Chapter 47 - Since Ancient Times, the Sad Ending of Love resulted in Hatred

Although Wang Ning was mocking him, Lin Yun wasn’t infuriated as his gaze was solely on  Su Ziyao. Su Ziyao had just finished her battle with the puppet, and she was starting to leave. But she had a hint of surprise through her eyes when she saw Lin Yun walking over.

“Senior Sister Su!” Lin Yun felt complicated as he had never looked at Su Ziyao so closely before. In the past, he had only taken a glimpse at her.

Standing at such a close distance, Su Ziyao’s delicate face shook his heart. But under her cold temperament, he could still sense a distance between them no matter the distance between them.

“Is there anything?” Su Ziyao asked as she looked at Lin Yun.

“I-I…” Lin Yun got his tongue twisted as he had no idea how he should start with it. Ever since he knew about the infatuation of the previous Lin Yun, he had been making preparations. But now that the time came, he had his tongue twisted.

“Look! Lin Yun is going to confess to Su Ziyao!”

“Are you serious?!”

“My heavens! He actually has the courage…”

Lin Yun’s awkward expressions were immediately deciphered by others that he was going to confess to Su Ziyao. In a split moment, the Mechanism Hall went into an uproar. All the disciples in the inner section gathered over, and even the outer disciples were emotional when they heard about it.

“You sword slave, what do you want? Ziyao isn’t so free to stand here all day long!” Wang Ning’s expression changed as rage brewed in his chest.

But Lin Yun paid no attention to him as he looked at Su Ziyao, “I would like to thank Senior Sister Su for taking care of me for the past two years, and I have ingrained your every reward deep in my heart…”

However, Su Ziyao was still looking at Lin Yun calmly without any response.

How should he continue?

When Lin Yun saw that Su Ziyao had no changes on her face, he felt somewhat bitter in his heart. Perhaps to Su Ziyao, this was just something insignificant to her. It might be something that the previous Lin Yun ingrained into his heart, even in death, but it might be insignificant to Su Ziyao. Even when he was now standing before her as an inner disciple, it couldn’t change anything.

Forget it, I’ll leave after giving her the Heavenly Origin Pellet…

But all these years of being pushed aside by those who did menial labour like him, how he was chased out of the dormitory in the storm, and the pain he suffered having the sword slave mark imprinted on his forehead…

That won’t do!

Lin Yun’s expression became firm as the hesitation in his eyes disappeared, “I have kept all your grace in my heart, and I have never forgotten about it. On June 18, it was the first time Senior Sister came for me for sword maintenance. That day, Senior Sister wore a purple dress, and when I saw how hurried you were, I maintained your sword for the first time and returned it to you. For that, you gave me 5 Body Nourishing Pellets.”

There wasn’t a need for him to recall as long as it was something about Su Ziyao. In a split second, all the related memories flooded out of his mind. It felt as if the previous Lin Yun was standing behind him, reciting everything related to Su Ziyao with a smile.

“On August 26, Senior Sister seemed to have forgotten to bring an umbrella when it was raining and you were drenched. At that time, I mustered my courage and took an umbrella for you from my room, but you had already left.

“On October 6, the weather was cold, and it felt like it was freezing. But when I saw you, the chill I felt disappeared. Three days later, you gave me 200 taels of gold when you came to retrieve your sword. You told me to go down the mountain and buy myself some clothes, and that was the first time you talked so much to me.

“On November 15, it was snowing, and perhaps because it was snowing, you had a faint smile on your face. Although it was vague, I was certain that you smiled. Ever since that day, I hoped that it would snow daily so that I could see your smile.”

As the previous Lin Yun continued reciting, he seemed happy. On the contrary, Lin Yun’s eyes had turned watery without him noticing. One of them was smiling, while the other was tearing up as Lin Yun spoke about all the past. The previous Lin Yun even remembered Su Ziyao’s every reward, and what she wore on that day along with her expression.

In the Mechanism Hall, all the mockeries directed at Lin Yun had gradually faded, and only Lin Yun’s voice could be heard. All of them perked their ears as they listened to Lin Yun talking about Su Ziyao.

“In July this year, you came again, but you were no longer the same. There weren't any changes to your face, but you seemed bothered. There were many times that I wanted to ask you…”

All of a sudden, Su Ziyao, who had been keeping silent, suddenly spoke out to disrupt Lin Yun, “Enough!”

At the same time, Su Ziyao’s face had changed as she seemed to have something in her heart, and even her face had turned paler than before.

