Chapter 46 - Love is Complicated

While Ma Tianyi wanted to stop the rose from blooming, he was too late. Along with unparalleled sword aura, the rose stabbed towards Ma Tianyi’s chest in the next moment.


A loud buzz was heard as the rose exploded into hundreds of petals under the sword aura, and every single one of the petals contained a shocking amount of internal energy that instantly struck Ma Tianyi’s body. Ma Tianyi coughed out a mouthful of blood, he was blown away. When he fell onto the ground, his body was covered in blood. It was a horrifying scene as Ma Tianyi’s body swayed.

“Y-you…” Ma Tianyi had disbelief in his eyes as he couldn’t figure out where that sword came from. He wanted to speak, but he had lost his consciousness before he could.


Silence swept as everyone looked at Lin Yun with shock in their eyes. Lin Yun had actually managed to defeat Ma Tianyi in his condition? After all, no one was optimistic that Lin Yun could defeat Ma Tianyi, a senior among the inner disciples! Furthermore, no one could recognize that technique Lin Yun had just used.

“Xiantian Art?” The Elders began to discuss among themselves as they were greatly shocked by this outer disciple.

As for Bai Tianming, he was briefly stunned before he smiled, “It’s actually a Xiantian Art. It looks like he had comprehended something from the reward I gave him previously.”

He thought that this Xiantian Art from Lin Yun was what he had comprehended from the fragmented Xiantian Art, which made him feel gratified.

Up on the stage, Lin Yun squeezed out a smile, “Perseverance will be paid off…”

Gradually, he began to feel dizzy as it felt like his entire world was spinning. Bai Tianming stood up from his seat emotionally with excitement on his face as he wanted to speak. But Lin Yun couldn’t hear anything and even Bai Tianming’s figure in his eyes began to blur. As Lin Yun looked around, he could see that all the outer disciples were cheering, but he couldn’t see their faces clearly.


Lin Yun staggered as he collapsed onto the ground and lost his consciousness. The situation immediately became chaotic as several figures leapt onto the stage.

“Healers! Quick!”

When Lin Yun regained consciousness, many days had already passed. Opening his eyes as Lin Yun looked around, it was a familiar scene as it was his wooden shack.

Urgh! It hurts!

Lin Yun felt his head splitting apart when he wanted to get up. As he held onto his head with both his hands, Lin Yun closed his eyes as he rested for a long time before he felt better.

As he removed his quilt, he noticed that he was covered in bandages that permeated with herbal scent.

“What’s wrong with me?” Lin Yun was baffled when he looked at his body.

It took him a long time for him to gradually recall what had happened. Back when he was fighting Ma Tianyi, he had executed the Rose Sword Art in desperate straits. But after that, he lost his consciousness.

“Hey, you’re awake?” The door was pushed apart as someone came in.

When Lin Yun looked over, he was baffled when he saw Zhang Han, “Zhang Han? What are you doing here?”

“Do you think I want to be here? You’re the favourite of the sect right now, and the young sect master personally asked me to check on you.” Zhang Han waved his hand as he rolled his eyes.

“Thank you.” Lin Yun got up from his bed.

However, Zhang Han responded with a chuckle as he did not continue speaking. He only looked at Lin Yun with a weird gaze, filled with a hint of playfulness and curiosity. It was as if he wanted to read something out of Lin Yun.

“I really couldn’t tell. Lin Yun, how did you do that?” Zhang Han suddenly asked a question.

“What do you mean?” Lin Yun was baffled.

“Stop pretending to be a fool. Heh, fine if you’re not going to tell me. You’re quite something to comprehend an Xiantian Art by yourself, but you’re also a madman for executing it in that condition.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“What Xiantian Art?”

“Don’t tell me that the attack you used the other day isn't an Xiantian Art? Do you think that I’ll make such a simple mistake? Your comprehension is truly shocking. The Young Sect Master took two to three years before he managed to comprehend one single move of a Xiantian Art, but you actually accomplished it in half a month!”

