standing among the inner disciples, Lin Yun realized what the Young Sect Master of the Mad Blade Sect was trying to do. The reason why he requested for no weapons involved was to cripple half of Azure Sky Sect’s strength.

After all the inner disciples had witnessed Zhang Ye’s terrifying strength along with his merciless means, no one would dare to fight with him.

“So, is there really no one else? Then Young Sect Master Bai, do you think I’m qualified to fight with you now?” Zhang Ye mocked as he saw that no one was willing to stand out.

However, Bai Yufan had kept his silence, but everyone knew that he wasn’t afraid of Zhang Ye.

He was the Young Sect Master of the Azure Sky Sect, so how could he possibly lower himself to fight with a disciple from the Mad Blade Sect?

If news of this got out, it would be a great blow to the sect’s reputation.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun began to ponder his odds of winning if he had to fight Zhang Ye unarmed, and he wasn’t too confident.

But now that their Young Sect Master was being forced into this desperate straits, how could he not stand out as an inner disciple of the Azure Sky Sect?

But just when Lin Yun was about to stand out, the door suddenly opened.

“Who says that there’s no one in my Azure Sky Sect?” Hu Zifeng walked in. With the sun shining down on his back, his figure looked massive in everyone’s eyes.

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