Chapter 48 - The Moonlight Beauty

Looking at the blood on the ground that felt cold, anyone would immediately link it up with Su Ziyao. Lin Yun was baffled as Su Ziyao’s attitude made him doubtful. She had always been aloof, an icy beauty who wouldn’t take a glance at the previous Lin Yun.

But why did she become angry? So much so that she even attacked Wang Ning for him. At the same time, Lin Yun was also baffled by what she said earlier on.

Did I permit you to touch him? Trash!

Was he misunderstanding something here? When they met for the first time, Su Ziyao took out a handkerchief to wipe her sword, which left a bad impression in him, and this was also the reason why he held grudges.

As he shut his eyes, he began to recall everything related to Su Ziyao. As the scenes replayed in his mind, he couldn’t find any clue. Whenever Su Ziyao came to retrieve her sword, she would leave after giving him his rewards. And she would never reveal any emotions for him to guess.

Think Lin Yun! Think! I must have forgotten something important!

Lin Yun held onto his head as he tried his best to recall. But he was only greeted with a splitting headache.


All of a sudden, Su Ziyao’s face appeared in his mind, it was a scene of Su Ziyao smiling. It came from the bottom of her heart, and it wasn’t like her usual sneer. In that scene, she was holding onto the previous Lin Yun’s face as she cried tears of joy. Although the surroundings were blurred, it seemed like the Sword Cleaning Chamber. But that scene only lasted for a moment in his mind, and he couldn’t recall them no matter how hard he tried.

He couldn’t figure out why Su Ziyao cried tears of joy. However, that scene was deeply ingrained in his heart as he never imagined that Su Ziyao would be so beautiful when she smiled.

“What have I forgotten…” Lin Yun was in despair as he opened his eyes. Aside from that smile, he couldn’t recall anything else.

But all of it made him feel weird. It seems as if the previous Lin Yun had his memories sealed. However, he had a feeling that the answer lies in his sealed memories.

“Damn it!” Lin Yun threw a fist at the wall.


If everything was true, then it would mean that Su Ziyao had never looked down on Lin Yun. Or at the very least, the previous Lin Yun existed in Su Ziyao’s heart.

Why hadn’t he figured it out sooner?! After all, Su Ziyao had never given anyone pellets in the Azure Sky Sect, and she only gave it to him! But if she had feelings for him, why hadn’t she shown it before? What was the difficulty that she had?

“No, I must find out the truth!”

At this moment, Lin Yun was filled with guilt as he sped up. When he thought of the blood outside the Mechanism Hall and Su Ziyao’s unstable emotions, he immediately became worried.

As he scoured throughout the Azure Sky Sect, he couldn’t find Su Ziyao anywhere. When day changed to night, he was exhausted with his lips dry, he couldn’t find her anywhere! Then again, with Su Ziyao’s strength, it was easy for her to hide from someone.

Returning to his wooden shack after his futile search, Lin Yun was exhausted as he locked himself in his house, which lasted for three days. In the three days, he did not drink or eat anything, nor did he speak with anyone. But for some reason, his cultivation seemed to have grown despite the fact that he did not cultivate for the three days.


The door to his wooden shack was suddenly opened as Lin Yun finally saw the first person in three days.

As his brows twitched, Lin Yun saw Zhang Han running in.

When Zhang Han saw Lin Yun, he smiled, “Heh, I heard that you confessed to Su Ziyao and chased her away?”

However, Lin Yun remained silent as he did not want to talk to Zhang Han. But when he suddenly thought of something, he raised his head and looked at Zhang Han, “Three days ago, the way that you looked at me was weird, but I didn’t think much about it. What happened when I was unconscious?”

“You have no idea what happened?” Zhang Han was shocked with disbelief on his face as he looked at Lin Yun.

“What really happened?” Lin Yun asked.

Letting out a sigh, Zhang Han replied, “I have no idea where you get your fortune from. Back then, your life was hanging on the edge after you executed a Xiantian Art while heavily injured, and if you fell down on your head with that state at that time, you would’ve probably died from it.

“You have no idea how chaotic the scene was, scaring the Sect Master and Elders as all of them charged out. However, they were all one step too late. Do you know who saved you?”


As Zhang Han recalled the scene on that day, he explained, “It was Su Ziyao. No one had expected that the first person to save you would be Su Ziyao. At that time, she caught onto you right in time. You have no idea how the entire sect, with the Elders and Sect Master included, were shocked when they saw how she fed you pellets while you laid on her knees.”

Lin Yun’s mind immediately exploded upon hearing that as it was Su Ziyao who saved him.

“I had a clear view of how she placed you on her knees, and the concern on her face wasn’t fake. What’s more, the gaze when she looked at Ma Tianyi back then…”

The smile on Zhang Han’s face disappeared as he continued, “I have never seen that sort of gaze on a woman in my lifetime. It was aloof and overbearing, but most importantly, it was the killing aura on her. If she had no concern back then, I believe that Ma Tianyi would’ve been killed by her. In the end, she only threw an unwilling gaze at Ma Tianyi before she left with you. I believe that anyone who was there to witness that scene wouldn’t be able to forget about it in their lifetime.”

