Vol 3 Chapter 2-2

Vol 3: Chapter 2-2.

Zheng quickly cooled down. He held onto Lori’s hand as if nothing’s happened. He looked like a white collar worker and combined with the distress Lori was showing, they seemed just like normal people.

A few policemen looked through the window. Two of them went to check the license then quickly ran back. The others’ expressions suddenly changed and they pulled out their guns.

Zheng’s left hand twitched. He was about to take out the submachine gun but then he saw those policemen pointed their guns at the taxi driver instead. He put down his left hand.

The taxi driver was baffled. First a young man punched through the seat–he had been scared to say a word–and now so many guns were pointing at him. Was today his unlucky day?

The police opened the door and dragged the driver out. Then handcuffed his hands while quickly searching his body.

“We apologize for disturbing you. This driver is a wanted criminal.” One of the police walked over to Zheng’s window then showed him his ID.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief, yet he still felt a bit of unease. He smiled calmly. “Thanks to you all, otherwise he might have robbed us in the car… can we leave now?”

The police smiled along. “Of course, but please follow us to record some notes. This is a civilian’s responsibility. Are you two fine with this?”

Zheng had no choice but to get out of the car with Lori. Then that policeman led them over to a police van. “I won’t get in with you. Just one of you get in to record some notes then you can leave.” Then he turned around and walked away.

Zheng watched as the police walked ten meters away, then said to Lori, “I will go inside, you wait here for a bit… I might have been oversensitive. That sniper might have been aiming at that driver. We will go check out our high school later.” Then he walked into the van.

The van was rather dark. As his eyes were adjusting to the darkness, his heart suddenly clenched again. A few guns appeared through the darkness almost simultaneously. One gun was even touching his head.

“Don’t move! Not even a bit, otherwise we don’t mind dislocating your joints!”

As that person was talking, the door of the van suddenly slammed shut. It wasn’t until now that Zheng saw the six people in the car. Five of them were pointing at him with a gun, no, all six of them were, just that the last one put his gun to Zheng’s head.

Two men walked toward him. One pressed Zheng against the floor and searched his body, while the other scanned his body with a device. After a while, they stood up. “Sir, no weapons!”

The person behind Zheng put away the gun and said, “Li, drive to the police station. And ask have they finished setting up the isolation of the interrogation room.”

One person nodded then walked to the driver’s area. Two people were still pointing guns at Zheng.

‘…Can’t, the space inside the car is too small, it’s easy to get hit.’

Zheng got up from the floor, and asked coldly, “Why do you have to arrest me? Who are you?”

The person behind Zheng sat down on a seat. He was about twenty-nine, and you could easily tell he was in the army from the way he sat. He replied coldly, “We are both smart people. Don’t try to send out any information. This car has been completely isolated–electronic signal isolation device–this was an invention by the Colonel Chu Xuan, whom you’ve kidnapped. Don’t tell me you don’t know. We are Group 1 of Social Security. Then who are you?”

‘Social Security? Damn you Xuan! This is a plot!’

Ever since Zheng’s intelligence increased to 187, his thought process had became more sensitive. He could quickly make out some inquiries.

Yes, Xuan probably set him up. Even though he didn’t know how Xuan notified the government.

That person took a look at Zheng, he thought Zheng was going to confess and smiled. “Understand now? Yes, about twenty days ago, we received the GPS signal from Colonel Chu Xuan’s watch. But it appeared on and off. It wasn’t until a few days ago that we locked onto you. During these few days of surveillance, we couldn’t find any traces of Colonel. The only possibility is he was moved but he left his watch on you. Then do you want to tell me now? Who infiltrated into the base and kidnapped Colonel Chu Xuan, who was the traitor that assisted from inside? Who are you working for?”

Zheng kept his mouth shut. He was trying to figure out how Xuan sent the message. It being on and off was a hint, but why? The only possibility was the signal was isolated or interfered. Then it must be something in his ring. It was not the platinum, Xuan never touched them. The only other thing that he took out regularly was… the progressive knife! The weapon Xuan exchanged for him!

The other person saw that Zheng kept his mouth shut. He closed his eyes and said, “I can tell you… Colonel Chu Xuan knows of several advanced technologies. The nation’s interest is above everything else. Since you forgot about your country, we won’t let you off too easily… There is a neurological drug that can make you answer everything we want to know, even though you will become an idiot afterwards. This is your punishment!”

Zheng was still crouched. He placed his left hand in the shadows and took off his ring. He quickly hid it in his mouth, behind his teeth when he got up. “What about her? The girl outside the van?”

“Her? We also found her files, but the files state that she has been dead for ten years. She still looks like a fifteen year old. Heh. That is a powerful party you serve, secretly bringing her away and training her for ten years. When she came back, her face didn’t even change a bit. She will also be there in the interrogation room.”

Zheng was relieved. “When are you going to inject the drug into me? Today? Tomorrow?”