Listening to Zhang Han’s words, Lin Yun finally figured out what was going on. So the entire sect had thought that the Rose Sword Art was something that he had comprehended himself.

Then again, it would save him the trouble of explaining.

“This is the pellet for your injuries given by the Young Sect Master. Looking at your complexion now, I don’t think that it will take long for you to recover. I’ll be going back now.” Zhang Han placed two bottles on the table before he left.

“Wait up.” Lin Yun called out.

“What’s the matter?”

“Thank the Young Sect Master for me, and how long I was unconscious?”

“Alright, and not long. You have only been unconscious for seven days.”

Seven days?

He was actually unconscious for so long? Then who took care of him while he was unconscious?

Half an incense’s time later, Lin Yun tried standing up when he felt better and started removing his bandages.

“What’s the medicine used on the bandages? My injuries actually healed to the point that no scars were left behind?” Lin Yun was surprised when he looked at his own body.

After he removed all the bandages, he changed into the sect’s uniform and came out.

As the bright rays of sun shone down on his body, Lin Yun felt warm basking in the sunlight. It was something that Lin Yun had never felt before. After some simple stretches, Lin Yun began to perform the Ferocious Tiger Fist.


As Lin Yun threw his fist out, there was a faint tiger aura that permeated from him as his internal energy circulated within his body. It has been sometime since he moved, and at this moment, he felt great with his moves filled with power. When he was done performing the Ferocious Tiger Fist, he felt energetic and his aura even exceeded from what it was before.

Furthermore, there was also a hint of sharpness emitting between his brows.

His injuries hadn’t just recovered, but he had also made some progress in his cultivation as well.

“Weird… I had just reached the Seventh Stage of the Martial Path one week ago, so why did my cultivation advance so much by just sleeping?” Lin Yun found it weird that his cultivation had reached the late phase in the Seventh Stage of the Martial Path.

It seems like his battle with Ma Tianyi had successfully allowed him to comprehend the Rose Sword Art.

“Let’s leave that aside for now. There’s something more important on hand.”

He was now an inner disciple, something that was beyond his imagination in the past. At the same time, he could not fulfil the promise that he had once made to himself.

Scouring through his interspatial pouch, Lin Yun retrieved a porcelain bottle.This bottle, contained the dream of many people in the Aquasky Nation, even the Elders of the various sects — the Heavenly Origin Pellet!

It was something that increased the changes of martial practitioners in the Ninth Stage of the Martial Path making a breakthrough into the Tenth Stage of the Martial Path by 30%, helping them to condense their Xiantian Seed.

In terms of worth, it was more valuable than Lin Yun had imagined. As he held the bottle tightly in his hand, a gorgeous face gradually appeared in Lin Yun’s mind.

“Don’t be a fool for love if there’s an afterlife.” Lin Yun sighed inwardly as he walked.

After he asked about it in the sect, Lin Yun headed for the Mechanism Hall without any hesitation. The Mechanism Hall was separated into two sections, inner and outer. In the past, stepping into the inner section was something beyond Lin Yun’s imagination. But now, he had the qualification to step into it.

The moment he came into the Mechanism Hall, his arrival had attracted the attention of many as all of them looked at him with reverence in their eyes.

Many people even bowed towards him, greeting him by ‘Senior Brother Lin.’ Even if they were unwilling, it was the rule that outer disciples had to show respect for inner disciples.

As Lin Yun swept his glance towards the inner section, he finally found the one he was looking for. She was fighting with a puppet as her figure moved with agility and her sword moved like the wind. She had an indescribable grace that outshined the entire inner section.

After Lin Yun pondered for a long time, he slowly walked over when she sheathed her sword. He was still feeling uneasy and nervous, but when he saw Su Ziyao’s aloof and remote expression as usual, his heart gradually calmed down.

“Hey, isn’t this the sword slave, our new inner disciple? Uh, I meant Junior Brother Lin. I guess I should be calling you that now.”

Right at this moment, Wang Ning gathered over with the other inner disciples. Evidently, Wang Ning had long noticed Lin Yun’s presence and came over to mock him.

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