“What are you trying to say?” Su Ziyao asked in a solemn voice.

Being disrupted by Su Ziyao, Lin Yun suddenly woke up as he noticed that there was some anger on Su Ziyao’s face.

With a bitter smile, Lin Yun replied, “I only wanted to say that I have remembered all the things you gave me, and I’m here today to repay you. I paid 40,000 low-grade spiritual stones for this Heavenly Origin Pellet, so please accept it. With that, I have repaid you for the kindness you showed me in the past, and we’re cleared.”


All of a sudden, the temperature within the Mechanism Hall dropped and a chill swept out. The chill drilled deep into the bones as many people began trembling from the cold.

“Cleared?” Su Ziyao revealed a faint smile on her pale complexion, but it was a smile that seemed so heartbreaking without the slightest warmth. With her outstanding beauty, the smile on her pale face seemed so heartbreaking. As she took the Heavenly Origin Pellet, the smile on her face resided, replaced with a frightening chill. At the same time, her aloof temperament returned to her face.

Her emotions seemed unstable, and her face was frighteningly pale as she looked at Lin Yun, “I don’t usually give things out to others, but no one has ever dared to return anything I’ve given out. No one! But you, Lin Yun. You’re the first!”


In the next moment, the Heavenly Origin Pellet, the dream of many people in the Aquasky Nation that cost 40,000 low-grade spiritual stones were reduced to ashes in Su Ziyao’s hand, and the ear prickling sound of the bottle shattering along with her aloof expression looked terrifying.

“You filthy sword slave! How dare you anger Ziyao when you’ve just become an inner disciple! Are you tired of living?!” Wang Ning immediately flared up when he saw Su Ziyao’s fury. In that moment, he vented out all the rage he had pented up.

In a split second, he had made his move against Lin Yun.


But the moment when he touched the hilt of his sword, a cold light flashed and left a trace of blood on his neck. However, the one who had acted had gone lenient on him. If that person had wanted him dead, that person only had to exert a little more strength. The precision control in strength had shown how terrifying that person was.


Su Ziyao sheathed her sword as she spoke out coldly while immense killing aura permeated from her, “Did I permit you to touch him? Trash!”

In the next moment, Wang Ning’s face was drained of blood from fear as he thought that Su Ziyao would kill him. However, Su Ziyao’s emotions seemed unstable. After Su Ziyao finished her speech, she gave a deep look at Lin Yun before she left. Lin Yun, who was baffled by this scene, wanted to chase her, only to realize that Su Ziyao had already left.

“You bastard! I have been putting up with you for a long time now!” Wang Ning’s fear was immediately replaced by rage when he saw that Su Ziyao had left.

Without any warning, Wang Ning pulled out his sword as he charged at Lin Yun. Looking at Wang Ning, Lin Yun’s heart sank as his face turned cold.

Wind Assembling!

In his hand, the Flower Burial Sword began to rotate as he poured his internal energy into the sword, attracting a violent gale around the sword. At the same time, Lin Yun was emitting a terrifying sword aura as he stabbed his sword out the moment he turned around.


In a split second, the Flower Burial Sword’s scabbard struck Wang Ning’s chest.


As Wang Ning’s ribs broke with his internal organs injured, Wang Ning’s face was twisted in pain as he  blood spurted from his mouth. He was blown out by Lin Yun’s attack, and his state was unsightly to behold.

“Senior Brother Wang!”

Those who had a good relationship with Wang Ning all exclaimed out in shock.

“You filthy sword slave, you’re simply too arrogant!”

The six inner disciples all made their moves at the same time as they pounced towards Lin Yun.

Reflective Shadow!

Lin Yun’s face turned cold as his scabbard flew out, revealing his gorgeous sword. Relying on the lingering momentum from Wind Assembling, Lin Yun soared into the sky along with his sword and left eight afterimages in the air. When he regained his footing, he stabbed out with his sword and returned it to the sheath that was in the air.


All six inner disciples howled as they were covered in injuries and blood. When Wang Ning saw this scene from afar, he immediately ran with his tail between his legs. Letting out a cold snort, Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with Wang Ning as he left the Mechanism Hall.

When he came out of the Mechanism Hall, he noticed a patch of blood on the steps. As he squatted down and touched it, the blood was still fresh as it contained a slight chill. It was as if someone had spurted blood just a moment ago while holding onto the door.

Su Ziyao!

A figure came up in his mind as Lin Yun’s heart throbbed with a complicated expression on his face.

Did I forget something?

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