Lin Yun was completely dumbfounded as he did not dare to believe in what Zhang Han had said. But Zhang Han had no reason to lie to him!

“Was she the one who tended to my wounds?” Lin Yun asked.

Zhang Han was startled as he immediately explained, “Who else? Did you… did you think that I was the one who bandaged you up? Please don’t get that wrong.”

But a moment later, Zhang Han noticed that he had overreacted as he continued, “It was her, and the Young Sect Master even instructed me to pay you a visit numerous times out of concern for your injuries.

“But Su Ziyao was always around, and your bandages have also been changed several times, so it should be her. I only came after ensuring that she had left to save me from being in an awkward situation.”

Rubbing his face, Zhang Han continued, “You really can’t compare people with people. So many people in the sect have a thing for Su Ziyao, but why is it you? I...”

“Do you have any news about her?” Lin Yun immediately interrupted Zhang Han, seeing that he was going into his narcissistic mode again.

“Nope. Oh, right. I nearly forgot about the actual business. The Young Sect Master needs you to be in the Main Hall tomorrow, so keep that in mind.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“What is it about?”

“The Young Sect Master of the Mad Blade Sect came with the intention of having a ‘friendly’ spar, and our Young Sect Master would like you to be there to learn something. And you might have to fight if needed.”

As Lin Yun had a good impression for Bai Yufan, he replied, “Help me thank the Young Sect Master on my behalf, I will definitely be there.”

“Then I’ll get going first.”

After Zhang Han left, Lin Yun’s expression gradually dropped. Zhang Han’s words had practically verified his speculations.

Lin Yun recalled back to what he did three days ago, thinking of how he tried to repay her with a Heavenly Origin Pellet. He didn’t think much of it at that time, but when he thought about it now, how hurtful Su Ziyao must’ve felt back then? At this moment, he could understand why Su Ziyao was furious to the point that her emotions became unsteady. Now, he could finally figure out why his cultivation was growing. There was a high possibility that it might be the pellet Su Ziyao fed him on the stage. Otherwise, there was no other explanation. After three days without rest, Lin Yun was overwhelmed by the exhaustion as he fell asleep.

When he opened his eyes, the sky had already turned dark. As moonlight shone through the window, it lit the room white.

As Lin Yun came out of his house, he stood beneath the bright moon and stars. Holding onto the Flower Burial Sword as he stood beneath the moonlight, Lin Yun’s figure seemed desolate.


Right at this moment, a figure dressed in white appeared, seeming as if she had descended from the moonlight. That white-clothed woman had a veil covering her face as she suddenly stabbed out. Looking at the incoming attack, Lin Yun’s brows raised as he had instantly recognized that technique. It was the Flowing Wind Sword!


With a sword coming his way, Lin Yun immediately pulled his sword out without any hesitation. But in that split second when he clashed swords with that woman, he was shocked. The other party did not just grasp the Flowing Wind Sword, but she had achieved high attainments on it. She was even vaguely stronger than him!

“Who are you?!” Lin Yun couldn’t verify her identity with a veil on.

However, that woman did not reply as she kept swinging his sword to stop him from talking.

Lake converging from streams and flowing like the wind!

As moonlight scattered onto the land, it covered the two of them in a gentle halo. The two of them were using the Flowing Wind Sword as their figures intertwined. The more they clashed, the more Lin Yun was shocked by the woman’s attainments in the Flowing Wind Sword. Lin Yun had to give his all and even challenge his own limit in order to fend off her sword. However, he was curious because the woman had no killing intent. It seemed as if she was trying to guide him.In just a moment, the two of them had already exchanged over ten moves.

Wind Assembling!

Wind Assembling!

The two of them executed the same move at the same time. As a violent gale rotated around the sword, it made the moonlight look like snow.

Reflective Shadow!

Reflective Shadow!

As the two of them executed the same moves together, their aura had risen to a terrifying height.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The two of them left behind ten-odd afterimages as their swords clashed.

Traceless Wind!

The woman did not stop as she executed the last move in the Flowing Wind Sword. Facing that woman, everyone came in a flow as Lin Yun had executed Traceless Wind as well.


Under the moonlight, the two of them suddenly disappeared, leaving behind two swords passing each other. When the swords clashed, a dazzling burst exploded that shone even brighter than the moon, lighting up the nightscape.

Shortly after, the two of them who had initially disappeared appeared among the radiance. Lin Yun only felt unrestrained and satisfied as the terrifying sword intent lingered on him. In just that moment, he made a breakthrough in his Flowing Wind Sword, reaching complete mastery!

When he turned around, the veil on the woman was blown away from the wind earlier, revealing a familiar face as Lin Yun exclaimed out, “Senior Sister!”

She had a face that made the moon lose its luster, so who else could it be aside from Su Ziyao! But just when Lin Yun went up immediately, Su Ziyao stepped in the air as she looked back at Lin Yun before she disappeared. She came with the moonlight, and she had also left with the moonlight.

There was no one in the surrounding, as if she had never been here. On this night, only the moon had witnessed her arrival and departure.

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