That person opened his eyes and looked at Zheng carefully. “Heh. You are actually loyal for a traitor, and for just a few million dollars worth of platinum. Our interrogators are waiting for you, if you don’t tell the truth by tomorrow… you will live the rest of your life as an idiot.”

There was still chance! He still had a chance to escape!

After experiencing the horror movies, Zheng was no longer a normal white collar. He was stronger than a normal person, he had experience fighting against death, and most importantly, he was determined to live!

Zheng quickly judged the current situation. One, he must go back to the office by twelve, otherwise he and Lori would die. Two, he must not say anything about God’s world.

As to why these people were only bringing him to the local police station, that was because they were also racing against the clock. They thought that Xuan was moved to another location. They wouldn’t let a high-end talent that knew so much advanced technology go into the hands of another country. In other words, they needed to find out Xuan’s whereabouts as soon as possible.

The time was about 12pm. Zheng remembered it was almost 11 when they left the house. Then it should be about 12 by now. He had twelve hours between now and midnight. He must go back to the office with Lori during this time.

But he couldn’t go back too early. He was only one person, even though his close combat ability was stronger than normal people, he wasn’t a superman. He didn’t think he could defend the office for too long.

So the best way was to get to the office when it was close to 12. This was the only way he could live!

The van slowed down after ten minutes. Zheng asked, “Was there someone aiming at me with a sniper rifle back at my house?”

That person nodded. “That’s correct. We planned to knock you out with anesthesia bullets. You and the girl would lose consciousness instantly and wouldn’t be able to send out any messages. But your senses are sharp, that’s why we had to set all this up to capture you. In fact, that taxi driver was just a normal civilian.”

When he was getting out the vehicle, that person handcuffed his hands against his back. “This handcuff can also absorb electronic signals. No one’s coming to save you.”

Zheng smiled. He recognized the surrounding area, this police station was about an hour away from the office. If he had a car, it would only take twenty minutes.

‘The escape time is… 11:20pm’

Suddenly, Zheng sensed murderous intent from at least three sources. One from inside the van, one from inside the police station, and one on top of a building. If he acted in any way strange, he would probably get shot in the next second.

Without any choice, he had to follow that person into the police station. On the third floor was an interrogation room separated by a glass wall. Anyone who watched movies would know there were people watching him behind the glass.

‘I have to endure this.’

Zheng shut his eyes and concentrated on his Qi. The only worry he had was Lori, he hoped nothing would happen to her… Otherwise he would kill Xuan after he goes back!

A few moments later, some people came into the room and started lecturing Zheng on nationalism and his future. They also pointed out they would inject him with the drug and hoped he could spit out everything before it. The government would forgive people that were willing to redeem themselves.

Zheng heard about police brutality, yet these people weren’t using any kind of force. They just kept lecturing him until another person came in and said something to the others in a low voice. Zheng could only make out the words ‘platinum’ ‘room’ ‘search’. His heart clenched, they probably searched his parents’ house.

“Zheng Zha, you should understand that the drug will put your brain in chaos. There’s a possibility that we won’t get anything out of you, that’s why we’ve been trying to persuade you. If you don’t cooperate, we have no choice but to use the drug…”

Zheng interrupted him. “How will you treat my parents?”

Those people smiled. Zheng had remained silent the whole time. This was the first time he spoke. “We won’t do innocent people injustice, but that depends on how well you tell the truth…”

Zheng said calmly, “Give me a watch. I have to think about it carefully. And don’t use the drug on that girl. She doesn’t know where we meet. If you do anything to her, I would rather kill myself than tell you Xuan’s whereabouts… He’s still in this city, we won’t move him until the day after tomorrow. I will give you an answer within today.”

Those people looked at each other, then one person nodded. He took off his watch and handed it to Zheng. “You must give us a reply today. If we don’t receive your reply by 12 midnight, we can only use the drug on you.”

Zheng didn’t say anything more. He looked at the time, 6:40pm. The interrogation time went faster than he expected.

He held onto the watch and shut his eyes. They took everything from him when he entered the room, even the buttons on his shirt. Luckily he hid the ring in his mouth.


Those people came in to check him a few times already. As 12pm was approaching, Zheng suddenly stood up and asked, “Where is the girl? Have you use the drug on her yet?”

About ten seconds later, he heard through the speakers, “She’s doing well. We didn’t use any drug on her and even gave her dinner on time.”

Zheng shook his head. “I need to see her. If she’s fine, then I will tell you Xuan’s whereabouts immediately. I will also cooperate, assist you in rescuing him, and tell you who the traitor is.”

Another ten seconds passed. “Ok, we can fulfill your request. She’s in this police station…”

11:20pm… Zheng looked at his watch, then he circulated his Qi throughout his body.

A few minutes later, several soldiers opened the door and Lori ran into the room. She held onto Zheng and started crying.

“Lori, don’t move, listen to me… no matter what happens, don’t let go of me, understand?”

Zheng took out his ring as Lori was blocking their view. He activated the ring and a knife appeared in his left hand… then slashed at the door.

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